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Whats the insurance for a 17 year old in Florida buying a 2009 honda civic 2-door coupe?

Please help! just need an estimate

Answer 1

Hi Don,
Glad you found us.
To answer your question, you have to first understand that each company has their own set of metrics that they use to determine insurance rates. For you, you are a new driver and a male, so you are deemed to be “high risk.” Your insurance rates will naturally be higher than say a 42 year old man who has been driving for 20+ years and has never had an accident.

Lucky for you, the 2009 Honda Civic has great safety ratings. Unfortunately, you will be driving a 2 door coupe, which is often times seen as a “sports car”. Your liability rates will most likely be higher for this car than if you bought just a normal Toyota Camry, or something similar. Try and get as many safety features installed in your vehicle as possible in order to get the most discounts.

As for the “estimate” you wanted, nobody can tell you for sure. Your best bet is to search online for quotes. Use the form at the top of this page to begin.

Answer 2

If you need insurance policy then there are lots of insurance companies in the market but there are lots of conditions that can be fulfill by you as your car is very old.

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