5 Tips For Safer Driving While Pregnant

If you are driving while pregnant, make sure you read the following 5 tips to keep you and your little one safe at all times.  There are many dangers of driving while pregnant, and it is not always necessarily safe to drive while you are pregnant, but the following tips should be enough to keep you as safe as possible!

When you’re pregnant, you don’t necessarily have to be driving to be carrying precious cargo. But when you are driving, you need to be just that much more careful. To protect your own safety, as well as the safety of your unborn baby, some extra precautions need to be taken. Many of the following tips are things you should be doing anyway, but while pregnant, it’s particularly important that you follow these 5 important safety-measures in order to stay safe on the road.

safe driving while pregnant

Learn how to drive more safely when you are pregnant

1.Wear a seat belt. This is, perhaps, the most obvious safety tip. Not only is it likely required by law (wearing your seat belt is required in every state but New Hampshire), but it’s often times the only things that will save you and your baby in the case of a collision.

How you wear your seat belt is equally important. Make sure the waist strap is resting below your stomach (baby bump), rather than across it, with the shoulder strap comfortably across your chest.

2.Be aware of your position in the car. Air bags are often times blamed for causing bodily harm to the driver. While there’s always a chance, you’re far less likely to be injured if you’ve taken the proper air bag precautions.

AAA recommends you position yourself at least 10 inches away from the steering wheel, so that you’re at a safe distance if the air bag were to deploy. If you’re carrying a child, you may want to go even further back from the steering column. (This is all assuming that you can still drive safely and comfortably when doing so.)

You’re also probably well aware of the need to keep healthy circulation, particularly in your legs. Driving is no exception, and its important to pull over when you have the opportunity, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes, so you can stretch your legs.

3.Don’t drive at night. Driving at night is far more dangerous than daytime driving, and while pregnant, you can’t afford to take any chances.

Night driving is exponentially more dangerous, and that is not only just for pregnant women. Night driving reduces visibility, increases the chance of encountering a drunk driver, and can simply give you the creeps.

4.Fill up before hitting the road. No, I’m not talking about filling up your gas tank. If you’re pregnant, it’s imperative that keep your blood sugar at a healthy level, and that you avoid eating unhealthy food. By eating before you leave the house, or packing some healthy snacks for the road, you can keep your blood sugar in check.  A full stomach will also help you resist the urge for greasy fast food drive-thrus along your journey.

5.Ensure your safety. There’s very few other times in life when you can guarantee your safety, and on the road is actually no different. You can, however, secure your financial safety with the appropriate auto insurance coverage.

When you’re pregnant, your regular car insurance simply won’t cut it. Collision and bodily injury coverage in particular should be at the top of your priorities list. To ensure your safety and the safety of your unborn little one, enter your zip code in the form above and find an auto insurance policy that can put your mind at ease.


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  1. forsikringsselskab

    the tips are good, but it is much better if pregnant women don’t drive they should have somebody with them, to look out for them.

  2. Many thanks for making the effort to have a discussion about baby care and also children’s concerns.

  3. A great read indeed. Very informative and I hope a lot of people can read this, especially pregnant women.

    But let me take note also that when you’re pregnant, you’re supposed to relax. I mean, if your a working mom taking a maternity leave then try to consider it as a time to stay and enjoy at home.

  4. Isabelle Depena

    I’m gonna send this to my daghter! thanks! :)

  5. Ah I would add the 6th thing too:

    Get yourself a safe car. I drive Volvo personally and we all know how safe Volvos are. I am driving every day to do pregnancy exercises and your tips will really help me out on that.


  6. Thanks for the tips, but i think i’d better don’t drive while pregnant

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