Progressive Insurance – An Overview

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, commonly referred to as “Progressive,” is an insurance company with a long track record. The company started in 1937, and has continued to grow into one of the top insurance companies in the nation. It not only offers automobile insurance; a range of personal and commercial insurance products are also offered – perfect for drivers who are looking for a single insurance company to take care of all aspects of their insurance coverage.

Progressive – Its History

Progressive was started by two lawyers, Joseph Lewis and Jack Green, who felt that the company would be a good investment. The 2 founders then made crucial changes to how the insurance industry functions – for example, they made changes to the existing insurance industry by allowing clients to make installments on their insurance payments, and building drive-in claim offices. In addition, their boldness is exemplified in their customer base – high-risk drivers, traditionally shunned by insurance companies, are welcomed with open arms.

Progressive became a public company in 1971 and by 1987 it had over $1 billion in premiums. That amount doubled in 1994 – proof that their bold attempt at re-defining the insurance industry worked. True to its name, Progressive had other firsts over the years, like starting a 24/7 claims center that responds immediately to clients calls, and a comparison shopping service that showed their competitors’ prices. They also started a service in 1994 that brought company claims employees to the scene of an accident or wherever the client needed them. The company is now worth well over $14 billion and almost all of their services are available online.

Progressive – Differentiating Factors

Progressive is an innovative company. It’s always changing to stay current, so the products are well-suited to the times. Ironically, Progressive advertises other companies’ rates, making it easier to make a decision, and keeping Progressive a little more honest. In addition, they have a large variety of products that customers can choose from, and if you shop online, you can select the products you want without having to deal with an agent.

The company also gives “Loyalty Rewards” for people who stay with them. The longer you hold your policy, the more rewards you get. These can be used to get a discount or avoid rate increases if you are in an accident.

Progressive – Let’s Hear What Their Customers Say…

Clients approve of Progressive’s rates and find the website easy to navigate. They like the various discounts but find that prices go up over time. Clients also complain about lousy customer service representatives, especially when dealing with claims – this may be because of Progressive’s focus on self-service with their move to shift virtually all their services online.

Customers find that the rates vary from state to state; they are lower than their competitors in some states, higher in others. This proved to be exasperating for customers, who complained about such price discrimination.

However, customers find that Progressive has lower rates than other insurance agencies. Progressive has a 2.5 out of 5 star rating on and a 2.2 out of 5 star rating on


Progressive is all about low rates and easy access. People who are comfortable picking their own insurance plan and who need the lowest rates, regardless of the service, are ideal for Progressive. And of course, high-risk driver will want to consider Progressive as their insurance company – at least, until they are no longer classified as a “high-risk driver”.

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