Auto Insurance For Married Couples and Domestic Partnerships

Although you may be comfortable purchasing auto insurance for yourself, when you have to buy car insurance for yourself, as well as your spouse, you’re playing an entirely new ballgame. And if you haven’t guessed it already, this is yet another excellent opportunity to save some cold hard cash on your auto insurance premiums.  Continue reading below to learn about the discounts available for spouses on a joint policy, the differences between single and multi-driver policies, and how you and your partner can sign up for this type of insurance plan.

Insurance Discounts For Couples

Married couples and domestic partners that get placed on the same auto insurance policy will qualify for special discounts that other policy holders can not take advantage of. Although very similar to the discounts that become available by adding a child or another individual to your policy, discounts for married couples are typically larger. In addition, there’s a pretty good chance that, as a married couple, you will need to insure at least two vehicles, which provides even more opportunity to save with a multi-car discount.

These are just a few of the many discounts that are available to you when you enter your zip code above. Shopping for auto insurance doesn’t have to be a hassle, and doing it online takes out all the legwork.

How Much Insurance For Married Couples Can Cost

But just how much money can you expect to save with a “married couple” policy?  Take a look at the chart below (click to enlarge) to see the differences between 6-month insurance policy prices for a husband alone, a wife alone, and the price when both are together on the same policy.

car insurance prices for married couples

Single Driver Vs. Multiple Driver Policies

Although married couples who are buying car insurance have a lot to gain from these discounts, there is also the possibility that you will be paying more than you once were single. If you or your spouse bring a bad driving record with them, it will be reflected on your premium. But just because it may cost you more, does not mean you should sell yourself short on the amount of coverage you get.

insurance for married coupled

Auto insurance for couples: discounts can be had if you are smart about it.

The money you can save from multi-car and marriage/domestic partnership discounts are usually enough to cover the cost of a bad driving record. If they don’t there are plenty of other discounts you may qualify for. Both in terms of auto insurance and other financial benefits you can take advantage of as a couple.

You also should look at the insurance coverage needs of both you and your partner.  If one person drives a sports car and the other drives a motorcycle, having a joint auto insurance policy might not be in your best interests.  Its best to evaluate both of your needs before you sign up for something that may or may not save you money.

When signing on to a new policy, make sure both partners are on the name of the policy. This provides maximum coverage, and will ensure you both have coverage at all times. You’re also likely to qualify for a heftier discount this way. Don’t forget to insure your home and any insurable combined assets with the same insurer, as this will also help lower your premium.

How You And Your Spouse Can Get Insurance

To recap, here are the things you should remember when getting auto insurance for you and your spouse:

  • Check your driving histories – If your husband/wife has a bad record, he or she might bring your rates up.  More likely than not, however, the amount you will be able to save combined is enough to offset this.
  • Look at your different coverage needs – If you and your spouse drive completely different vehicles, i.e. she drives a minivan and you drive a Lamborghini, it might not make sense to get a joint policy.
  • Look to save with “couple discounts” – As stated above, there are lots of savings to be had, and newlyweds should take advantage of this opportunity to do so as soon as possible.

To begin getting quotes, scroll to the top of the screen, and enter your zip code in the field provided to see what benefits and discounts you and your spouse can take advantage of. Obtain multiple quotes from the leading auto insurance providers in just seconds. With companies competing for your business, you and your partner can really save.

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