What Happens If You Get Into An Accident Without Insurance?

When a person gets into a car accident, lots of things happen – problems arise, legal conversations are needed, and bills accumulate. When a person is insured, these problems become much smaller and much easier to solve. However, if a person is uninsured, things can get out of hand.

Auto Accident Without Insurance

Automobile accidents without insurance can be devastating

Car accidents are terrifying situations to have to face. They can be much more terrifying, however, if you don’t have auto insurance. In the United States, in order to drive a car, you need to have at least some form of automobile insurance. All states have minimum requirements as to how much insurance coverage is needed in order to get behind the wheel. In other words, car insurance is mandatory. There is good reason for this as well – it is not just some stupid law. Let’s take a look at what will happen if you do not have auto insurance and are involved in an accident:

Legal Issues From Accidents With No Insurance

Court dates, fines, license suspension, and lawsuits will all be in your future if you are in a car accident without insurance.

If you do not have proper insurance identification at the time of the accident, you will need to go to court in order to present proof of insurance to them. If you do not have this proof of insurance (AKA you did not have insurance at the time of your accident), you will need to go before a judge. The judge will most likely fine you and sentence you to some sort of legal punishment.

Driving-without-insurance fines vary by state and they can be very large. If you are involved in such an accident, representation by an experienced lawyer is highly recommended. Investing in a well-reputed lawyer could save you a lot of money. Remember to not talk to authorities or insurance claims specialists without first consulting with a lawyer.

License Suspensions

Car Accident Legal Fees

Legal fees can be through the roof!

On top of your legal fines, you most likely will get some type of license suspension as well. Many states including California, New York, and Texas will suspend your license (or license plates) if you are discovered to be driving without proper insurance. License plate suspensions usually involve seizure of your vehicle and impoundment for at least 30 days. License suspensions are more severe. California, for example, suspends drivers’ licenses automatically for 6 months if they are in an accident without insurance.

Being Sued

If you do not have car insurance and are involved in an accident, you are likely to be sued personally for any damages or injuries that occurred in an accident in which you were at fault. If you had insurance (like you were supposed to), the insurance company would pick up the tab on the civil court ruling. Depending on the damages and injuries that you were ruled at fault in, you could end up paying a lot of money (often times in the millions). If you do not have enough money to pay for the amount you owe, you can lose your home and any other assets of value. As you can see, not having insurance can be devastating.

Coverage For Your Automobile

If you are ruled to be at fault in an auto accident and do not have insurance, there will be nobody left but yourself to pay the bill for damages to your vehicle. If you do not have the money to purchase a new car or to pay for the damages to your vehicle, you better get used to walking or taking the bus because you may be without a car for a long time.

Coverage For Injuries

Even if a drunk driver comes up from behind and smashes into your vehicle, leaving you paralyzed, you cannot get paid for your suffering if you do not have insurance. Basically, without insurance, you are on your own. You will need to pay for your own medical expenses even if the accident was not your fault. Because your life can be ruined in an instant without it, auto insurance is always worth the money.

The Final Word On Accidents Without Insurance

As you can see, there are some real dangers of driving without insurance. Aside from the danger of getting a very expensive ticket, your life can be ruined in an instant if you are unlucky enough to get into an accident without insurance. Fortunately, with the amount of resources available helping you find affordable auto insurance, there is really no reason why anybody these days should need to drive without it. Use the internet to compare quotes in order to find the cheapest rates for you. After all, anything is better than suffering through the headache of an accident without insurance.


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  1. Worst thing that can happen IMO is if you are ruled at fault and the person discovers you aren’t covered. He then proceeds to fake whip lash and all these other injuries and sues the life out of you… this actually happened to one of my friends.

    Oh yeah, that and killing someone without insurance.

    • my bf just got into a car accident and were now waiting for if there putting it as his fault. he hit a guy on a moped but he didnt see him. he doesnt have valid insurance but the cop did not acknowlege that. what should we do till the court date. also the guy didnt give us any info he was taken to the hospital not to long after the accident. i dont believe he had insurance or any idea we didnt.

      • If the other car is at fault can I still collect if my car is uninsured and has fake tags at time of accident

        • Insurance just lapsed ,otherdriver totally at fault what can happen?

        • Yes you can still collect take your plates off as if they were stolen you can’t have your car repaired until you obtain legal plates from DMV cause every Legal mechanic shop must have valid info in order for them to repair tie car

      • I got into an accident on the 24th of May. My insurance lapsed,but I still presented my insurance cards to the cops. I got insurance the next day,but still got the letter in the mail to provide a Certificate of Compliance by the 8th of July. My license could still get suspended cause my insurance wasn’t obtained on the day of the accident, it was a day after.

