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Teachers today play a vital role in our society, just as they’ve done for thousands of years. Some may say that teachers aren’t as highly regarded as they once were, and I think we can all agree that a teachers should be much more handsomely rewarded for the service they provide to the community, and society as a whole. That’s not to say that there aren’t still many benefits to be reaped.  One of these benefits is car insurance discounts.

Many businesses that are frequented by teachers often times offer teacher discounts. Office and school supplies, craft stores, bookstores, automobile dealerships, and even cruise lines have been known to offer such discounts, but these don’t even begin to cover the savings teachers can take advantage of. In fact, the places that have already been listed are chump change in comparison to other types of teacher discounts.

Auto insurance providers, in particular, offer huge discounts to teachers, sometimes upwards of 30%. You could potentially be saving hundreds of dollars each year by using some of these auto insurance companies that cater to teachers.

Continue reading below for more information on auto insurance discounts for teachers and educators, including: why teachers are eligible for discounts, which companies offer these discounts, and how you, as a teacher, can buy auto insurance.

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Why Are Teachers Eligible For Auto Insurance Discounts?

I wish I could tell you that the insurance companies are offering these discounts to teachers out of the kindness of their hearts, but this is not the case. Once again, it all comes down the risk and liability you pose to the insurer, and teachers are simply less likely to file a claim or be involved in a collision.

Your occupation actually plays a much larger role than you’d think in determining your auto premium. Teachers are known to be cautious, patient, and are often required to live in close proximity to their work. There are actually countless reasons why teachers make great drivers, and the insurance companies know better than anyone.

Teachers aren’t the only professionals that are presented with discounts, however.  Check out our article on how you can get auto insurance discounts from your job to see the other occupations that are given breaks on their auto insurance.

Which Companies Offer Teacher Discounts?

As a result of the trust insurance companies place on teachers, insurers are more than willing to extend discounts their way. Large insurance companies like Geico, State Farm, Allstate, and Progressive all have teacher programs of some sort.  (Click into these companies pages to discover more about the discounts they offer.)

Other companies like Horace Mann Insurance are designed specifically with teachers in mind. Horace Mann was coincidentally created by two high school teachers, giving them great perspective on the wants and needs of teacher drivers. is another such company company.

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Auto Insurance For Teachers - Learn How You Can Be Getting Discounts

How To Start Getting Quotes For Teachers

Auto insurance quotes from these companies and more are always just a click away. To begin, enter your zip code above, and instantly be provided with the most competitive auto quotes on the web.

No matter which auto insurance provider you choose, the fact remains: teachers can save a lot on car insurance, and taking advantage of these offers is easy. Keep in mind, it’s unlikely car insurance companies will just take your word for it. Instead, one must be able to prove there employment, so be prepared to do so.  They will likely ask for pay stubs of a letter of proof of employment from your school.

If you are a teacher and are ready to take advantage of the many discounts auto insurance companies will offer you, scroll back up to the top of this page and enter your zip code for insurance quotes from the top auto insurance companies that offer teacher discounts.

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