The Top 10 Funniest Car Insurance Commercials

Insurance companies have thought of some creative ways of catching your attention. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite car insurance commercials. Hope you enjoy!

#10 Thousands of people ride the bus to work

Taking the bus.. not as depressing as you might think after seeing this commercial…

#9 The infamous bouncing tire

This commercial from a Bangkok-based Thai insurance company tells the story of a tire bouncing along on the highway…

#8 Gimme some of dat insurance

You break the law? Then you better call up Lincoln…

#7 Beware of curious kids

Everyone knows what a pain some kids can be… but don’t worry! Nationwide is on your side…

#6 Control yourselves ladies

Now would be a good time to have accident forgiveness… are you in good hands?

#5 Insurance For Women

This company only wants to insure women. After seeing this ad, we can’t blame them!

#4 Are you insured?

One of the cheesiest insurance commercials I’ve ever seen, but also the funniest. This is from Survival insurance.

#3 You’ll never know what will happen on the road

This Austrian auto insurance company seems to get their message across…

#2 I’m a hot babe out jogging

Allstate’s Mayhem series has been a popular insurance ad for a while. This is my favorite:

#1 The caveman series

Geico’s caveman series was so popular that a TV show spun off of it… poor cavemen…

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