  2. Louise Lloyd

    One should never be too reckless to drive without insurance since it’s required. It will definitely come in handy for we never know if one day we’ll get to an accident. Better play things safe.

  3. I got into a car accident over the weekend with my bf. we did not have insurance bc of some problems we have been having and it wasnt going to be effective until this week. The accident was DEF her fault, she got a ticket and I spent the weekend in the hospital bc im pregnant and its caused some major problems. what happends if it IS ther other persons fault but you did not have insurance?

    • The same thing happened to me. They didn’t take my statement or anything only the insured drives and supposed witness. She admitted she didn’t stop at the stop sign and that she turned to miss hitting me,but since I was not insured I am being sued and my licence will be suspended.

    • You will not be covered no matter what. That’s your punishment for not having insurance while driving.

  4. I was just in a car accident and did not have insurane, no one was hurt and we both signed waviers stating we did not want to go to the hospital, the accident was my fault and the other driver does not have insrance either, I have no assets, I live with my boyfriend and the only liable asset I had was my vehicle which is totaled, what will happen, it I get sued, what can they get if I have nothing? Besides the considerable fines and possible liscense supspension? Thank you.

    • im having the same problem can you give me any advice at all

    • Same position. I have no idea what to do from here. I got into a car accident hit a parked car. My insurance at the time was lapsed and I was completely not aware. The accident was my fault but I have no money to cover the other cars damages. I lost my job and now i have no car because its totaled. I’m going to assume the other driver doesn’t have insurance either. What should I do? The other driver stated they were going to sue. Do I stop communicating with them at this time. I live in the state of michigan.

  5. auto wreck lawyer

    Always get insurance… it is too dangerous to drive out here with out it.

    • I got into an accident and I don’t have insurance. Is there any insurance companies that will cover the cost of a accident that happened before I was insured?

  6. I have been driving under my farthers insurance i got into a fender bender were the other car had no damage and i was not given any tickets regarding the weather now they are saying they do not want me to drive , because i have a carless driving and adriving under supened lince i am having a hard time gettimng quotes what should i do ,drive safe and only emergices until my b-day my driving record will be wiped

  7. few days ago i was at a store and i was drivng outa parking lot and the guy was on my left side and was driving too he stoped and i hit him a lil with my miror he got a scratch and a dent i just got the car and the insurance is on my parents for now so i told him not to call the cops well work it out i gave him all my info got his and we agreed to talk it over the next day since it was night the next day we agreed that im either gona get his care take it to the shop or pay cash the next day i went on a busnise trip for a day he did an estimate and they said its 961 to fix wen his car at most is worth 10k and its only 200 to fix it max so i said wen i come back tomorow well talk i come home yesterdaay trina reach him he dont pick up today my parents insurance calls and said they aint gona cover it i didnt wana do it trough insurance cus i got a 30k bmw and they gona make my car salvage tittle and in my miror onky a little pice chiped of the trimof the mirror and my parents insurance ssai they aint gona cover it wats gona happen now…

  8. I was involved in an accident. The other person did not stop at a stop sign and turned onto my street where I was backing up. Payment to the insurance company was made days before. After the accident the insurance company sent the money back and cancelled my insurance. I paid for my car to get fixed because the insurance company refused to come out and see how the accident happened. Btw, this was not my car. Now I am receiving calls about an outstanding bill to the other guys insurance (which was the same insurance) and their collection agency. I am being threatened that I will have my license suspended for a car that was not mind in an accident that was not my fault.

    What can I do for this issue? The insurance company tells me it has nothing to do with fault that I owe but I know it does.


  10. My wife got a call after almost 1 year of getting into an accident, which was the other persons fault. However unfortunately her insurance had lapsed unbeknownst to us when the accident occurred. At that time the other person’s insurance covered the damage to their car and we took care of our car out of pocket. We forgot all about it. And promptly restored our insurance as the lapse was a mistake.

    Today, out of the blue, after almost 1 year of the accident, wife got a call asking to give $11k RIGHT NOW or else they threatened to report that she was driving without insurance, which will lead to authorities suspending my wife’s driving license. The phone number was from Sarasota Fl And on calling back it went straight to voicemail without naming a company or person.

    Is this a scam or should we be worried? Any advice?

  11. Last month I was in an accident my daughter was in the car with me, I was making a right turn from the stop sign in my community, and a car was coming from the direction from which I was turning , we collided I was cited for failing to obey traffic sign, and the other driver was cited for expired taga and later I found out throughy insurance company that she had no insurance, now will my insurance company pay for her damages she also had a passenger in the car with her.

