Six Signs You Need a New Auto Insurance Company

Far too often I hear about people being mistreated, mislead, and flat out ripped off by their auto insurance providers. We often forget that we are paying exorbitant amounts of money each month for a services, and we are in fact their customers.

When we don’t get the service we expect, we usually brush it off because we assume that’s just how auto insurance companies operate. Not only should you not stand for such service, but you should take your business elsewhere.

Here are 6 signs that you aren’t getting the service you deserve. If 1 or 2 points apply to your current situation, you may not be in that bad of a situation, but if a majority of these apply to your particular auto insurance experience, you should really start shopping around for a new auto insurance provider.

need a new insurance company

1. Your Rates Continue to Rise

As a long time customer of any other business, you would expect some kind of recognition or reward for your loyalty. If your rates continue to go up each year despite having a clean driving record, take your business elsewhere.

To further understand why your insurance rates go up, take a look at our article Why Do Car Insurance Rates Go Up? To see how you can avoid these (sometimes) inevitable increases, take a look at our other article titled How To Avoid Increases In Your Car Insurance Rates.

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Are you not satisfied with your current insurance provider? These are six signs you might need a new one.

2. Phone Support is a Nightmare

Most insurance companies are pretty good on this point, but there are many out there that make it a hassle to get them on the phone, even if you need to file a claim.  Customer support is extremely important when it comes to auto insurance.  After all, if you ever get into an accident, the insurance company is there to provide service, coverage, and support.  It’s the main reason you buy insurance.

3. You Got a New Car

If you recently got a new car, see if another auto insurance company won’t offer you a discount on your new car or multiple cars, if applicable. Insuring a new car can be quite a hassle, but if you do it right, you can find some great deals.  Some insurance companies even offer discounts to new customers who switch to their company.  Start shopping around online and/or call up some insurance brokers to see what kind of deals are out there for your new vehicle.

4. You Haven’t Updated Your Policy Recently

It’s always a good idea to shop around for new auto insurance. You’ll be amazed by how much auto insurance rates can vary in just a few months. There are also new deals, discounts, and reward that are made available to consumers each year. You should really take advantage of them.  If you haven’t updated your policy in 6+ months, call your insurance agent up and see if there are any new discounts available.

5. They Don’t Have a Website

If your auto insurance provider hasn’t made online tools available yet, chances are they are behind the times. The ability to update your policy, make online bill payments, and other online features can be huge money and time savers.  If your insurance company does not have a website, it’s best to leave them in the dust.  Tell them, “Sorry gramps, this isn’t 1992!”

6. You Aren’t Happy With Your Coverage

This is the most common reason people change auto insurance providers, and probably the most valid reason to switch providers. If you aren’t happy with your coverage, or what your paying for it, you should really check out what else is available to you.

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to you, as a consumer.  If you aren’t happy, walk away!

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