AAA Insurance – An Overview

The American Automobile Association, for “AAA” for short, is not an insurance company per-say. Indeed, as a non-profit organization made up of clubs across the country, members join this organization to open up different insurance options and travel services to them – including, of course, auto insurance.

History of AAA

In 1902, several motor clubs banded together to deal with a lack of roads that were suitable for cars. These clubs were the Chicago Automobile Club, Automobile Club of America, Automobile Club of New Jersey, Long Island Automobile Club, Rhode Island Automobile Club, Philadelphia Automobile Club, Princeton University Automobile Club, Automobile Club of Utica, and Grand Rapids Automobile Club – and together, they form what we know today as the AAA. AAA then merged with the American Motor League, which had been formed in 1895, but retained their current name.

Originally, AAA only offered driver’s training, and making road maps and hotel guides. It wasn’t until the 1960s that they started selling insurance, and expanding into other travel-related services.

Still, their expansion did not veer them off course from their main goal: improving roads, helping travelers and increasing safety, such as traffic safety programs taught in schools. Notably, AAA’s traffic safety programs have helped equip children with the know-how to keep themselves safe from the dangerous roads.

American Automobile Association – Differentiating Factors

As it is not strictly an insurance company, AAA provides customers many more opportunities and services beyond just auto insurances. Here, they focus largely on travelers and offer passport photos, travel maps, travelers insurance and travelers’ checks, in addition to insurance policies.

Although their insurance premium discounts might not be as enticing as other dedicated insurance companies, it is worthy to note that these discounts are not restricted to insurance rates; they provide discounts on complimentary goods, such as lowered hotel rates for stays with their partner hotels.

The key differentiating factor is that AAA offers roadside assistance, and is found all over the United States. Today, AAA’s roadside assistance is so easily accessible that “calling Triple A” is equivalent to “calling roadside assistance.” People who travel a lot, particularly across state lines or out of country, should use AAA for their insurance because of the specific options that are available for travelers.

What Do The Customers Have To Say About Triple A?

AAA has fairly positive reviews from customers. They have a “very good” rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on and 2.7 out of 5 stars from The higher ratings are usually given for their extensive coverage.

Indeed, customers say they give good roadside assistance but that their rates are higher than other companies and that they don’t always have great customer service representatives.

Reviews also state that the organization’s roadside assistance service include “trivialities”, such as a flat tire or opening cars with the keys locked inside. Clearly, while customers lament the insurance rates, the excellent roadside assistance service more than make up for AAA’s higher premiums.

Final Word On AAA

AAA is a tried and true company that is ideal for travelers or people who are familiar with the service. Indeed, it is probably the most relevant insurance for people who travel across state lines and into more remote regions, because of the extensive coverage areas, as well as their enticing travel-related incentives.

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