  12. I was in a accident about a week ago. I was slowing down at a red light and my brakes gave out I hit the women in from of me in her mini van. It only chipped a little spot on her van but she also had two very young kids. No one was hurt and she wasn’t mad she even told me she was sorry. I’m out of the job right now and I’m a volunteer firefighter. I drive a beat up 95 camaro and me and my fiancé live with her parents for now. I have NO insurance. What will happen and what do I do? I live in kentucky

  13. Fabian Ibatra

    I was hit the other day , my car was parked , but I have no insurance well at least on that car . Can I still file a claim ?

  14. Carolyn Mcelfresh

    I was in a fender bender about 3 days ago I don’t have insurance I thought I was on my parents and I wasn’t the other people are saying they will go by on the police what does that mean? Everyone was fine the only damages was some paint messed up

  15. my car was hit I have no license nor insurance, I only have a permit.
    it was the other drivers fault. they don’t have insurance nor license either.
    what can I do?

  16. got in accident have no insurance but other driver was at fault. who pays for my car?

  17. my husband took my car without my permission in was in a little accident and now they’re trying to sue me and suspend my license behind it can that really happen even though I wasn’t on the scenes the accident

  18. Got in a wreck van wasn’t mine can they suspended my license if the vehicle wasn’t mine

  19. My daughter was hit head on in a car accident, police seen it. The driver had just bought the car from a private owner and there was no insurance on the car. The man that hit her has no license, no insurance, and said he had just moved here from Mexico. We live in Houston,Tx. Can my daughter go after the man driving the car and the pervious owner

  20. If I was driving my bestfriend sister car and I was in a accident I got a ticket. there was no insurance in the car and i didn’t know. When I ask her if she had insurance she tell me yes. But she don’t want to give it to me because the don’t want any one to sue her and her insurance to go up, now the other person is suing me. What should I do?

  21. I bumbed into someones car while their car was parked but I didnt have insurance and they came outside and saw it was me they got my info and had their insurance company call me about the damages all there was on their car was a tiny crack in the front bumber can i get introuble for not having insurance and what if i cant pay all at once when they stick me with the bills

  22. Can someone tell me what happened if I got in a car accident and you were the passenger, the car that hit me the dude had no insurance and also the car wasn’t his. What happens! Can I sue him even tho the car I was in was at fault.

  23. I got in a car accident I didn’t have insurance and no License. The other person didnt have insurance and a permit to be with an adult but wasn’t with an adult. I hit the car from the back. I was at fault. I’m still considered a minor. Can I still get sued??

  24. I hit a car from the back in the rear bumper, it was an straight hit, I do not have any insurance, and there were a dent in the other person’s bumper that is impossible that I could made it because the dent was almost at the corner of the bumper and like I said it was an straight hit. The other person insurance want me to pay for the damages, no matter if I did them or not. They told me that if I refuse to respond I might lose my driving privilege. So I do not thing that is fair like paying for some other things that are not my fault. So I want to know if I refused to pay for the damages I do not consider that were my fault, for how long would I get suspended my driving privileges?? That would be the only thing that could happened??

    • I just got into an accident! I was driving around 65 to 70 on the far left side of the freeway while it was pouring. Out of know where i hit a bump, send lots of water splashing up, i lose control of the car (im pushing hard on the brakes but it wont stop) and its starts doin a 180, hits a car on my right side then send me slipping back to my lane n hitting a cement wall and the airbag shoots out. I wait there till the cops areive n find out the white i hit, hit another car leading to another car, so 4 in total. I wait there fir the cops to arrive. One man goes out n ask if i was fine and told me no one else got hurt. Cop gets my info n lets me go, just tells me to fix my flat left wheel. So in conclusion the 2 doors are jammed n wont open as is the window n a small crack in the back in front. I Have No Insurance, so what could the other 3 cars do to me, and how much will it cost to repair my car? And what fines am i gonna have to pay, also should i get an insurance asap?

  25. I need to know my bf lent my truck out had insurance the day of accented but didn’t know they wreak and lefted it will it still be covered cuz i dont have it now 3 days later

  26. So my friend had a car accident in my car but wasnt insured. And he ran out of the scene. Can i do anything so he can pay for it?
    Or there is nothing i can do to make him pay the money they want me to pay?

    It was my car, my plates, etc but he is illigal and i can prove that i wasnt driving….

