Budget Auto Insurance

Finding the money to pay for auto insurance isn’t always easy, and let’s be honest, there are countless other things you’d rather spend your money on. So why is every driver so willing to cough up the cash to pay for it? Well, for one thing, your state requires that every driver have a minimum level of coverage, which will vary from state to state. (To see what your state requires, all you have to do is check out our auto insurance requirements by states page.)

New drivers, especially teen drivers have it the worst. With a limited driving record, and an unexplainable urge to break speed limits, car insurance providers have no problem charging new drivers far more than other demographics. But new drivers aren’t the only group affected by high auto insurance premiums. In today’s rough economy, few drivers aren’t affected by the rising costs of living. So what is a one to do when they need to drive, but can’t afford to pay full rate for their auto coverage? Luckily, you have a multitude of options to make your auto insurance more affordable.

Continue reading below to learn about how to find budget automobile insurance, how raising your deductibles can help your premiums, and also learn about other discounts and ways you can save on your car insurance.

budget auto insurance

Shopping for Budget Auto Insurance

Auto insurance shoppers often make the mistake of thinking that all auto insurance providers will charge the same premiums, but the reality is that insurance companies offer a wide variety of different packages, services, and special features. Most auto insurance companies offer budget policies, but don’t expect them to tell you upfront if buying from an agent.

Online auto insurance quote services, on the other hand, allow you to customize your coverage down to every fine detail. This is an excellent service for those looking to save on their auto insurance because you pay only for what you need. Bonus features and services are omitted, and only added to your policy upon request.

4AutoInsuranceQuote.com is one such quote provider.  By comparing quotes with us, you will be given rates from the leading insurance providers such as:

Higher Deductibles

If you’re already using an online quote comparison tool, like the one provided here on 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com, you’re already going to save a bunch on your auto insurance, but the savings don’t stop there. Raising your deductible is yet another fast and simple way to cut down your auto insurance costs significantly.

The higher your deductible, the lower your premium will be. Plain and simple. But before you run off and sign a policy with a $1000 deductible, you better be certain you can afford the $1,000 in the case of a collision or other mishap.  Learn more about how high of a deductible you should set for yourself for maximum savings by checking out our article here.

Other Auto Insurance Discounts and Savings

Listed above are just a couple of easy ways to save, but there are dozens more.  In fact, in our article titled “15 ways to save on your auto insurance“, we list a dozen ways for you to save on your insurance, including:

  1. Move to a cheaper place to insure your vehicle
  2. Join organizations and clubs that offer discounts
  3. Etch your VIN number on your window
  4. Change your job to something more “low risk”
  5. Monitor yourself or your child with a camera in your car
  6. Stay home and don’t drive as much
  7. Take driver’s ed classes to improve your driving skills
  8. Get a cheaper car to insure
  9. Ride your bike more and drive less
  10. Get environmentally friendly by “going green”

For the rest of the ways you can save on your auto insurance and get “budget” rates, explore our site!  We have a plethora of articles on everything insurance-related you can imagine.

In the meantime, why not get a budget auto insurance quote from us now?  Our quote comparison tool will automatically apply discounts to your rates, and it requires little effort on your part to take advantage of them. Simply enter your zip code above, fill out your information truthfully, and the discounts you qualify for will automatically be deducted from your premium.


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