10 Most Expensive Cars to Insure

Read below for our list of the most expensive cars to insure.  We all know that luxury cars like Jaguars, Mercedes, and Lamborghini’s are expensive to insure, but some of these cars on our list really might surprise you:

It is no secret that the car you drive plays a large role in determining what the auto insurance companies feel is fit to charge you for a premium. The speed, safety, cost, and people that drive the car all get factored in to the rating.  Without further ado, here is our list of the 10 most expensive cars to insure:

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

The most expensive car to insure - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

10.Jaguar XJ – It should come as no surprise that the Jaguar XJ made it onto the list of most expensive cars to insure. Not only is the vehicle particularly expensive ($35,000-100,000 depending on year), but this vehicle is also darn fast. While young and reckless- aren’t likely to be driving this car, the cost and speed makes this car very costly to insure.

9.Nissan 350Z – This car is fairly small and a favorite among young folks likely to speed and street race. The sleek lines of this sports car appeals to car tuners, and the insurance companies like to charge   drivers of this vehicle rather high.

8.Acura RSX – Like the 350Z, the Acura RSX is fairly cheap and is pretty popular with the younger crowd. It is also small making it likely to take a great deal of damage if involved in an accident.

7.Honda S200 – Again size and speed com into play here. This car is one of the smallest on the market.

6.Lexus IS 300 – Although this car is rather safe, it is also very fast. With a young driver behind the wheel, the insurance companies evaluate this car as high risk.

5.Jaguar XK – The Jaguar XK is an absolutely stunning car, one of the fastest and most expensive models put out by this Ford owned company. The price and cost of repair are also rather stunning. This is a deadly combination that the insurance companies would love to charge you for.

4.Subaru Impreza WRX – This is one of the favorite vehicles of car tuners everywhere due to its high horsepower and relatively low cost. This also means that many young people are likely to be speeding around in it. Subaru replacement parts are also on the more expensive side of the spectrum. The better safety features keeps the WRX lower on the list than the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, which it is commonly compared to.

3.Dodge SRT-4 – This is one of the most expensive and fastest street legal cars available. Its flashy design also makes it more likely to get vandalized.

2.Mercedes CL – The Mercedes CL is both expensive and fast, landing it the #2 position on our list. Are you starting to see a pattern here-

1.Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – Fast and small. The drivers of this car find themselves in more accidents than any other car. The Lancer Evo- is fairly inexpensive for what it is, but the incredibly high speeds this car can reach and the quick acceleration, makes this car the #1 most expensive car to insure.


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