  27. I was in a accident last Sunday the 15th, I was hit while waiting for a parking spot with my flashers on across from my church. I was hit from the rear where both my daughters were seated. The person that hit me totalled my car. My oldest daughter and I are injured. My insurance lapsed the beginning of the month and it was due to income. I’m a single mom. Ironically, I had made arrangements with the company to have the payment to reinstate the insurance this coming Thursday. I have 13 witnesses that all say he was at fault. He was a security guard on duty in a company vehicle and not near his post. He also stated that his sugar was low. Will my plates, license etc be suspended even though he was totally at fault? Do I have a case or no because of the insurance situation? What do I do? I needed that car? And now due to injury I’m off work and my daughter is out of school. Any advice would be great. I’m in Michigan

  28. I was in a car accident and my car insurance lapsed longer than the grace period. I was at fault and settled with the other driver. I believe my car is totalled or close to it. I would like to sell it. What are the steps to selling a damaged car?

  29. I got in a wreak and didnt have insurance on one of my cars. I didnt envolve the police and gave him my other cars insurance card and we went from there. I now have a debt in collections for his damages and the collection agency now wants 500 down and 250 a month or they were gonna send it to the dmv to suspened my license. i didnt have the money for it to they said the submitted it. Now i have the money to pay for it and they told me to go to the dmv and tell them im making payments on it so they dont suspended my liecens. .. my question is dont you think the dmv would take my liecens anyways if i go in there and tell them i didnt have insurance at the time but i now do and am making payments on it ?

    • Same situation. Probably same company. What they told you doesn’t make a lot of sense. I would try to deal directly with the DMV. If they have’t sent you anything, then I would call the collection agencies bluff.

  30. I got hit by a girl trying to beat a light. Nobody got tickets I got hurt pretty bad. She didn’t get hurt. Both cars totally done. I don’t drive much so my insurance lapez .So what happen now? I have no car I’m hurt. But who pays for cars help please thanks. Again police were very nice no tickets to either of us. Sue me you get nothing im living off Ssi God bless everyone like this cop said accidents happen. Nebraska

  31. My husband crashed on the highway 4 vehicles were involved including my husbands he had no insurance because we didn’t have the money at the time he was on probation from court he was not supposed to be driving and a suspended license what is most likely to happen when he goes to court im worried that he might get arrested any advice?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Good afternoon Eva,

      What happens next will mostly depend on who is found at-fault for the accident. Regardless, since your husband was driving on probation, with a suspended license, and without insurance, I would say that it’s likely he will face jail time and penalties, especially if he is found at-fault and there were injuries resulting from the accident. His license will likely be revoked and it will be difficult and very expensive for him to drive again, even with an attorney’s help. Even if he is not found at fault, it’s likely he will still face jail time. If he’s not at fault, then a claim may be filed against the insurance of the at-fault party to at least repair the vehicle he was driving. If none of the involved parties had insurance as you say, then everyone is on their own with regards to vehicle repairs and medical costs. Although the involved parties may retain their own attorneys and sue whomever they deem responsible.

  32. I wrecked my 2 year old Kia Soul and I really don’t know what to do. I still have 4 more years left on it but I didn’t have full coverage at the time of the accident. However I only have liability. I know that doesn’t cover anything but I still would like to know if there’s anything I can do in order to fix it because I think my car is totaled. I hit a curve though so it was just my car that got damaged.

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Adrian,

      This is the reason most lien-holders require full coverage on a vehicle while it’s being financed and I’m surprised they hadn’t noticed in your case. Now, moving onto what you can do- if you signed up for the GAP insurance option when you purchased or leased (sometimes GAP is built into the lease contract) the vehicle, then it may covered the entire amount owed on your car even if your insurer does not, depending on the circumstances of why you did not have coverage. I have seen it happen once before, but you would have to discuss the particulars with whoever manages your GAP coverage, if you have it. Another option you have is to check for any recalls on the vehicle, determine if any of these recalls had a direct effect in causing you to lose control of your vehicle, and discuss your options with an attorney. As for the payments on the car, you’d have to decide whether maintaining your credit score is worth paying for a car that you cannot use.

  33. I was in an accident and I thought I had insurance, but my wife and I are in the middle of a separation and she told the insurance company I was not supposed to be driving the truck because I stole it from her. The title and registration are in both of our names and she told me she had put me on the policy, which turned out to be a lie. I don’t know what to do or expect. Thoughts?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Josh,

      This is certainly a complicated situation. Were you living with your wife at the time of the accident? It’s possible that you are covered as an “Insured Resident Relative” if her policy coverage is set up that way and you are not specifically listed as an excluded driver. Since she told her insurer she didn’t give you permission to drive the vehicle, the damages would not be covered under “Permissive Use”. The insurer will likely ask your wife for a police report filed prior to the accident proving that she had reported it stolen and it will help your case if she can’t provide it. You should discuss the separation with the insurer so they understand what her intentions may be. If the insurer does deny coverage, then you may be out of luck for your vehicle repairs and injuries and the other vehice(s) would proceed through their own policies; then their insurer(s) may or may not sue you to recoup any amounts paid out. However, if the other party was at-fault for the accident, you should be able to proceed through their insurance for coverage.

