Hit and Run Accidents and Insurance

Hit and run accidents are frustrating. However, dealing with your insurance company in the aftermath of a hit and run can be even more frustrating.

Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about a hit and run accident and your car insurance. Should you report the hit and run accident to your car insurance company? Will my rates go up after a hit and run accident? Keep reading to find out.

hit and run accidents and insurance

Car Insurance Will Typically Cover a Hit and Run

An ordinary car insurance policy will cover a hit and run. However, hit and runs do not typically fall under your liability insurance. Instead, they fall under one of the following types of car insurance:

  • Collision coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Personal injury protection

Some of the above insurance policies are required in certain states. Many states require drivers to have medical payments coverage or personal injury protection coverage, for example. Other states require drivers to have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

If you have any of the above policies, then it’s possible that some or all of the damage from a hit and run would be covered.

Liability Insurance Does Not Cover a Hit and Run

Unfortunately, if you have basic liability insurance – the bare minimum required to drive on the road in most states – then you’re out of luck. You will not receive coverage for your hit and run incident.

Liability insurance consists of two things: property damage liability coverage and bodily injury liability coverage. These policies cover damages you inflict upon other people and property in a collision where you were at-fault.

Liability insurance does not, however, cover your own expenses: it covers the expenses of other people. It covers your liability to pay for things or people you damaged in an accident.

If you have the bare minimum liability insurance, then the at-fault driver’s car insurance would typically pay for any repairs. However, if there’s a hit and run accident, the at-fault driver has fled the scene. The at-fault driver cannot cover the hit and run because the at-fault driver is unknown.

Which Car Insurance Policies Cover Hit and Runs?

As mentioned above, there are certain types of car insurance policies that will cover hit and runs. Here’s how each policy should work after a hit and run:

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage will cover the costs of repairing your vehicle after a collision. If you’re the at-fault driver, then collision coverage will cover the costs of repairs. If you’re involved in a hit and run and the at-fault driver is unknown, then you should still be able to make a claim on your own collision coverage policy, regardless of whether the other driver is identified. If you have collision coverage, then your hit and run should be covered.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage

Some states require you to have uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage. In other states, it’s an optional policy. Uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage will cover your medical bills and lost wages if you are hit by a driver who does not have insurance. However, some uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage plans also cover hit and run incidents.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage

Uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage coverage will pay for car repairs when your car is damaged by another driver who does not have car insurance. Just like the policy above, this policy might cover hit and run incidents as well. Check with your car insurance company to determine if your uninsured motorist property damage coverage covers hit and runs: a surprising number of states and companies expressly forbid this coverage from covering hit and runs.

Medical Payments Coverage

Some states require medical payments coverage, which functions in a similar way to health insurance after an accident. Medical payments coverage can cover the medical bills of you and your passengers after an accident, regardless of who is at-fault. In a hit and run accident where the other driver is unknown, medical payments coverage can cover your bills after an accident.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection, or PIP, covers the medical bills of you and your passengers, regardless of fault. It works in a similar way to medical payments coverage. Typically, this type of car insurance policy is required in no-fault states. In addition to covering medical bills, PIP can cover lost wages, child care expenses, and other losses after an incident. If you’re involved in a hit and run accident, then personal injury protection may provide coverage.

Hit and Run Claims and Deductibles: Will I Have to Pay My Deductible?

Somebody hits you in a parking lot and drives away. There’s some damage but it’s not overly noticeable. Is it worth making a claim? Should you make a claim on your hit and run incident? Or is the deductible going to wipe out any savings?

Some hit and run claims require a deductible while other claims do not.

If you’re filing a claim on your collision coverage, for example, then you will typically pay a deductible. Collision coverage covers damage to your own vehicle after an accident.

If you’re filing a claim on your medical payments coverage or personal injury protection coverage, then you may have to pay an additional deductible under each policy.

Conclusion: A Hit and Run May Raise Insurance Rates

Getting involved in a hit and run can be tough. Unfortunately, it could make things even tougher in the future: a hit and run claim goes on your insurance record. Drivers with a high frequency of claims could see higher insurance rates in the future.

