How To Get An Auto Insurance Quote Without Personal Information (Expert Tips)

How do you get an auto insurance quote without personal information? You can get an auto insurance quote without email, phone number, or your personal information, but the quote may be different from the final rate when all personal information is added

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  • You can get an auto insurance quote without providing personal information, but it might not be as accurate
  • Auto insurance companies can use your credit score to calculate rates in all but three states
  • To actually purchase insurance, you will need to provide your personal information to the company

When you are shopping around for multiple car insurance quotes, you might be prompted to provide some personal information. How to get an auto insurance quote without personal information? We’ve got you covered. It can be done.

A lot of factors go into your rate. Some are about the car, and some are about you. The personal information you need to get an instant auto insurance quote can include your name, age, gender, and driving history. When you shop with different car insurance companies, you might notice each company asks for different information.

In order to protect your identity and your credit score, this guide will help you find accurate auto insurance quotes without personal information. Read more to learn more about the information needed to get a car insurance quote and how car insurance companies use your personal information to generate auto insurance rates.

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Now can you get a car insurance quote without giving personal information? Let’s dig in.

Get Auto Insurance Quotes Without Personal Information

If you’re shopping for cheap car insurance quotes, you should avoid auto insurance companies that ask for sensitive data like your driver’s license and Social Security Number.

Besides the possibility of negatively affecting your credit score with excessive requests for your credit history, providing this type of sensitive information increases your chances of having your identity stolen.

With this data, identity thieves have everything they need to create multiple accounts in your name, ruining your credit and causing stress and frustration trying to find these fraudulent accounts and clear your name.

If you do decide to use a smaller insurance company, it’s a smart decision to verify their business identity and make sure that they are who they say they are before giving them your sensitive personal information.

What information is needed to get an auto insurance quote?

Getting the best car insurance quotes requires a little work on your part. You may not want to give out your personal information, but don’t worry. If you are using a legit insurer, your identity will be protected.

Be sure to provide accurate information, don’t be shy about your traffic violations, and answer each of the questions honestly. By providing the most accurate information you can get the most accurate car insurance quote.

You will need to provide this information for an auto insurance quote:

  • Your name
  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • How long you have been a licensed driver
  • Make, model, and year of your car
  • Mileage of your car
  • Vehicle usage
  • Dates of major and minor violations
  • Current or prior insurance company
  • Credit score

This is the general information needed for an insurance quote as they will all influence the cost of car insurance rates. For example, the mileage of your car can save you money on your auto insurance rates if you qualify for auto insurance for low mileage.

Your gender, age, and marital status will also influence your auto insurance quote. There are some states that have passed laws to prohibit companies from basing insurance rates on gender, but if you don’t live in one of them, be prepared to have higher or lower rates based on your gender. Teen males will have higher rates than females, and married couples will have cheaper insurance rates than single drivers.

Take a look at some rate comparisons in the table below.

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Marital Status, Age, and Gender
CompaniesMarried 60-Year-Old FemaleMarried 60-Year-Old MaleMarried 35-Year-Old FemaleMarried 35-Year-Old MaleSingle 25-Year-Old FemaleSingle 25-Year-Old MaleSingle 17-Year-Old FemaleSingle 17-Year-Old Male
State Farm$1,873.89$1,873.89$2,081.72$2,081.72$2,335.96$2,554.56$5,953.88$7,324.34
American Family$1,992.92$2,014.38$2,202.70$2,224.31$2,288.65$2,694.72$5,996.50$8,130.50
Liberty Mutual$3,445.00$3,680.53$3,802.77$3,856.84$3,959.67$4,503.13$11,621.01$13,718.69
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Whether you get a car insurance quote from The General or a Geico quote, your car insurance company might ask you for different information. Different car insurance companies may ask for different information, including:

  • Employment history – You might be asking: Can you get an auto insurance discount from your job? Certain jobs qualify for car insurance discounts, including military, first responders, and teachers.
  • Driving history – Car insurance companies want to know if you’re a high risk driver, and they will look at your driving record, accident history, and points on your license (if any).
  • Your address – The place where you live might have lower rates. Your zip code is often all you need to get a car insurance quote online

Get Insurance Quotes Without Your Phone Number

Car insurance companies can request multiple forms of identification, but you are not obligated to give out any more personal information than that listed above.  Car insurance companies might ask for your email address, phone number, or Social Security Number to identify you, but you don’t have to provide that information if you don’t want to.