  34. OK a guy hit me head on its his fault but I didn’t have insurance on my truck but he have full coverage

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Andrea,

      Sorry to hear that this happened to you. If it is determined that this was other driver’s fault, your damages can be covered through their insurance policy, under the liability coverage. If the police was called to the scene and you can get a copy of the police report, it could serve as proof that the other driver was at fault. Otherwise you would have to rely on the honesty of the other driver when he gives his statement to his insurer. If there is no police report and the other driver denies it was his fault, then his insurer may not cover your damages. If you have not been contacted by his insurer, you should reach out to them and see if a claim has been filed and if not, file it yourself. Once you file it, you should take down the claim number and adjuster’s information. If you are not contacted by an adjuster within 72 hours (typical turnaround for first contact on a claim), you should reach out to the adjuster or to the insurer again and find out what’s going on. Since you were uninsured at the time of the accident, the police could have cited you and impounded your vehicle.

  35. I got in accident and hit the other car on side door and didn’t have insurance.Their found me at fault and toll me damages I don’t have all money can make arrangements or payment plans or do they have to take me to court?

    • Did you go to court?? And war happened to after everything

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Laura,

      An insurer will probably not arrange payment plans with you directly, depending on the extend of the damage they will decide whether to sue or not and at that point expect the payment in full from you. However, you may have the option to go to arbitration at the court, their attorney and the court may work out a settlement or payment plan with you. If at any point you stop making payments, the attorney would likely solicit a default judgement against you and then your assets could be seized or your wages garnished. You could discuss with the insurer to determine your available options or wait to see what happens.

  36. Shena whitehorse

    My son in law was making a left turn on a flashing yellow light he said lady ran red light but she said he didn’t yield the right of way but she gave him her insurance company’s name.no tickets were given no court date no measurements taken.my question is my daughter was hurt and the police won’t leave until the glove compartment was prided open to get insurance paper.so my kids are feeling they are owed the estaiment price for there car but ,it’s his mom’s car and there was no insurance.we live in mo and he has had his licence suspended before and has 2 no insurance tickets already.so when the lady’s insurance company finds out ,what will happen?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Shena,

      Unless the police reports determines the other party was at-fault, there’s not much you can do for your son-in-law’s vehicle damage. Left turns must yield to oncoming traffic and whether the light was red or not for the other driver is contested. The other party’s insurance will cover the damages to her car and they may sue your son-in-law or his mother to collect for the repair costs, the other driver may also sue for medical injury costs. Your son-in-law will be penalized again for driving without insurance, his license will likely be suspended, and possibly revoked based on the past events you’ve described. It will also be very difficult and / or expensive for your son-in-law to find any insurer willing to insure him again while these events remain on his record. He will likely have to go through non-admitted carriers or through a state provided alternative for high-risk drivers, if applicable. An attorney may be able to provide more specific details on what to do next.

  37. natasha glasper

    i was in a car accident with no insurance but the person that cause the accident have insurance what is the next step

  38. What will happen when you do not have a license and make an accident of someone else?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Nitin,

      That depends on what happens next. If the accident is reported to the police then they will give you a citation, may arrest you, and will impound your vehicle. You are responsible for the cost of towing, daily storage, and any other penalties to recover your vehicle from impound. If you don’t recover your vehicle within a set period of time, usually 30 days, then a lien may be filed against your vehicle and it will be sold at auction to recoup costs. Your state may also have laws that prohibit abandoning your vehicle at a tow yard and you may be assessed additional penalties. If you or the other driver have insurance, they will likely still process the claims for the accident and then proceed to cancel your coverage. On the other hand if you make an arrangement with the other party you may avoid the aforementioned difficulties, but it is usually state law to report all accidents to insurers.

  39. Backing out of our driveway, hit a car driving by. We were both going slow, but damage to both vehicles. My insurance had lapsed so no coverage at the time of the accident. In CA. Wondering if the other driver’s collision portion of her policy will cover her? Uninsured Motorist coverage is not mandatory in CA. Our only hope is that she’ll be a decent human and not sue us if her insurance has coverage that will repair her vehicle. if she is out out- of-pocket any money, we are happy to reimburse her so she doesn’t spend a cent…however, I am concerned that her insurance will report me to the DMV and I will get my car impounded for at least 30 days (at what cost??) and my license suspended…and my husband has no driver’s license so we’d be screwed getting to/from work…does anyone know what we might expect to happen next??