However, a hit and run is not considered an at-fault incident. At-fault incidents significantly raise insurance rates, while not-at-fault accidents – like a hit and run – will have minimal impact.

Don’t expect a single hit and run incident to impact insurance rates – especially if your driving history is otherwise clean.


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  1. What if I was involved in a hit and run and it wasn’t my fault? I don’t have car insurance, I filed a police report, I have witnesses, and there are surveillance cameras on that street. They towed my car away. My case is still being investigated. Would I receive a penalty for not having insurance even though it wasn’t my fault? And who will pay for my damages? This is in the state of Rhode Island.

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Diana,

      If the police was called to the scene, you may have been cited for driving without a license.As far as your damages go, the police would have to find the other driver first. If they don’t, then unfortunately you’re on your own for the damages. If and when you do find the other driver, you’ll have to hope they have an active insurance policy. At that point you would file a claim through their insurance company and provide the adjuster with all the proofs you have to be covered up to their policy limit. If they don’t have insurance then unless they’re willing to pay for it out of pocket, your only recourse would likely be to sue, which doesn’t guarantee collecting either.

      • A friend of mine she hit the back end bumper of truck she gave the guy insurance card and left scene. And insurance is no good and has no license either what would happen to her

  2. I was in a accident where I hit the person from a intersection which I was in the middle of the 4 way trying to see the oncoming traffic but due to shrubs that blocked viewing I pulled up a little and hit the vehicle that was coming down the road. No damage was done to my car other then my licence plate came off my vehcile. I pulled up to the parking area to move out the way from the intersection so police could be contacted and the vehicle that I hit fleed the scene once the establishment which is a neighborhood bar ( bouncer on scene) told the other driver to go to the parking area so police can speak with us there fleed the scene of the accident. I made a police report and was given a warning since the party left the scene of accident. I didn’t see how many people where in the vehicle nor damage to vehicle but the bouncer did. I recieved a call in reference to the accident and by my insurance with a add on attatchment of the police report of a individual who claimed they were the vehicle I had hit even though I did not get any information at the scene since they left. And was made aware much later after the incident had happened. What can I do in regards to this? Also at the time I was using the UBER forum as a driver on my way to pick up a passenger so my insurance is not taking my claim since I was unaware of rideshare insurance that I needed to add on to my insurance.

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Sorry to hear you’ve found yourself in this situation. The poor visibility due to the shrubs would have helped you in court with any citations issued by the police (which they weren’t), but the accident would have been your fault regardless. Unfortunately, since you advised the insurance company about the accident, it will appear on your report either as at-fault or not-at-fault depending on the details you gave them. The bit about ride-share not being covered is also true and your insurance may even drop you from the coverage for it. Since you’ve admitted fault to your carrier, even if they do find the other person, if their insurance finds out you’ve admitted fault, they won’t cover you. There is such a thing as being too honest, consider how events will play out next time.

      • I had some hit my Jeep on the fdr. Came out of his car told me. His fault. He was sorry. I said, my back hurt. I’m calling the police. I looked in my rear window. He took off.
        I filed a police report. Also went to the hospital. A lawyer wants to sue my insurance. Will this make my rates go way up?

        • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

          Hi Ryan,
          It’s not real clear what the situation is, or why somebody would be suing you. If the other person took off, then they wouldn’t have your contact information to sue you. So it’s not clear who is suing your insurance. None of this should make your rates go way up, although there definitely could be an increase. It was a not-at-fault accident, which don’t affect rates as much as at-fault accidents. This is especially true if you don’t have any other accidents or violations in the last 3-5 years. If you have uninsured motorist coverage and/or collision insurance, then that part should pay to fix your Jeep.

  3. In the shopping mall parking somebody hit my car and run and I saw in CCTV camera but i can’t see that car number plate because in Night . I have third party insurance tell me how i claim to insurance

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Hasan,

      Unfortunately, third party insurance is just that, to cover damages to a third party resulting from an accident where you are deemed at fault. If you don’t have comprehensive and / or collision coverage, damages to your own car won’t be covered by your own policy. If you were to somehow locate the driver of the other vehicle, then you could try filing a claim through their insurance or have them pay for the damages out of pocket. Although I doubt it, if the damages to your vehicle are severe, you may want to consult with an attorney about the possibility of liability on the mall’s part due to poor lighting or any other reason.