If an insurer asks you for your email or phone number, this is likely for advertising purposes. You are not obligated to provide this information, but your auto insurance quotes may not be accurate. When shopping for online car insurance, only give your phone number and email address to companies you trust.

Do you have to give Social Security number for car insurance? If an insurer asks for your Social Security Number and you don’t provide it, they might ask for other information. When you refuse to provide the personal information auto insurance companies ask for, they might assume that you may be hiding something important from them. You are likely not to get accurate insurance quotes.

If you can’t avoid giving your Social Security Number or other personal information to a car insurance company, pick a company you trust and are truly interested in. Protecting your personal information is always important.

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How does getting an anonymous auto insurance quote work?

Auto insurance companies want you to choose them versus their competitors. Most insurance companies offer free and anonymous auto insurance quotes online for drivers. Online car insurance quotes are accurate as they pull the same information that insurance agents do, including your zip code, credit score, and driving history.

To provide an accurate quote, the insurance company will need to know various pieces of information about you. They will need to know your age, gender, occupation, and the type of residence in which you live. They’ll also want to take a look at your driving history and how you plan on using the vehicle.

You don’t need to give out your personal information in order to get an anonymous motorcycle insurance quote or auto insurance quote online. You might even be able to use a fake name, but using an address that’s not your’s can get you an inaccurate quote. You will find yourself eventually having to provide some sort of personal information in order to get an accurate auto insurance quote. Aim to provide honest and accurate information when filling out the information needed for insurance quotes.

Reliable insurance companies typically start with just asking for your ZIP code. They need this information to learn about the community that you live in, especially wanting to discover what the crime rates are in that area. Using this info along with the necessary, non-sensitive personal information you provided about yourself, an insurance company should be able to give you a reasonably accurate insurance quote without personal information. That’s why car insurance quotes without giving personal information are only good for estimating costs.

How Auto Insurance Companies Use Your Personal Information

How do you think some car insurance companies determine your risk as a driver? They do this by analyzing various pieces of your personal information.

Auto insurance companies have a wealth of statistical data to assist them in estimating your risk. They don’t do this manually. Instead, they enter all of this information into specialized actuarial software that does all of the calculations for them.

Now, here’s where things get tricky:

Auto insurance companies will check your credit score to determine your risk as a driver and what to charge on an insurance policy. Keep in mind that the best way to find the cheapest auto insurance policy is to get auto quotes from several different insurance companies.

But the funny thing about credit checks is that getting too many requests for them can negatively affect your overall rating.

So in your pursuit to ensure that you are not paying too much for auto insurance, if you provided your Social Security number to seven to 10 insurance companies that then each sent requests to the credit bureaus inquiring about your credit history, you might be inadvertently hurting your credit score.

Not only will having your credit score go lower make you end up paying more for your auto insurance, but it could also affect your ability to secure low-interest rates on a mortgage, hurt your chances of getting a job, preventing you from renting a car, and so forth.

In our credit-based society, the last thing in the world that you want to do is to damage your credit history.

Make no mistake, when you do choose an auto insurance policy to purchase, you will need to provide your Social Security number for the insurance company to verify your personal information, including your identity. But when you are at the stage of comparing insurance quotes and want to remain anonymous, there’s no good reason to give sensitive information like your Social Security number.

Why do car insurance companies look at my credit score?

Keeping a good credit score is important not just for loans, but for getting get car insurance rates. Car insurance companies can and will use your credit score to determine your rates in most states. Some states, like California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, prohibit insurers from doing this.

Other states use the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that requires that consumers are notified when the use of the credit report results in the adverse action. If you get an adverse action notification, it will list the reasons why your credit score wasn’t good.

If your credit is not good, or even fair, it can result in higher insurance rates. Drivers with good credit will have lower rates.

How many points does an inquiry drop my credit score?

A mentioned before, too many inquiries can affect your credit score. Soft inquiries will not affect your credit score. A soft inquiry happens when you check your credit report or when a business you have an account with checks your credit score.

