Are There Car Insurance Discounts for State Employees?

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As a state government employee, you may be entitled to certain discounts. In certain cases, state employees may receive a discount on car insurance. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about car insurance discounts for state employees.

state employee car insurance discount

Some State Government Employees Are Eligible for Car Insurance Discounts

As a state employee, you may be eligible for certain discounts, including many of the same discounts available to federal employees. Some of America’s largest car insurance companies are happy to provide discounts to government employees regardless of whether you are employed by the federal, state, or municipal government.

Not all state employees will be eligible for car insurance discounts, however. As a general rule, employees who are part of a specific membership organization are more likely to receive a car insurance discount than other employees. Sample membership organizations include:

  • National Federal or Federal Employees
  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association
  • Federal Physicians Association
  • Federal Managers Association

In addition, employees of certain government departments or organizations may be eligible for unique discounts. If you are an employee of the Department of Transportation, Department of Interior, Department of Education, Federal Reserve, USPS, or the FBI, for example, then you may be eligible for a special car insurance discount. Cops, nurses, physicians, engineers, and those employed in other professions may also be eligible for state government employee car insurance discounts.

Which Companies Offer Discounts for State Employees?

Car insurance companies vary widely in terms of state government employee discounts. Some car insurance companies offer steep discounts to state government employees, while others only offer small discounts.

Car insurance companies can vary by state as well. A car insurance company might offer a state employee discount in one state, for example, but no discount in another state. Major insurance companies that tend to offer discounts for state employees include all of the following:

  • Liberty Mutual
  • Farmers
  • Travelers
  • Nationwide

GEICO tends to be one of the best car insurance companies for state and federal government employees. ‘GEICO’ stands for Government Employees Insurance Company, and the company originally only accepted government employees. Today, GEICO accepts policyholders from across the spectrum, although they continue to offer discounts to state and federal government employees.

Why Do Insurance Companies Offer Discounts to State Employees?

Studies have shown that people in certain professions have lower accident rates than people in other professions. Generally, government employees get into fewer accidents and file fewer claims than people in other professions. For that reason, insurance companies like having government employees in their insurance pool.

Even if an insurance company does not offer a specific discount to a state employee, you might find that you pay cheaper rates with that insurance company because you’re considered a lower risk class than other drivers. An insurance company might not specifically advertise a ‘state employee discount’, for example, but you could end up paying lower rates anyway.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance as a State Employee

Some car insurance companies offer specific discounts to state employees. However, there are other ways to save money on car insurance beyond being a state employee. Consider all of the following, for example:

Compare Quotes: Wherever you like in America, you should have plenty of choices for car insurance companies. If one company is over-charging for car insurance, switch to a different provider. Compare quotes online to find the best rates as a state employee.

Use Insurer Telematics Systems: Insurance companies in America now can install telematics driver tracking systems that allow drivers to pay less for car insurance based on their driving habits. You can save anywhere from 10% to 40% by installing a temporary telematics system on your vehicle. This discount is available to all drivers, but state employees might particularly benefit from telematics systems because of their stable jobs, predictable commutes, average annual mileage, and safe driving habits.

Bundle: Bundling multiple insurance policies together can help you save hundreds – even thousands – of dollars per year. Bundle your home and auto insurance policies with the same company to save money.

Choose the Coverage You Need: Some drivers need comprehensive coverage – say, if their vehicle is ten years old or newer. If you have an older vehicle, however, then you may be able to safely drop comprehensive coverage. Take a close look at your insurance policy to ensure you’re only paying for exactly what you need – nothing more or less.

Look for Preferred Occupation Discounts: Some car insurance companies do not offer specific discounts to state government employees, but they do offer discounts for certain occupations. If you have a specific occupation associated with safer driving habits, then you may be eligible for certain discounts. Engineers, teachers, nurses, firefighters, police officers, military personnel, doctors, and other professions may be entitled for preferred occupation discounts whether working for the state government or a different employer.


Car insurance companies may offer specific discounts for state employees – or any government employee. Companies like GEICO are known for offering discounted rates for state and federal government employees, for example. Compare car insurance quotes online today to make sure you are paying the lowest possible rates for car insurance as a state government employee.

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