AARP Auto Insurance – An Overview

AARP, or the American Association of Retired Persons, is a non-profit organization that offers a wide range of products exclusively for its members. This includes long term care insurance, home insurance, life insurance, mobile home insurance, and health insurance. In addition to this, members of the organization are also provided with expert advice and support on different topics. With over 40 million members, AARP is widely considered to have one of the largest membership organizations in the US.

AARP – Its History

The idea behind AARP was formed in 1947 when Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus established the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) to meet the health insurance needs of retired teachers. After a decade, the association was expanded to include citizens over the age of 50. The association was renamed the America Association of Retired Persons—a title that it would retain for another three decades. AARP was founded in Ojai, California and kept this location as its headquarters until the mid-60s. Following questions concerning the legitimacy of the association’s non-profit status, AARP was investigated and vindicated by the U.S Senate. At the turn of the century, the AARP altered its focus on only retirees. Individuals who are aged over 50 but still working are considered eligible for membership.

AARP – Differentiating Factors

The AARP gives members better control over how they prefer to plan their retirement. For only a tiny fee, members enjoy unique benefits such as unrestricted access to expert advice on an extensive range of topics from caregiving to travel. Members also benefit from impressive offers like discounts as high as 60% available in over 500 retailers across the country. Members can also take advantage of low-cost travel deals – like resort stays and cruises. The AARP provides members with tools that they can use to manage their finances better. AARP can be found in every state across the country. Members can easily join the association using its online platform.

Is AARP a Good Car Insurance Company? Our Review

is AARP a good insurance company?The American Association of Retired Persons, or the AARP, provides car insurance to members through a third-party insurance company called The Hartford. The Hartford is one of the best and most popular car insurance companies in the United States. Although it’s rarely the cheapest car insurance, The Hartford often ranks as one of the best car insurance companies in terms of claims satisfaction.

Today, a significant number of The Hartford customers are AARP members. A quick look at The Hartford’s website will indicate a number of huge benefits for AARP members who get car insurance through The Hartford.

  • As an AARP member buying The Hartford car insurance, for example, you will receive benefits like:
  • Lifetime renewability (even if you get into an accident or are convicted of a serious offense, you will be able to renew your car insurance policy)
  • 12-month rate protection, guaranteeing your rates will not increase during that period
  • New car replacement (within the first 15 months of purchase or 15,000 miles)
  • Towing and labor coverage
  • RecoverCare program, which offers up to $2,500 for transportation, cooking, cleaning, and other costs incurred after you’re injured in a car accident
  • Optional coverage add-ons like accident forgiveness, the ability to pay one deductible for two or more vehicles, and a disappearing deductible for drivers with a clean record

Because of all of these advantages, The Hartford is one of the most popular car insurance companies for AARP members. The Hartford’s car insurance policies pack an enormous amount of value for AARP members.

Those who are not AARP members, meanwhile, may not get as much value from The Hartford. The Hartford’s car insurance policies tend to be higher priced than some of its more economical competitors, which means AARP members can enjoy powerful benefits while non-members may be better off with another provider.

What about rankings and financial status? AARP car insurance through The Hartford tends to be very well-rated. J.D. Power ranked The Hartford at 852/1,000 on its 2018 rankings in terms of price competitiveness, along with an 868/1,000 in terms of claims satisfaction. Both ratings were either “better than most” or “about average”.

In terms of financial solvency, A.M. Best ranks The Hartford as ‘A’ or ‘Excellent’, indicating the company should have no trouble paying off its insurance claims and liabilities in the near future.

Other unique benefits of The Hartford include the ability to add motorcycle insurance, a lifetime repair guarantee, no hidden fees, and locked-in premiums for 12 months.

AARP – What Do Their Customers Say?

Most reviews indicate few downsides of getting car insurance through the AARP and The Hartford. However, several reviews indicate that the billing process can be confusing for certain seniors. Seniors who are not technologically adept, for example, may struggle to navigate the online billing platform. Overall, however, the interface is similar to any online banking system and similar platforms.

The few negatives seem to be vastly outweighed by the positives for car insurance with the AARP and The Hartford. Reviews online are very positive. Customers praise The Hartford and AARP for being easy to work with and responsive, for example. Customers generally find that they were treated fairly after an accident. Many reviewers have also praised the sympathetic nature of The Hartford representatives. Overall, reviewers appreciate the fact that it was easy to file and complete a claim with The Hartford.


Overall, The Hartford is popular with many seniors, including seniors who are members of the AARP. AARP members enjoy exclusive benefits with The Hartford, including locked-in premiums for 12 months, guaranteed lifetime car insurance renewals, and other unique benefits. Although the AARP does not specifically offer car insurance itself, AARP members who buy car insurance through The Hartford can enjoy significant benefits over rival car insurance companies.


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  1. Went to progressive insurance company to get insurance. All because I had an accident which was not my fault, this company denied my insurance. Now I am going to get stuck by the mvb is going to take my license and registration. What can I do.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Margaret,
      It’s difficult to fully understand your situation because there must be missing pieces of information. Progressive doesn’t really deny anyone auto insurance, they just charge higher premiums for people with bad driving records. So they certainly wouldn’t deny you for just having a not-at-fault accident. And the DMV wouldn’t take away your license and registration. The best thing to do is to talk with the DMV first and find out what they are doing and why. Then, you can talk to Progressive or try to find another company. Perhaps they canceled you for not paying or another reason that you can fix.

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