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Kat,

      Most people don’t expect this situation to arise until it does. The other driver’s collision coverage will cover her if she has it. She may sue you for medical injuries and the insurer may also sue you for the repair damages if they are substantial enough to warrant hiring an attorney. It’s important to discuss any reimbursement agreement with the other party quickly if you decide to go that route. It’s possible that her insurer will report you to the state. If you receive a letter from the DMV stating that your license is going to be suspended. You should be able to sign up for an active / current insurance policy, go by the DMV office with the proof, and have your license reinstated after paying any applicable penalties. Whether you’re able to reinstate or not will also depend on your driving history. You can expect high insurance rates for “no-prior insurance” and this accident on your record. If there are other modes of transport at a reasonable cost (Uber / Lyft) you might consider them for the time being.

  40. I have liability insurance, my car was parked, guy hit my car but he didn’t have insurance! He promised to pay for it! Signed a paper saying he would pay for everything! The damage was $2600.55 to fix! I know he can’t afford it so I had him sign his title over to me cuz it’s only like $700 to fix his! I live in PA! He says, I need to find away to get away with this so I don’t lose! What about me losing out, I was just watching TV and heard a smash! I go out to this….UGH!!!
    If I would have called cops, what all problems would he have? No insurance, dui, liscense suspended, car impounded, fines, court cost…… anything else?

    • ALWAYS file a police report, and NEVER believe what the other driver tells you!

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Good morning Karrie,

      The signed agreement should be considered a binding contract between you and the other party in a court of law. Now, you have to think about whether it would be worth it or not. Hiring a lawyer to go through the legal process could be costly for you and if his situation is as you say, it may be difficult or impossible to collect any money from him. If you would have called the police, it would have served as concrete proof of the events of the accident and yes he would have been cited and penalized for all the applicable infractions.Unfortunately your best bet would be to repair your vehicle out of pocket or proceed through your own collision coverage if you have it.

  41. My Father-in-law was rear-ended (not his fault) and seems that the person who hit him had cancelled his insurance. According to his insurance company they say they aren’t doing anything since he cancelled his policy. What course of action does my FIL have? Do we need to lawyer up and sue the driver? Any advice would help. It seems at least he is responsible for car replacement and bills. Possible lawsuit?

    • The at fault, uninsured driver is responsible, but depending on how long ago this happened, and no police report you may be outta luck.

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Brian,

      Sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. You could try to sue the other driver for the damages. In this case, my suggestion to you would for your father-in-law to proceed through his own insurance policy. Reason being- there will likely be a deductible from $500-$2500 that your FIL would be responsible for, however that would be about as much or possibly less than a lawyer would charge to prepare a case for you without guarantee of recovery (this is likely the reason the insurer is not willing to pursue it either). You could discuss with a lawyer about sending the party a letter of representation, stating that you’ve retained an attorney and are seeking to sue for damages, and in the same letter provide him with an option to settle the damages. Perhaps this would scare them into taking action.

      Good luck.

  42. My daughter 7 and I were passengers in car accident, when ex driving didn’t have insurance. I thought he did. He says insurance was being paid every month and insurance company says it lapsed in February months ago. So I don’t believe him! We were hurt. It was the other cars fault. Who is gonna be responsible for our injuries?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Rainy,

      If you can prove that the other party is at fault, then their liability coverage should cover your vehicle damage and injuries. That being said, the best way to prove that the other party is at fault is to have the police come out to the accident scene and write a report. The report will provide information for each driver and vehicle involved, each driver’s recount of what happened, the police officer’s notes, who received a citation if anyone, and why they received that citation. The report is necessary to avoid a he-said, she-said situation between you and the other party. It’s very important that you ask the other party for their ID and insurance cards, make sure they’re current, and take pictures of them. In my experience I’ve seen people provide the police with false information (wrong address, or a digit off on the insurance policy) and then they disappear, making it hard to track them or their insurance coverage down for the claim. If the other driver is not insured either, then you’d all be out of luck unfortunately. Although your injuries could be covered by your health insurance if you have that.

