Will My Car Insurance Cover a Locksmith?

Getting locked out of your vehicle is never fun. Not only do you have to struggle endlessly to find your keys, you also have to eventually admit defeat and call up a locksmith to come and help you out. Depending on which locksmith you use, you might end up paying a pretty penny to simply have somebody come and open your car door for you. Fortunately, in many cases, the cost of the locksmith’s service can be reimbursed by your car insurance policy.

Roadside Assistance Coverage Might Cover You

The most popular way to use your insurance company to get back into your locked car is with a roadside assistance program. If you have roadside assistance, not only can a locksmith be deployed to you, you will also be covered for flat tires, towing, battery jumpstarts, emergency fuel delivery, etc. Roadside assistance coverage is often times very cheap and can be added to an insurance policy quickly and easily.locked out of car

State Farm’s Emergency Road Service, for example, will cover you for the cost of your locksmith. They do not provide any service themselves, but they will reimburse you for however much you paid once you submit an invoice to them. The good thing about State Farm’s Emergency Road Service package is that if you file a claim under this plan, it will not affect your overall premiums.

Other insurance providers with roadside assistance coverage that will assist you in lockouts include GEICO, Progressive, American Family, Farmers, and AAA. Please call your insurance company or insurance agent for specific details as to what they cover and what they do not.

If you do not have roadside assistance coverage, your insurance policy still might cover you, you just have to check with them first.

Locked Out Without Roadside Assistance

Most locksmiths will charge around $50-100 to open your car door. Of course, this all depends on your car’s make and model. Older cars without electric locking systems can be simple feats to get into. Newer vehicles with better security systems will be a bit trickier. You’ll be happy to know, however, that many insurance companies will cover the cost of the locksmith.

It’s important to educate yourself on the ins-and-outs of your car insurance coverage. Be sure to read the fine print of your policy to be sure you are covered for locksmith services. Many insurance companies do not tell their policyholders about this coverage, so many customers do not know that they are entitled to this benefit.locksmith auto insurance

The first thing you should do if you get locked out of your vehicle is to call up your auto insurance provider. While many insurance companies will cover the cost of the locksmith, they also might have some restrictions as to how it’s done. Some insurance companies will require a certified locksmith, or a locksmith approved by them, in order for it to be covered.

In addition, your insurance company will provide you with the contact information of the right locksmith to get in tough with. This will prevent you the headache of having to find a locksmith on your own (especially finding a REPUTABLE locksmith). You can be sure that the locksmith your insurance company connects you with will know how to get you back into your vehicle the proper way.

If you, by any chance, do not call your auto insurance company before you call the locksmith out to your car, make sure you get a detailed invoice of the work that the locksmith does for you. After the work is complete, you can submit the invoice to your car insurance company to see if they will reimburse you.

Getting locked out of your car is always a hassle, but as you can see, you do have options.  If you do not have a roadside assistance plan, consider calling up your insurance company today so that you will not be hopelessly locked out in the future.  If a roadside assistance plan is not an option for you, check with your insurance agent to see if your current policy covers locksmith costs.

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