AARP Auto Insurance – An Overview

AARP is a non-profit organization that offers a wide range of products exclusively for its members. This includes longer term care insurance, home insurance, life insurance, mobile home insurance and health insurance. In addition to this, members of the organization are also provided with expert advice and support on different topics. With over 40 million members, AARP is widely considered to have one of the largest membership organizations in the US.

AARP – Its History

The idea behind AARP was formed in 1947 when Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus established the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) to meet the health insurance needs of retired teachers. After a decade, the association was expanded to include citizens over the age of 50. The association was renamed the America Association of Retired Persons—a title that it would retain for another three decades. AARP was founded in Ojai, California and kept this location as its headquarters until the mid-60s. Following questions concerning the legitimacy of the association’s non-profit status, AARP was investigated and vindicated by the U.S Senate. At the turn of the century, the AARP altered its focus on only retirees. Individuals who are aged over 50 but still working are considered eligible for membership.

AARP – Differentiating Factors

The AARP gives members better control over how they prefer to plan their retirement. For only a tiny fee, members enjoy unique benefits such as unrestricted access to expert advice on an extensive range of topics from caregiving to travel. Members also benefit from impressive offers like discounts as high as 60% available in over 500 retailers across the country. Members can enjoy impressive discounts on travels, vacations and cruises. The AARP provides members with tools that they can use to manage their finances better. AARP can be found in every state across the country. Members can easily join the association using its online medium.

AARP – Let’s Hear What Their Customers Say…

AARP has enjoyed mixed to excellent views. Many customers appreciate the benefits and discounts available with AARP. AARP’s admission policy to anyone older than 50—regardless of their working status—is seen by many as an effective way of saving some of their money. Spouses of members can join the association for free. However, despite these benefits, some customers have complaints about the customer relations of the company. Some also customers observe that the insurance rates offered at AARP are just the same (and in some instances higher) than those available with other insurance companies—a turn of events that has led them to cancel their membership after only a year. There is also great concern about the availability of the company’s agents and their ability or willingness to address the concerns of customers. On review sites such as, AARP was awarded 2 out of 5 stars. echoed this evaluation with a 2.4 out of 5 star rating.


The AARP is a suitable choice for people above the age of 50 who are searching for affordable ways of reducing their spending and buying insurance. The company has mixed feedback but still retains its popularity as one of the most attractive associations in the country.


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