  43. My insurance was cancelled last month. I got into a minor accident today, which I don’t even consider an accident. I hit the car behind me very lightly as I was reversing at a gas station parking lot. There’s no damage to his front bumper, just a few scratches. I gave him my driver’s license number. His insurance called to obtain more information, but they seem to have the wrong license plate number. What are your suggestions?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Sammy,

      If the police wasn’t called to the scene then it would be your word against theirs. Keep in mind that he provided his insurer with all of your information- license number, full name, address, etc. and that both his car and your car will have damages in corresponding areas to show for it. Furthermore, gas stations almost always have CCTV recording the premises and if they do, then it’s likely the accident was captured on video. Speaking from experience, in a situation like this if you outright refuse to speak to his insurer, they may process his claim through his own policy without recourse. You could be sued for the vehicle repairs and medical bills, but I would say it’s unlikely.

  44. Who’s the sole person to pay any fines or debts with an accident that has happened in my vehicle when another person wrecked the car involving another car?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello James,

      In a multi-car accident insurers will typically shift all liability onto the party responsible for the accident. The problem with this is that the responsible party will have limits of coverage on their policy. Multiple claims against one policy will tend to hit that limit quickly, depending on the limit of course. Meaning, that these claims are handled on a first-come first-serve basis. Therefore it’s very important to act quickly in these situations by calling the responsible party’s insurance company right away (or your own if you don’t have the other party’s info) and have an adjuster assigned to your file right away. Then you should work to arrange an inspection of your vehicle as soon as possible. If the limit has been hit before your damages were addressed, then you would have to proceed through your own insurance policy for coverage, which usually carries a deductible that you are responsible for. Occasionally, more than one party will be considered at fault for an accident and the insurers will try to split liability 50% / 50% across several policy or any other split deemed appropriate.

  45. I myself am insured with liability but the car I was driving today is not because it’s not my vehicle however I got into a small Fender bender and would like to know what can happen to me legally such as getting license suspended or anything of that sort

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Ryann,

      If you were given permission to drive the vehicle by its owner, the claim would likely be processed through the policyholder’s insurance through “Permissive Use”. Keep in mind that in this case the claim would appear on the policyholder’s record and would cause their future rates to go up. If the vehicle itself was uninsured, meaning that the owner did not have insurance, then your own insurance would possibly cover the other party’s damages, but not your own. I wouldn’t worry about anything happening to your license for what sounds like a minor accident. You could possibly have a few points assessed if you were cited and do not contest the ticket. As a side note, it’s best to get an estimate from a shop before filing a claim with insurance because the repair cost may fall under the policy deductible, in which case any claim would be denied as “under-deductible” and the claim would still appear on your report. Claims on your report could cause your rates to increase, sometimes substantially.

  46. I was in a accident without insurance but got liability insurance that day.what’s my worries..but was given the failure to yield ticket….

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Dwyane,

      Since you were cited, you will more than likely be found “at-fault” for the accident. Your liability insurance is split into parts, a “Property Damage” limit and a “Personal Injury Protection” limit. The property damage coverage will cover damage to the other person(s)’ vehicle and any other property up to the limit specified on your policy. The personal injury coverage will cover the other person(s)’ medical costs directly resulting from the accident. Your own property damage and injuries would be covered by collision coverage and bodily injury respectively. You will probably receive a letter in the mail stating that you will be responsible for any amount paid above the coverage limits to settle the claims. Keep in mind that insurers are typically required to send this letter for any accident, regardless whether it was minor or major. An at fault accident will stay on your driver report for 3-5 years depending on your state and will cause your insurance rates to go up during that time period as insurers will consider you high-risk.

  47. I have a car accident and my car insurance was cancelled,I was driving without insurance I not even know,because ,the car insurance was taken every month the payment from my bank account,when I had the acccident I tried to claim and then the car insurance agent said “your car insurance was cancelled already”I was fighting them,but I was feeling very frustrated,and I just give it up;now I have to go to the court because the hospital bills???? What can I do????

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Benita,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I suggest you go to your bank and request copies of your statements showing the insurance payments drafted from your account. Then with the statements in hand, visit your agent’s office to call the insurance company together and discuss the situation. If you agent is not cooperating, then call your insurance company directly and discuss it with them, offer to send them copies of the statements showing the drafted payments by fax or e-mail. If your insurance company has a local office near you, you might consider paying them a visit with your statements if you prefer to do that instead. If you did make the required payments and your policy should have been active at the time of the accident, then the insurance company should have considered your claim; not doing so in this situation is considered “bad faith” on the part of the insurer and they can be sued / penalized for it. With regards to the hospital bill, I would suggest calling the hospital’s billing department, explaining the situation, and asking them for a discount on the total balance or at least a payment plan. In my experience I have seen 30-40% (or more) reductions on medical bills depending on their situation and the willingness of the medical facility to negotiate. Don’t give up, there is always a way forward.

