What Month Are Car Insurance Rates The Cheapest?

If you are shopping for car insurance it is a good idea to check your calendar before you begin. The reason for this is because after a year-long study completed by InsuranceQuotes.com, it was found that the amount you pay for car insurance can vary by as much as 48% depending on the month of when it is purchased.

Which Month is the Cheapest?

The study found that purchasing auto insurance during the month of December will provide you with the cheapest rates. Coverage was found to be as much as 8% cheaper on average during this month when compared to auto insurance policies that were purchased during the month of March, which is the most expensive month.

When it comes to the price of insurance, the amount you pay will vary greatly by the individual state. In the state of Hawaii, people who purchased car insurance during the month of December paid up to 48% less than those who purchased a policy in the month of March.

In the state of Pennsylvania, April was the most expensive month to purchase car insurance, with those purchasing their policies in the month of December saving up to 34.5%.

Why the Variations Between Months?

The researchers who conducted the study could not find a single factor to determine why there was such variability in the rates between months. One of the things that complicated the matter was the fact that the patterns were varied between each of the states. While December was the cheapest month across the nation on average, in 11 states December was actually the most expensive month to purchase your car insurance policy.

“The researchers who conducted the study could not find a single factor to determine why there was such variability in the rates between months.”

The study was only conducted for a year and this was the first time that it has been done. For this reason, it is difficult to really determine any patterns. There are many different reasons that make the rates vary and there is no real way to pinpoint a single reason.

The differences in pricing patterns in the different states are to be expected because auto insurance is regulated by each state individually. Additionally, the climates in each state vary by regions and the carriers in each state experience surges in claims based on weather related incidences. This may be one of the driving factors of raising costs at different times of the year.

One of the reasons that December is likely one of the cheapest months to purchase an auto insurance policy is because inflation adjustments and rate increases typically will take effect when the new year starts in January.

How to Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Policies

Most people do not realize exactly how much the price of car insurance policies fluctuate during the year. This is why it is extremely important to shop around when you are purchasing a car insurance policy.

When you are considering a new car insurance policy you should get quotes from a minimum of at least 3 different auto insurance companies. You can do this by contacting auto insurance companies in your area directly and asking for quotes or by visiting a website that offers comparison quotes.

The Best Way To Use Auto Insurance Quote Websites

Many of the comparison quote sites will provide you with a fairly complete list of the rates that you can expect to pay for an auto insurance policy from several different companies. This can make shopping for car insurance much easier to complete.

When you are shopping for an auto insurance policy it is important to note that you are simply getting a quote. This price may be different once you talk to an insurance agent as there are many factors that can raise or lower your rate. The best way to get the most accurate quotes is to provide all of the information that is asked for. This includes your driver’s license number.

The Final Word On December Auto Insurance Rates

While the study conducted by InsuranceQuotes.com offers some interesting information, it is not the most reliable information because it was the first year that this type of study has been completed. The study did find some information that you can use when you are searching for a new auto insurance policy since it did show some of the cheapest months to purchase car insurance.

Overall, in most states the cheapest month to buy a car insurance policy is going to be the month of December. You should typically avoid changing car insurance policies during the spring months of March and April as these tend to be the most expensive months to purchase a new policy.

In the end, the best way to get a good price on your car insurance is to make sure that you shop around. Take the time to look at several different insurance companies and remember to not only compare the price, but to also compare the coverage that you receive.

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