  4. I was on my motorcycle when a car came across three lanes hitting my front tire which flopped my bike down and somehow three me over the handle bars. The driver took off and i was taken by ambulance to the er. My registration was expired and my license wad suspended and that was all chp was focused on; abd apparently not the other driver. I was found not at fault but i didnt have uninsured motorist coverage. What do i do? My injuries were minimal considering what had happened. I had road rash all over my body and tore my rotator cuff and am looking at having to have surgery. Ive been out of work for a month now and my doctor doesnt have any idea how much longer i will be inable to work. I had to pay 500 to get the bike from the tow yard and im losing 700 a week that im not working and am in danger of losing my job alltogether and luckily my medical insurance is covering my medical costs. Im lost as to what to do weve already lost our place to live because we couldnt cover rent without my income.

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Good morning Roy,

      Sorry to hear you were injured. If you can locate the other driver, you can file against their insurance to cover your motorcycle’s damages and any out of pocket medical costs up to their respective limits. Otherwise there’s not much you can do; luckily you do have the medical insurance covering your medical costs which would likely have been substantial. As for your current financial situation, look into your state’s welfare programs and apply for food stamps and unemployment benefits, try to file your case as an emergency for faster processing. Did you have any short-term or long-term disability insurance through your job that you can file a claim against? You may find some relief there. Check your state’s medical leave laws and discuss the situation with your job to avoid losing it while you recover.

      Good luck.

  5. Someone hit me and begged for me not to call his insurance company because he’s a bad driver and that he will cover all the costs, which I also have in txt messages. Now 2 weeks later he has submitted a claim against me stating I hit him, and now both claims are being declined based on able to prove Liability. Can I call this into the Police to file a hit and run?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Kate,

      It wouldn’t help you much to report the accident as a hit and run now, as you both exchanged information before leaving the scene. The best thing to do would have been to call the police while you were both still at the scene and have them write a report of the events, so you would have had proof in the event that a claim was filed. Did you offer to send the insurance company screenshots of your conversation with the other driver? If you did and they still refused to acknowledge liability, your best course of action may be to speak with an attorney about what can be done against the insurer or the other driver. I have seen cases like this before and at the very least the insurer should offer to cover each of your expenses 50 / 50, instead of denying the claim outright.

  6. Someone hit and run on me but when he tuck off he left parts of his car in the seen and his plates felt I dint did a police report because I have no license… what is recommended

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Maria,

      If you have insurance, you can file a claim to cover your damage / injuries up to your policy limits. However, your insurance may require a police report to be filed, to process a hit and run claim. You could also call the police and report the hit and run to try to locate the other driver and have them cover the expenses or file through their insurance. If the police finds out you were driving without a license, you will more than likely be cited / penalized. If your damages are minor, your best course of action may be to have it repaired out of pocket.

  7. Someone hit the front of my truck, bent the steel bumper bar straight up in the air, and kept going. I stayed and made a police report and was rewarded for my diligence with a ticket for failure to yield. The officer said from my story that it seemed like my fault, the system is disgusting.

  8. My husband was hit by someone who was merging. Fortunately, nobody was injured. My husband told the guy to pull into the gas station near the intersection, but instead, the guy drove off without sharing any information. My husband was able to get his license number (which he texted to me on that day, so we have that as a record). My husband filed a police report, the other driver did not. The police tracked down the vehicle, owner, and got an insurance number. But the other driver is refusing to cooperate, and now the insurance company says his number is invalid, we don’t know if that could be because he didn’t pay his premium, the number was reported wrong, or if he just lied about the number (let’s just say this guy isn’t exactly the most trustworthy person). My husband is bristling at paying the large deductible ($1,200) for an accident he didn’t cause, and it isn’t fair to our insurance company to make them pay for someone else’s irresponsibility. Should our insurance company be managing this matter? Should my husband contact the “smash and dash” driver? Would we have to press charges to get him to pay the deductible?

