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In the past, the only way to get the pricings for auto insurances was to call up the local auto insurance company, or their army of insurance agents, sieve through the hard –sell tactics before they begin to give you their company’s quotes on the various insurance packages they have. Instant Auto Insurance Quotes

When you actually get to that stage, you’ll still have to provide them with sensitive information, like your Social Security Number (SSN) or your mobile number. You never know when your SSN will be compromised and whether they’ll bombard your mobile with advertisements of policies you will never need.

Thankfully, the internet came.

Why are online auto insurance quotes such a good thing to have?

No more insurance agents – With the advent of the internet, you never have to get auto insurance quotes from usually tight-lipped insurance agents again! You do not have to wade through the deluge of persuasion tactics and bogus policies before you get a hold of those auto insurance quotes; just within a few clicks of your mouse, and the quotes appears right before your screen. Marvelous!

Convenient – This level of convenience is unprecedented – at the comfort of your home, you can get as many quotes from as many companies as you want within a short timeframe. Input some non-sensitive personal information, and the quotes will appear instantly.

Tool to find the best policy – Imagine trying to compare quotes in the past; you’ll have to call every company in your phonebook, and spend hours trying to get their quotes. In fact, you might not even get an accurate quote from these insurance agents! With online auto insurance quotes, you’ll be able to compare prices from many different auto insurance companies, allowing yourself to find the most value-for-money auto insurance policy for yourself.

Never expose your sensitive information again – To get quotes in the past, you’ll have to reveal your SSN to the insurance agent. Who knows what they can do with your SSN? With auto insurance quotes readily available in websites, you’ll never have to expose sensitive information about yourself – you’ll only be required to key in your name, gender, age, zip code, vehicle model and make before you get a quote.

Time – This is perhaps the most important factor – within a few minutes, you can get a quote from one company. Compared to the past, you might have to spend minutes waiting for the phone call to get through, and even more time to get the customer service agent to release the quotes of their policies.

Judge policies by yourself – Every insurance agent is out to get your money, period. As such, they employ many hard-sell tactics, trying to persuade you to buy the insurance coverage that will prove most profitable to them. They’ll do whatever it takes to make you buy from their company, persuading you that the other companies’ insurance packages just don’t cut it.

However, with online auto insurance quotes, this has changed. You no longer have to bear the honey-coated untruths about how this insurance beats that insurance policy you’re gunning for; you’ll be able to get quotes online, and compare the prices and coverage offered by different companies yourself. You will be your own judge, without the distractions offered by auto insurance agents.

Getting your Auto Insurance Quotes

With all the benefits of online auto insurance quotes clearly laid out, you should be raring to start getting your first quote here. You might also be stumped, as this might be your first time getting auto insurance quotes online. If you are, fret not! Just follow the procedures below to start getting your first auto insurance quotes!

1.Key in your zip code into the banner at the top of the page.
This is the very first step you will to take to benefit under the convenience of online auto insurance quotes. Enter your zip code above, and we’ll do all the necessary administrative work for you – such as determining your state’s mandatory auto insurance coverage such as the minimum liability coverage.

2.Provide us with details of the coverage you need
The next step will be to share with us the specific coverage that you might be interested in. Are you looking personal injury protection coverage? Do you see yourself taking up the comprehensive coverage, or the collision coverage as part of your ideal insurance package? Let us know what coverage you need, and we’ll provide you with the best quotes for your combination of auto insurance coverage.

3.Choose the best auto insurance company
Congratulations! You now have access to our database of auto insurance companies – slowly sieve through the companies, and pick up the best auto insurance provider that fits your profile best.

Getting quotes has never been easier, thanks to the internet. So start getting your quotes here today!


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  1. I purchased my car insurance online and have been very pleased. Every now and then I search again for better pricing, but I haven’t seen any deal so wonderful that I have decided to switch companies.

    I might get some e-mails and phone calls from agents due to my searching… If you hate that stuff, well….that is why the “delete” button exists.

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