  48. I got into an accident while driving reverse and one of the Apartment complex because there was no way to make a turn and this lady was backing out from her parking spot hit my car later I found out that she don’t have insurance she don’t have driving license and she is a illegal alien without any legal documentation, Because she start crying I disregard the police call and took all the cost on myself because I could not report it to aunt Sharon’s company

    • Always file a police report Sami. The other driver should have not been behind the wheel. She may kill someone next time.

  49. Getting sued for 9.6 k for a car accident I guess i was at fault no one was injured I have no driver license or insurance and by time i got notice I already move out of state California to Minnesota I’m only 22 what should i be expecting and I don’t have no 9.6 k

    • What do you think should happen, Carlos?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Carlos,

      This is certainly a difficult situation. I am not licensed to practice law, cannot, and will not provide legal advice, however I can advise on what may happen based on my experience. Moving from one state to another makes it more difficult for an attorney to collect, but not impossible. There are methods to establish jurisdiction over you in the new state or continue through the trial in your original state, where if you do not show up to court when requested to do so, the court may enter a default judgement against you. A default judgement will also hurt your credit score. With default judgement in hand, the attorney can use the execution and garnishment procedures of either state to seize your property or wages. The state of Minnesota does place additional restrictions on wage garnishment. In this situation your best bet would probably be to seek legal counsel on what actions you should take. Avoiding or ignoring the situation is probably not the best idea.

  50. I was in a accident but my coverage didn’t start till the next day. I am being sued but all they said was they will contact motor vehicle to have my license suspended… and they will continue to contact me. Can my license be suspended if I have insurance currently?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Bree,

      Your license may be suspended as a result of both driving and getting into an accident without insurance. However, there is typically a process to get it reinstated through the DMV by providing proof of current insurance and paying a penalty. Whether or not you have this option depends on other factors, such as your driving history and number of points on your license. If the DMV does reinstate your license, you will likely have to obtain an SR-22 Proof of Financial Responsibility certificate and required to carry an expensive SR-22 policy on top of your regular one since the insurance companies will consider you high-risk. If you have a lawyer for the suit, perhaps they may have more details for you on this matter as well.

      Best of luck to you!

  51. I got hit when i was driving my wife car. The driver run off but i chased him and took picture of the car and the plate number. I’m not on her insurance policy . I got the police report and claimed it to the insurance company . will the insurance company will cover it since the got the police report??

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Good evening Amadou,

      If you live with your wife, it’s possible that you are covered as an “Insured Resident Relative” if her policy is set up that way. If her policy is set up to cover “Named Insured Only”, then you could still possibly be covered under “Permissive Use” of her vehicle, meaning that she had given you permission to use the vehicle when the accident occurred. The policy will not cover you however, if you are specifically listed as an excluded driver. Even if you are not covered by your wife’s policy, you may seek coverage through the responsible party’s insurance if you can get a hold of the information. You can review your policy documents to see if any of the coverage options I’ve listed apply to you. An adjuster would be able to go into greater detail on the coverage with you once a claim has been filed.

      You took the correct steps reporting the incident to the police. With the plate number, the police can find out who the vehicle belongs to and will typically pay the person a visit to discuss the incident. The police will usually have an official report ready within 2 weeks. You should contact the police department that you reported the incident to and ask if the report is ready. Then I recommend that you go by the station and pick up a copy for free or ask for it to be mailed to you for a charge. Depending which state you live in, you might also be able to purchase a copy online. On the report you will have the other driver’s information. From here you can do two things, you can open a claim with your own insurance company or you can try contacting the other driver yourself, get their insurance information, and file a claim with their insurance company. If you file with your own insurance, they will determine whether or not to cover you and will try to find out the other driver’s insurance to “subrogate” them, which means to bill them for the damages they are paying out to you. Even if you have coverage, then there still might be a deductible that would apply. On the other hand, if you can get the other driver’s insurance information, then you can file a claim through their insurance, the claim would likely be covered and no deductible would apply.

  52. I’m astounded, and irritated, after reading all the comments of ppl who either have no insurance or let their insurance lapse, and then end up in an accident, freaked out! How do you ppl get your vehicle’s license plates and car registrations renewed each year? It’s irresponsible, and premiums go up on drivers, like ME who pay for insurance! This is just wrong!

  53. Basic insurance is cheap! And will cover at least part if not all the cost. Insurance companies aren’t gonna pay for it as a goodwill gesture…HAH! Nope, they’ll get it from the insured motorist. The rising percentage of uninsured motorists is staggering. The alternative for uninsured drivers from a serious accident; huge fines, lawsuits, and probable jail time, medical costs! Worth it??

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