A hard inquiry does affect your credit score. Hard inquiries happen when a person’s credit report is checked. This can occur when you are applying for a loan or a credit card. A single hard inquiry can drop your score up to five points. Multiple hard inquires can drop your credit score 10 points each time.

How does my credit score affect my car insurance?

Your credit score and insurance score are not the same, according to the NAIC. Car insurance companies use your insurance score to determine if they want to insure you. Having a good credit score is important, but there is other information about your credit that can affect your insurance score.

Take a look at the average rates by good, fair, and poor credit score in the table below:

Average Annual Auto Insurance Rates by Credit Score
State Farm$2,853.00$2,174.26$4,951.20
American Family$3,169.53$2,691.74$4,467.98
Liberty Mutual$5,604.24$4,388.18$8,802.22
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Things that can bring your car insurance score.

  • If you have a lien, foreclosure, collection, or bankruptcy.
  • If you are not on time with your payments, you can bring your score down.
  • A long history of bad credit.
  • Too many credit inquiries on your credit report.

The better your insurance score is the more likely you are to be insured.

How to Shop for Auto Insurance without Personal Information

What is the cheapest online car insurance? Well, with hundreds of auto insurance companies online, you’re likely to find cheap insurance rates if you know how to look for it. Ideally, you should shop for insurance every six to 12 months. Not everyone does this. Some people might keep the same insurance policy without knowing they are overpaying. If you recently moved, bought a new vehicle, or your driving history is no longer the same, it might be the best time to shop for car insurance.

You want to shop around for the lowest car insurance premium as possible. Remember, your deductible is not the same as your insurance premium. A deductible is an amount you have to pay before your insurance company pays their part. A premium is the amount of money paid for an insurance policy.

Shopping for insurance may sound like it’s a lot of work, but don’t worry. You don’t have to call around to different insurance companies, you can just use a price comparison websites to get anonymous car insurance quotes online. Filling out a form online will take you less than five minutes, and you will get several quotes back.

Find Insurance by Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes Online

A car insurance quote is an estimate of how much you will pay for car insurance. An auto insurance quotes comparison will give you the power to compare quotes from each company you choose to see who has the best rates. When comparing companies you should choose more than two companies and request quotes with the same coverage levels.

You can check the companies ratings and find out how many complaints it has before picking the right company for you.

Why are insurance costs higher in some ZIP codes? Some ZIP codes are more expensive than others. Two ZIP codes can pay two different rates even though they are in the same city.

If you live in an area that is densely populated and has many registered vehicles, your rates can be higher.

Here’s why —

There more cars that are on the road, the more likely they are going to become in contact with one another.

If you live in an area where there are many natural disasters, or if you live in a place with multiple auto thefts you are going to get quoted higher rates. Cities can also affect your insurance rates as some cities will have higher rates than others.

Find the Auto Insurance Coverage You Need

Every state in the United States requires drivers to have auto insurance. Auto insurance is protection just in case you get into a car accident. You should look for rates for liability coverage. Every state requires a liability minimum. It would be best to purchase more liability insurance in case the damages exceed the insurance you have.

Liability insurance doesn’t cover you; it covers other cars’ damages. You should consider getting comprehensive insurance that covers non-collision damages to your vehicles and collision insurance when you get into an accident.

Owning a car is not necessary for getting a car insurance quote or to get a car insurance policy. You can get quotes for a non-owners policy, it is for drivers who don’t have cars or access to cars. Your quotes can be lower if you get a non-owner auto insurance policy.

Ask About Insurance Bundles

As an insurance policyholder, you should also try and hop on any and every discount. Car insurance can be expensive and there are ways to cut the cost. You can’t negotiate your car insurance rate, but you can shop around and try to find the lowest rates.

Don’t go with the first company that gives you a quote because you might find one somewhere else that’s even lower. There are a lot of car insurance companies that give discounts for bundling auto and home insurance. You can save a lot of money this way and still get great coverage.

With Progressive, you can save up to 10 percent if you bundle home and auto insurance. State Farm offers bundling for home, auto, and life insurance. You can save between 17 and 20 percent by bundling all three.