  9. I was in a hit and run accident. I was charged with the accident due to the person going straight and I was turning into the another lane. The person hit my car and left the scene of the accident. The person came back 20 mins later after the police arrived. The office told the person she could have arrested them for leaving the scene of an accident. The officer began to educate the individual about what to do the next time. My thought is I don’t know who was driving that car. But, I spite of that, I was charged without any consequences on the other person’s behalf. I consider this injustice.

  10. Johnathan Drayton

    I was involved in a accident where I clipped the back of a car on my motorcycle but the car never stopped kept going when the officer arrived still gave me a ticket can I fight that in court since the other driver never came back and left the scene

  11. I was involved in a hit and run on 8/5 and I had obtained the license plate number and described the vehicle. The owner of the car canceled their insurance on 8/3. The driver had no license. I filed a police report, had 2 witnesses and filed a claim through my insurance. What are my options if the other party has no coverage? Do I still have to pay my deductible even if I wasn’t at fault?

  12. I was involved in a hit and run & I had called the police & they were able to find the driver. When I contacted his insurance company the adjuster said that it was their client but said we both were at fault because he hit the back of my car with the back of his car & I should have watched for his car. Now I’m looking for a lawyer but it seems like a case No one would take. Is it possible to get a lawyer?

  13. I was in an hit and run. The man had no insurances or a valid drivers license. He left the seen before cops got their plus I had a witness that seen the hole thing an told the cops everything that happened. My car was in the shop for over 2 months so I thought no reason to keep paying for car insurance. After the car was fixed I called to get insurance and found out that I was blamed for the car accident and the man how hit me got payed $2000 to fix the damage to his vehicle now my insurance is sky high , what can I do to fix it??? Because I never got a ticket or anything to go to court how do I go about to fix this??

  14. Enrique m. Monroy

    I was hit last Tuesday at 5:00 to 5:10 in temple city on temple city blvd by a enterprise van driver that is hired by amazon and it was a hit and run driver who was driving an enterprise van I made a police report but they can’t find the exact van because in that business complex they have about 30to40 enterprise bans no one is being helpful so I took it upon myself to do a little detective work I found about 4 vans that had damage where they hit me and I took pictures and videos Amazon is not being too cooperative with me so should I call the news people to find out if they a time sheet of the driver during that van and I’m sure I very van has to be inspected when it comes in the end of the day right. What is your opinion please

  15. My tire fell off while I was driving and hit another car but they drove off and now she wants my insurance to pay for damages am I liable since the person drove off but tire incident wasn’t in the police report

  16. The other night I noticed a scratch on my bumper and the reason why I noticed it is because I always look at my car because there’s a few dings and scratches on it but I don’t like when people scrape up my car and I’m not the one that actually did the damage like I want to make sure that my car is taken care of so I decided to look at my bumper after parking it outside of my mom’s house one night and the next morning I noticed a scratch on my bumper so nobody left a note but the next day I noticed that the neighbors car was parked in the same spot that I was the other night that it was hit and they have scratches on their car in places that I sort of believe that line up with mine so I confronted them and they gave me their insurance so I’m assuming that they really did it sideswiped my car so now I’m wondering if I call their insurance and make a claim or how do I go about this?

  17. my vehicle was hit in my driveway, no note, just came out in the morning and saw the damage, 2300 dollars estimate from my insurance companies place to take it, brand new vehicle. They are now saying that i am at fault for hitting a stationary object after their investigation, what do i do

  18. Majaliwa Jumatano

    I was hit on the left side of the front wheel as I came out an alley, before crossing right into a one way I honked and saw no one coming and when I came out into the one way I was hit on the drivers side wheel and it left a dump on top of the wheel and the rims of my wheel were badly damaged. it was a car under my mothers name and I It had no insurance and I had no license. So I thought I’d just leave the scene to not get in trouble so the lady got my license plate and filed a compliant and now she is trying to make me pay for hiring me. I had witnesses 3 of them in the car and one of them told me to watch out but it was already too late in I already turn right into the one way and the lady was on her phone as she came down the street and she was going very fast that’s what my friend said and I believe him cause she had it on her hand as she came out the car. I guess she saw that me running away would give her a reason to file a report against me like I was the one who hit her. What can I do??

