The Cheapest Cars to Insure for 2019

Insurance is a significant part of the cost of owning a car. You might have got a great deal on a new car – only to realize that your insurance premiums are about to double.

Which cars are the cheapest to insure in 2019? Today, we’re highlighting some of the vehicles with the lowest average insurance costs for 2019, based on’s annual car insurance rankings and other data.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 cheapest cars to insure for 2019.

cheapest cars to insure

10) Toyota Tundra: $1,500 Per Year

The Toyota Tundra was one of the cheapest vehicles to insure in 2019.  Some drivers are surprised to see a truck at the top of the list. However, trucks can often be cheaper to insure because of their lack of interior space: more than half of the truck consists of the bed, which is cheaper to repair in an accident than rear seating and doors. The Toyota Tundra clocks in with an average insurance price of around $1,600 in 2019.

9) Ford Escape S: $1,300 Per Year

The Ford Escape S is one of the few vehicles on this list that could be considered a car and not an SUV. The Ford Escape is not only an affordable vehicle to buy, but it’s also a bargain from most insurance companies. Expect to pay about $1,300 per year to insure a standard model Ford Escape S in 2019.

8) Jeep Compass Sport: $1,250 Per Year

Many are surprised to see a Jeep vehicle on the list of the cheapest cars to insure. Unlike other Jeep models, however, the Jeep Compass Sport can be considered more of a crossover than an SUV. The redesigned and improved Jeep Compass Sport is one of the most affordable vehicles in America to insure, coming in with an average annual insurance premium of around $1,250.

7) Mazda CX-5 Sport: $1,250

Another crossover, the Mazda CX-5 Sport is a smaller crossover that’s still a lot of fun to drive. Not only do CX-5 Sport owners enjoy crisp handling, but they also enjoy some of the cheapest car insurance premiums in the United States.

6) Mazda CX-3 Sport: $1,240

The Mazda CX-3 Sport and CX-5 Sport both appeared on the list of the cheapest cars to insure in 2018, and they both make the list in 2019. As a subcompact car, the CX-3 is even smaller than the CX-5. It comes with less interior room and cargo space, but it remains a sporty and popular vehicle among all types of drivers. Expect to pay insurance premiums of around $1,240 per year on the Mazda CX-3 Sport in 2019.

5) Honda HR-V LX: $1,230

The HR-V is a subcompact crossover SUV that has sold well across America in recent years. It offers superior cargo space and interior room compared to a subcompact vehicle without breaking the budget. Expect to pay car insurance rates of $1,230 per year, on average, on your new Honda HR-V LX in 2019.

4) Subaru Outback 2.5l: $1,220

Subaru has two vehicles on the list of the cheapest vehicles to insure in 2019. Surprisingly, the midsize Subaru Outback is one of the largest vehicles on this list. With an affordable price tag and cheap insurance prices, the Outback is ideal for all types of drivers, especially those in winter climates who require all-wheel drive for maximum traction.

3) Subaru Crosstrek: $1,210

The Crosstrek, like the Outback, is popular among those living in winter regions of the country. With all-wheel-drive coming standard on the Crosstrek, it’s a safe and affordable car for all types of drivers. Low insurance prices reflect the strong safety rating of the Crosstrek.

2) Honda Odyssey LX: $1,200

The Honda Odyssey LX is one of the most popular vehicles in its class. It may not be the most exciting vehicle to drive, the but Odyssey keeps families across America safe while driving. The roomy interior and feature-packed vehicle comes with a very competitive car insurance price. Most Odyssey drivers are driving with kids in the back, and that means safer driving habits and fewer accidents among Odyssey drivers. For all of these reasons, the Odyssey LX comes with some of the cheapest car insurance premiums in 2019.

1) Kia Soul: $1,190

The Kia Soul is one of the most affordable vehicles in America. Valued at around $14,000, the Kia Soul won’t break the bank at the dealership or at your insurance company. Kia Soul drivers can expect to pay similarly cheap insurance premiums to Kia Sportage, Sorento, and Optima drivers, as all four vehicles are associated with low premiums.

Note: Insurance Prices Vary Across the Country

America is a diverse country with different insurance laws in each state. The prices listed above may reflect the average in your area, but prices can vary widely across the United States. Don’t be surprised if you’re paying significantly more or less than the prices above: they’re average prices, but not standard for every driver in every state.

Compare car insurance prices today to ensure you pay the cheapest rate for car insurance in 2019. Whether you own one of the vehicles above or drive a different car, you can get cheap car insurance regardless of your make and model.

It’s also important to remember that the cheapest car to insure in 2019 isn’t technically one of the cars above: you can get cheaper insurance by driving an older vehicle, for example. The cars above, however, are the cheapest to insure among major car insurance models in 2019.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that certain SUVs and minivans are associated with lower insurance costs. These cars tend to be the least likely to be involved in accidents. And, when accidents do occur, these vehicles keep drivers and passengers safer than other vehicles. Cheaper repair costs can also mean cheaper insurance prices. For all of these reasons, the vehicles on this list are among the cheapest cars to insure for 2019.

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