Travelers – An Overview

The Travelers Companies, Inc is one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S with products that include auto insurance, home insurance and property insurance among others. The company is headquartered in New York and maintains field offices in every state. Travelers is recognized as the third largest writers of personal insurance in the country as well as the second largest for property causality. In total, the company employs as much as 14,000 agents.

Company History

The history of Travelers Companies history begins with two companies; Saint Paul Insurance and Travelers Insurance.

Saint Paul insurance Company was founded on the 5th of March, 1853. The insurance company was founded to provide services for local customers who were complaining about the infrequent claim payments from other insurance companies.

Within the same period, in 1864, the Travelers Company was founded in Hartford, CT. Like Saint Paul, Travelers was an insurance company. Travelers would later on go on to offer the first of many products including the first insurance policy of space travel as well as the first automobile policy.

In 1990, Travelers was acquired by Primerica. Five years later, the merged companies became known as the Traveler’s Group. In 2004, The Traveler’s Group merged with the St. Paul company and was renamed St. Paul Travelers. The name lasted for only three years before it was changed to The Travelers Group during a rebranding program. Travelers is listed among the Fortune 500 companies.

Travelers – Differentiating Factors

Travelers desire to care for their clients has always led the way to a series of notable “firsts”. For instance, the company was the first to offer a hybrid car discount. Travelers offer a wide range of insurance products to clients. Individuals seeking business insurance may choose to specialize in coverage plans that can be adapted to either larger or small companies. Payments for insurance can be effortless made online. The website offers an easy three step approach that people can use in getting quote; finding an agent and locating the closest branch close them.

Travelers – Let’s hear what their customers are saying…

On, a site dedicated to customer reviews, Travelers company was rated 2.5 stars with an even split between very satisfied and disgruntled customers. Many customers appreciate the financial stability and the broad range of insurance products available with the company. Customers also appreciate the flexible payment structure that the company offers.

However some customers complained about the inattentiveness of the customer service and delays with their claim payment. Majority of the customers agree that the rates offered by Travelers are fair when compared to other companies.


Fair rates and national coverage ensure that Travelers will continue to be a popular option with most customers across the country. The Travelers Group offers an extensive range of insurance products creating more avenues for people to earn discounts with multiple policies. The company’s stable framework makes it a suitable choice for people seeking long term insurance commitment.

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