  19. So I was in a hit an run and the car smashed my passenger rim and broke my axel tire rod and the shop wants 4 thousand dollars. I still have to pay a car note on my car and it was originally $8500 for the car before my loan. I have no police report because I was more worried about getting my car from being downtown. how will my insurance handle that situation?

  20. Hi, my car is in the dealership been repaired and they gave me a rental from hertz. They asked for the name of my insurance but they didnt confirmed that my insurance company covered rentals. The rental was damage by a hit and run and there was a camera but the police told me it is too dificult to prove this because it’s not just to find the car, you have to prove also who was driving it. My insurance told hertz that they dont cover rentals and now hertz is asking me to pay for the damages.

  21. We were sitting at a stop sign. We were waiting for the last car to pass closest to the lane near us. The 2nd lane which was the farthest lane had 4 cars passing. The car that was closest to us passed us with no other cars behind it. We were completely save to make the turn and I went. The truck was the 3rd car in the 2nd lane tailgating the 2nd car for no reason. I turn into my lane and the truck turns into my lane hitting his truck in the back right side against the front left side of my car. After we were hit. I started slowing down but quickly noticed that the truck continued to drive and switched lanes. At that moment I floored my car to catch up and told the passenger in my car to call the cops. We drove for about a mile until there were two cars on both lanes that caused the truck to slow down because he couldn’t pass them. In that moment the passenger told the dispatcher on the phone the license plate number and the description of the car. Then the dispatcher told us to not follow the truck because he could be armed and an officer will assist us. Then we pulled over into a high school right next to the football stadium until an office came and helped us. In this hit and run, the person that fled the scene will the cops come to his/hers house or will insurance try to contact them after the claim was made? The cop also let us know that the license plate number matched the description of the vehicle that we explained over the phone. Does that mean we are safer in a way like not having to cover the damages out of pocket?

  22. My son’s car was stolen from outside our home last month. The police were called immediately. About 40 mins. after the car was stolen…the person that stole it ran a red light and hit another vehicle in the intersection. The person that stole the car fled from the accident….the people in the car that was struck took chase after the suspect but lost site of him when he jumped over a brick wall and continued running. The officers that showed up on seen realized it was the car that had been reported stolen earlier and they contacted my son and husband and they showed up at the scene of the hit-&-run. My son proceeded to take photos of his car and of the scene of the accident. The two females in the other vehicle initially declined any medical treatment on scene. But my son was later contacted a few days later by his insurance stating that they had gotten an attorneyband were suing for damages to their car and for pain and injuries. My son explained to his insurance that his car was stolen and he was not at fault and provided them with a copy of the police report and pictures. His car was totaled from the accident and he was only able to part out portions of his car….he recently purchased a used vehicle over the weekend to get back and forth to work…but he is having extreme trouble insuring it. His car insurance IS STILL HOLDING HIM LIABLE FOR THE ACCIDENT AND INJURIES…and to insure the vehicle he just bought they are charging him an outragious amount of money and his rates have doubled. He is having trouble finding another insurance company to take him on due to the impending lawsuit against him. HE DOESNT UNDERSTAND WHY HIS INSURANCE COMPANY IS AGAINST HIM WHEN HE HAS ALL THE PROOF SHOWING HIS CAR WAS STOLEN

  23. This morning I was driving and I was going to turn left and it was a yellow light about to turn red. Then a car was trying to beat the yellow light by speeding and i was turning left at the time. The car hit the back side of my car then drove away. I went into the gas station right next to the street to see if the driver would come back. I checked my car and the hit was pretty bad. The car never came back and I couldn’t get their license. I needed to go to school so I had to leave. What should I do?

