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I got in a car accident I was at fault , I have car insurance but not on the car I was driving, what can happen to me?, the car was my car, I have a sr22bond.

Answer 1

Since you were not insured at the time of the accident, the responsibility lies 100% on you.  You will need to pay for whatever damages there are out of your pocket.  The other party can also sue you in order to get this money.

If you already have an SR22, things are probably going to get more complicated.  Your insurance rates will most likely go through the roof.  I would also expect some type of license suspension.

Make sure you “lawyer up” to avoid making any further poor decisions.

Please take a look at this page for more information:

accident without insurance/

Answer 2

As per your statement it is your fault to drive a car which you have no insurence. It is totally belongs to you whatever damages done by you. So it is necessary to make proper sure that you have the licence which car you drive. Unless you may have to face punishment like driving licence suspension.

Answer 3

Just to clarify, the car you were driving was your car, not the car you hit?

If you’re going to drive multiple cars it’s important for all of them to be insured to avoid unfortunate situations like this – no one wants to lose money or their drivers licence.


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