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Hello my name is Frank Rho.
I just moved into KS.
I am 18 years old and I am an international student who has a studying permit visa.
I am planning to get a driving lisence before this upcoming summer. But I got some questions about car insurance. First one is that, I heard that it is more expensive for the first year from the day I got the lisence. Is it true? if it is, how much expensive is it? And if I wait for the first year AND get a car and get an insurance, I do not have to pay that high amount do I?
Second of all, I also heard that it is more expensive before I turn into 25. Again, I would like to know how expensive it will be.. I am not sure which car I will purchase yet, but there will probably be one of the cars following: Toyota-corolla, Nissan-Altima Coupe, Mitsubishi-eclipse, Mitsubishi-Lancer, Volkswagen-GTI, Hyundai-Elantra, Hyundai-Sonata. I would like to know how much the cost will be for those cars. I am sorry but I have not decided the exact model. For instance, I do not know which eclipse model to choose between GS/GS Sport and GT.. I believe the exact type of a model will cost different.. if so, may I know the differences please?
Last but not least, is there any difference in price for a new car and used one? How much different is that? I am really sorry that I am asking too much information.. Thank you and have a wonder week.

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Hi Frank,

Unfortunately, some of these questions seem like things that only your insurance agent can answer.  Why not give them a call?

Fortunately, we have a new article on our site addressing many of your concerns. Please take a look – auto insurance for international students

Good luck!

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