  24. Before 2 days ago some body hit my car and run I had the dash camera but it could not read the plate number because it has raining and night time I just have liability I have called the cops but still waiting for my police report .it has not my fault at all I have the video evidence but don’t have the plate number my car is badly damaged so I will Abel to covered by insurance??

  25. I was hit by a vehicle that had basic liability. The driver ran from the scene. The passenger stayed. It was his vehicle. ThHe gave a name to the police of the driver explaining that she said she had warrants. I have uninsured coverage, not underinsured.

    • I had to be life flighted to a trauma center. The bills will add up to more than the owners insurance will cover for injuries. The authorities only have the name of the driver. No contact info, no address, no nothing. Should my uninsured coverage help cover the hospital, EMS and life flight?

  26. One of the Jeep hit me from back, I was trying to pull over but in that time he ran away but I noted his number plate. I called the insurance company and police, they made the report. Today’s insurance adjuster called me and recorded my statement. They informed me that the other prison has denied the accident. I can’t believe people could do that. This is the first time this has happened to me I don’t know what should I do now!

  27. HI,

    Recently I was involved in a Hit and Run accident, the police was chasing stolen truck and the stolen truck hit my car while it was green light for me and it was red light for him. I had two witness who saw the incident , and police was my witness as well, since he was following the stolen car.

    Police spoke to my insurance and told them I was not at fault and gave a case no for reference. I have $500 deductible , and my car front is all damaged. Do I have to pay $500 deductible to my insurance, I was not at fault, it is the police and the stolen car truck who fled the scene.

    What is expected, this is my first time in an accident….please share your feedback

  28. Hi,

    My partner car was hit in her parking spot outside in the street. The person which hit it run away. There were witnesses luckily which are involved now in the investigation. Yesterday hertz insurance team contact my partner and told her that, because the owner of the car wasent driving it at the time they won’t pay her for damage. So hit and run dosent count if owner not sitting behind a wheels. I mean it’s this Gor real? What if the driver would hit person on the street that wouldn’t be counted eather? Hit and run is criminal offence and dosent matter who’s driving the car it should be sorted right by insurance.

  29. i was turning out on the main lane (turning right) and the car next to me was pulling out too onto the main road but was turning left ( she had her left blinker on)… for some reason she wanted to turn right instead and proceeded to do so my hood was maybe right at the end of her front right fender and she want right into me, she took off and i ended up following her to her house which than we exchanged info and i made a claim through her insurance, she didn’t ask me for mine because she knew it was her fault…. who is liable do you feel ? me or her ?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Tony,
      It sounds like she is at-fault because she signaled a left turn but turned right instead. Her insurance company might fight the claim because there is no proof, so you would need to take pictures of any damage and try to file a police report. If the at-fault person admits fault and it’s documented, then her insurance company will definitely pay. Otherwise, they may try to fight it and you wouldn’t have any evidence of what happened. But it definitely sounds like the accident was her fault.

  30. I was ran over by a man and smashed between him and a parked truck while walking! Would his insurance have to pay for personal injuries I sustained?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Joseph,
      Yes, his insurance would pay for your injuries because pedestrians always have the right-of-way, assuming you were walking in a legal area. His insurance pays for bodily injury to another person when it’s his fault, so this is covered under his liability policy. The only problem would be if you don’t know who the person is. His insurance can’t pay for something that they don’t know happened. This is why it’s critical to always get the other person’s name, address, phone number, and insurance information right after an accident. Otherwise, you would have no way of contacting them and their insurance won’t pay.

  31. My daughter was a victim of a hit and run…fairly new driver. She did not immediately call our insurance nor did she call the police and file a report. Are there repercussions for not making an immediate call?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Monica,
      Possibly. The repercussions would be that she won’t receive any money for this claim, meaning the claim could be denied. It would also depend on her coverage. In order to have any coverage, she would need to have either Collision coverage or Uninsured Motorist Property Damage. If she doesn’t have either, then she wouldn’t have any coverage regardless. If she has one or both, then it will be up to the insurance company. Part of the requirements for getting a claim paid are to contact the insurance company in a timely matter and provide as much documentation as possible. Some companies would still pay this claim, but others might not.

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