Does My Auto Insurance Cover Me When…

Determining if your are covered in rare situations can be a fuzzy situation unless you read through the terms and conditions of your policy.

Of course, we all need car insurance to drive.  But all policies and companies aren’t created equal. We’d like to remind you that every auto insurance company is different and has their own quirks and set of terms. This guide simply covers the norm, which actually isn’t all the common.

What applies to Insurance Company A, won’t necessarily apply to Insurance Company B. To get the best information regarding your policy, it is always best to contact your auto insurance provider directly. Most companies have fairly informative websites that can help answer your questions as well.

insurance covers you when

Does my insurance cover me when a tree falls on my car? How about when I do damage to my own car? Or water damage? Continue reading to find out!

When I’m Outside the United States?

It all depends on your particular policy. Most insurance companies will only cover you in the continental US. Sometimes they will extend coverage to Canada, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Some auto insurance providers to offer international policies. If you are planning on driving outside the US frequently you should either get an auto insurance policy in the appropriate country or get extended coverage from your current provider.

When My Friend is Driving?

This is kind of a complicated situation. If your friend wasn’t at fault, and the other party does in fact have auto coverage, the other party will be responsible for paying.

If your friend is at fault, your friends auto insurance should cover the damages. Unfortunately the chances of them having auto insurance are less likely if they are borrowing your car. If this is the case they will have to pay damages out of pocket.

So to summarize the answer to the question, no it doesn’t cover your friend, but you aren’t responsible.

The same goes for if you are borrowing a friends car. Even though it is not your car, you are still responsible for any damage done.

When a Tree Falls On My Car?

In the case that a tree falls on your car, flooding causes water damage, or if your car gets swept up in a tornado, you certainly aren’t at faults, but you better hope you have comprehensive auto coverage.

Basic policies come only with collision coverage which only covers costs in the case of a collision, hence the name.

If a situation occurs where your car is damaged, but not involved in a collision with another vehicle or other property, the damages will only be covered if you have comprehensive coverage.


Remember that not all insurance policies are the same.  While your neighbor’s insurance might cover damage to his car caused by next week’s tornado, your’s might not!  The best thing to do to make sure is to give your insurance agent a call (just to be safe).  If there are additional coverages that you would like to add, he/she will be happy to assist you.

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