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I got in an accident today with my moms car… there wasn’t any damage to the guy’s car, and very minimal damage to mine.  We were both getting ready to drive away when a police officer pulled up and said that because it was on the city’s main street, we need to file an accidnet report.
The problem is.. I think I was late on my insurance payment and it wasn’t active for the day of the accident.
She prob won’t call her insurance company (cause no damage), but if she does, and they find out I have no insurance, what do I do?

Answer 1

I hope you learned your lesson that you should never be driving without insurance (in the US).

In regards to your question, if there is no damage to her vehicle, there is no reason for her to call her insurance company, so you are fine in that regard.

What you should be worried about, however, is the police following up on the accident report.  If they check and see you don’t have any insurance, you will probably get a citation for not having any insurance.

You are lucky the accident wasn’t any worse.  Look what happened to this guy – crashed my dads car with no license, no insurance

Hope this helps!

Answer 2

If he claims off his own insurance- the insurance company may well drag

you partner through the courts to get their money back. This could cost

you a fortune in legal fees.

Answer 3

an insurance to your vehicle is quite important. As accident can happen to anywhere at anyone. If you do have an insurance then the less things you would be worry about.

Answer 4

I dont know what will the best option for you, but it is important for you to renew your car insurance policy.

Answer 5

troubles not coming by informing you so it is better to make a insurence before drive a car. make sure that you should pay the payment on the right time.

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