Auto Insurance Packages with Low or No Down Payment

Most auto insurance companies will require you to pay premiums upfront to avail auto insurance coverage from their company. This might be unaffordable for some car owners, especially students and first time car buyers who might have exhausted all their funds on the purchase of the down payment auto insurance

However, there are ways to get around this problem and the first option you should look at is auto insurance companies that will require a very low down payment or no down payment at all. Whether you pay a low down payment or no down payment will largely depend on the type of car you are insuring. If your car is fairly expensive, it might be difficult to get a no down payment insurance policy as insurance companies will require you to put down some amount upfront. However, older cars have a good chance of signing up for insurance policies where no down payment is necessary.

One should also understand that these types of policies are not exactly the cheapest option although they will not burden you with a large upfront payment. To explain this a bit further, consider the following example. You might be able to purchase an insurance coverage from an insurance company that will require you to pay $300 in advance for a whole year. Another company might offer you an attractive $0 upfront payment requirement although they will ask you to make a $35 payment a month. If you calculated this for the whole year, you would be paying $400 for the same insurance policy that would cost just $300 if you paid it upfront.

However, if you do not have a lot of extra cash, monthly premiums might be your best bet. When buying insurance for your car, you will also have to decide if you want just liability insurance or full coverage insurance. Liability insurance in required in all 50 states in the U.S. and it is mandatory although full coverage insurance is optional. Liability insurance will not cover damages to you or your car in the event of an accident. Only full coverage insurance can do that. Most states recommend that a person sign up for full coverage insurance policies although this will typically drive up the cost of the monthly premiums.

Getting Auto Insurance Without A Down Payment

One of the best ways to look for low or no down payment insurance policies is to shop online. Most sites will ask you how much you can pay upfront and you can enter a big fat “0” in that field to be presented with insurance company quotes that will not require down payment. is one of those sites that will provide you with quotes from companies that do not require down payments on their insurance policies.  To begin shopping for low/no down payment car insurance, scroll back up to the top of this page and enter your zip code to be presented with quotes from the top insurance providers that do not require down payments!


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  1. This article is a bit misleading. There aren’t many auto insurance providers that will provide you with a good policy without requring some form of payment up front. Companies like Geico, Progressive, and Safe Auto, however allow for monthly payments,

    These “monthly payment” policies usually only require one month payment up front (and therefore no down payment). If you are really looking for no-down payment auto insurance plans, you should actually be looking for monthly payment policies, because these are the only types of policies you can get that do not require downpayments

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