What Impact Does a Parking Ticket Have? Does It Affect Your Car Insurance?

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Getting a parking ticket can be annoying. But will a parking ticket affect your car insurance prices? Will you pay more for car insurance because you have a parking ticket? Today, we’re answering all your questions about how parking tickets relate to car insurance.

Parking Tickets Have No Impact on Car Insurance

parking tickets car insuranceFirst, let’s make one thing clear. Parking tickets do not have any impact on your car insurance premiums.

Speeding tickets and other moving violations will typically impact car insurance prices. Parking tickets, however, do not increase your auto insurance rates. You were not operating your vehicle when you received the infraction: it’s a non-moving violation, and it won’t impact your car insurance prices.

In the eyes of the insurance company, your history of getting parking tickets has no connection to your likelihood of making a claim. Frequently getting into accidents typically means you’re a bad driver, which means you’ll pay more for car insurance. Frequently receiving parking tickets does not mean you’re a bad driver.

Whether you have zero parking tickets, two parking tickets, or 200 parking tickets, you’ll pay the same car insurance prices as any other driver, all other things being equal.

Which Traffic Tickets Affect Car Insurance Prices?

Many tickets can have a significant impact on car insurance prices. Generally, tickets given by police officers are more likely to affect car insurance prices than tickets given by municipal authorities like parking officers.

The types of tickets that are more likely to affect car insurance prices include:

These types of tickets will remain on your record for 3 to 5 years. They may raise your car insurance premiums significantly – especially if you have two or more of the above violations within a multi-year period. A single speeding ticket might not substantially affect car insurance prices, but two or more speeding tickets can cause rates to rise.

Parking Tickets Are Not Added to your Driving Record

Parking tickets don’t affect car insurance premiums. In fact, parking tickets aren’t even added to your driving record.

Your car insurance company cannot see your parking tickets. Even if they wanted to increase your premiums because of parking tickets, the insurance company would not be able to see the charges.

The DMV and other authorities also cannot see your parking tickets. Parking tickets aren’t published on your driver’s abstract.

Not Paying a Parking Ticket Can Cause Insurance Rates to Rise

Getting a parking ticket will not affect car insurance premiums. Ignoring a parking ticket, however, and refusing to pay that ticket, may affect car insurance premiums in the long run.

If you’re the registered owner of the vehicle that received the parking ticket, then you’re legally obligated to pay the fine attached to the parking ticket.

If you decide to not pay the parking ticket, then it may cause problems when you renew your vehicle registration.

Every state in America has passed laws requiring vehicle owners to pay parking tickets before registering a vehicle. You may not be able to renew or register a vehicle until you pay your past-due parking tickets.

If you choose to drive without registration and get caught, then you could face substantial penalties. This could lead to higher insurance prices in the long run.

In other words, your parking ticket could indirectly cause insurance prices to rise if you fail to pay them and fail to register your vehicle. In most cases, however, parking tickets have no impact on car insurance.


Parking tickets never impact car insurance prices – as long as you pay the parking ticket. If you refuse to pay your parking ticket, then you could have trouble renewing your vehicle registration, which could lead to future insurance problems.

In the vast majority of cases, however, simply receiving a parking ticket and paying for that ticket will have no impact on car insurance premiums. Whether you have one parking ticket or 100 parking tickets, your parking tickets will not show up on your driver’s abstract and your car insurance company has no way of tracking your parking violations.

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