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I’m 19 years old and buying my first car this spring.  I will be the registered owner (of title, lein, etc.) and I will also be insuring it with me as the main driver.

When searching for quotes, I found that it is actually over $1000 cheaper if I add my mother to my policy as an additional driver.  The problem is, she won’t actually be driving the car… I’m not sure if her license is even valid anymore.

Could I get in trouble with doing this?  Is there any way they can find out my mom isn’t actually driving?

Answer 1

If you are living with your mother, then yes, by all means you should add her to your insurance policy.  The reason you SHOULD add her is because you want to be able to both have access to your vehicle at all times (in case of an emergency).  If you don’t, then she can NEVER legally use your car.

So, YES, add your mother to your list of drivers.  She is entitled to be on your policy.  It’s not the insurance company’s job to decide who does and does not drive your car.

(Note – If you don’t live with her, on the other hand, you are playing with fire.  That is considered fraud. If you are in an accident, they can deny your claim.)

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Answer 2

Isn’t that lead to Multi Car Insurance ?

Answer 3

It totally depends on your policy and the terms and conditions. It would be better if you can disucss it with them.

Answer 4

The only issue with the new driver being added to insurance as a named driver is that they will not accumalate no claims discount.

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