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All over the world and in the United States auto theft is a serious and rapidly increasing problem. In order to deal with this issue, more and more vehicle owners are turning to anti-theft recovery systems. These allow for peace of mind, as the device is installed in your vehicle and in the unfortunate event of it being stolen they allow for the tracking and quick recovery of the vehicle.anti theft recovery system

If you’re a car owner you should know that installing an anti-theft recovery system will significantly protect your car. Without one if your car is stolen the chances of it being successfully recovered are minimal at best, if your car is a premium model it will quickly move through illegal channels, be stripped of its identity and possibly even moved out of the country.

Anti-theft recovery systems do not operate in the same way as traditional car alarms, they do not deter actual theft and should be used in conjunction with other anti-theft measures. There are no loud noises, or sirens, and they do not interfere with the operation of the vehicle if it is broken into or tampered with (so they are not similar to immobilizers for example).

What does an anti-theft recovery system do?

An anti-theft recovery system works by installing a small GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver and transmitter on your car, this equipment is extremely small and difficult to detect even if the thief knows what they are looking for. As soon as it is installed the equipment is ready to operate. In the event that your vehicle is stolen, all you have to do is call the police and report the theft. The police will then notify the manufacturer to begin tracking the GPS device on the car.

Does this come as a standard with my vehicle?

It is unlikely, most car manufacturers do not offer anti-theft recovery systems in their options packages and as such the owner needs to purchase and have the system installed on their own initiative.

What are the benefits of an anti-theft recovery system to me?

Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to recover your stolen vehicle and any personal effects that you may have inside the car, there’s also the added advantage that your auto insurance provider will almost certainly offer reduced premiums in exchange for having one installed. In fact car insurance firms are the biggest proponents of tracking systems, because they know it reduces the risk of total loss from theft.

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