American Family Insurance offers bundling for home and auto and renters, motorcycles, boat, and life insurance. Customers have claimed that they have saved 29 percent on car insurance and 20 percent on home insurance by bundling.

If you get Farmers, you can get home and auto policies customized to your unique needs. With Nationwide, you can bundle your car, home, renters, condo, and life insurance. You can save up to $700 a year. If you just decide to bundle home and auto insurance you can save up to 20 percent.

You can save hundreds by bundling home and auto with Liberty Mutual, but it might be more expensive than others. Liberty Mutual does offer accident forgiveness and new car replacement, which is a plus.

Many car insurance companies have deals for bundling, so that can save you a lot of money on insurance. Shop around and you can find the right company for you.

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?

Do you wonder if you are paying too much for auto insurance? If you have had car insurance for a long time and haven’t changed your policy, you should think of doing it.

Since some people are not aware that they are overpaying for insurance, here are a few ways to figure out if you have the best rates.

If you have insurance coverage you have to check the most recent coverage. If you haven’t updated your policy in the last six months, you are likely paying too much for insurance. You don’t have to change insurance companies, but do look for deals.

There are several ways to lower your car insurance rate. You don’t have to pay high premiums forever.

  • You can seek discounts. You can get a discount if you take a defensive driving course. Look for the discounts your company provides. If you have had no accidents or driving violations you can qualify for a discount.
  • Keep a good credit score. Since many insurers check your credit score to help determine your rates. Be sure to pay your bills on time and don’t get more credit. Check your credit score often.
  • Get a low mileage discount. If you have lower mileage than the average number of miles per year you can qualify for a low mileage discount.
  • If you own a home, get your home and auto insurance from the same company. You can get a reduced rate if your car and house are insured by the came company.
  • You can reduce the premium for older cars. If your car is worth less than the premium, getting coverage for it can cost you more.

These are a few ways you can reduce your car insurance and save money. Make sure that you carefully read the terms and conditions because you could be paying for hidden fees. Additional charges and convenience fees can cause you to pay more. Check with your insurance company to see other ways to lower your car insurance.

Finding Reputable Car Insurance Companies

When you give out your personal information online you run the risk of having your identity stolen, as millions of Americans do each year according to the Social Security Administration. Don’t share your Social Security number with companies you don’t trust. If you suspect something strange with your credit information, check it.

If you suspect your identity is at risk, follow the advice in this video from the Federal Trade Commission:

Since there are hundreds of car insurance companies to choose from, you will be able to compare car insurance quotes and will likely find low auto insurance rates if you look around. You may be more familiar with the larger companies because they advertise the most, but that does not guarantee that they offer the cheapest car insurance rates. Smaller insurance companies can provide reliable auto insurance at lower rates.

Relying on an insurer’s website is not enough to figure out if they are a reputable car insurance company. You can find out if the car insurance you are interested in is trustworthy by using the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). You can also check your state’s regulator site to verify an insurer’s information.

  • Contact your state insurance regulator to verify if insurance is legitimate.
  • Go online and view a agents and brokers directory.
  • Check the license number of the insurer.

Some companies might be legit but have poor ratings. Here are a few tricks you can use to find companies’ financial ratings and how it ranks when it comes to customers.

  • Check the J.D. Power and Associates site. You will have ratings for car insurance companies.
  • Visit A.M. Best to see the companies’ financial rating.

If you are not sure about a car insurance company, try another one.

Best Car Insurance Companies by Location

Out of the many insurance companies, only a few outperform others. Here are the highest-ranked car insurance companies in the United States by region, according to J.D. Power.

  • California – Esurance
  • Central – Shelter
  • Florida – Allstate
  • Mid-Atlantic – Erie Insurance
  • New England – Amica Mutual
  • New York – New York Central Mutual
  • North Central – Westfield
  • Northwest – PEMCO Insurance
  • Southeast – Farm Bureau Insurance-Tennessee
  • Southwest – The Hartford
  • Texas – Texas Farm Bureau

The best insurance company for you may differ from this list, as your coverage needs and the discounts for which you qualify might point you in a different direction.

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Can you get a quote on a car you don’t own?

Yes you can get a quote but you cannot purchase the policy or receive a final quote without owning the vehicle with a standard policy.

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