Do Firefighters Get Car Insurance Discounts?

You may have heard that certain professions – like firefighters – are eligible for certain car insurance discounts.

Is this true? Do firefighters, first responders, and other emergency personnel qualify for unique car insurance discounts? Keep reading to find out.

firefighters car insurance discount

Yes, Certain Car Insurance Companies Offer Discounts to Firefighters

Many of America’s largest car insurance companies offer discounts to firefighters, police officers, nurses, first responders, teachers, military personnel, and other professions.

This discount ranges from small to significant. Depending on your profession, you may save anywhere from 3% to 15% off the average price of car insurance premiums.

Firefighters may also qualify for car insurance discounts through a union or professional association. Certain employment groups have partnered with certain insurance companies, making it easy for firefighters to access discounted rates on car insurance.

Why Do Firefighters Get a Discount on Car Insurance?

There are two broad reasons why firefighters get a discount on car insurance:

  • Firefighters, nurses, doctors, and other professions are deemed to be beneficial professions for the public, and companies are happy to offer small discounts to those in these professions (and, of course, enjoy the good publicity associated with giving a discount to these professions)
  • Firefighters may have lower claims rates or accident rates than an average driver, making it cheaper for insurance companies to insure firefighters

Firefighters may also qualify for cheaper insurance premiums because of their non-standard working hours. A firefighter may not work a standard 9 to 5 shift, for example. Firefighters may not drive during rush hour, which is one of the busiest times for accidents and claims. By driving during off-hours for shift work, firefighters can reduce their chances of getting into an accident.

Do Professional and Volunteer Firefighters Both Qualify for a Discount?

Some companies require you to be a professional, salaried firefighter to qualify for a discount. Other companies extend the benefit to both volunteer and professional firefighters.

Certain companies also require you to work as a firefighter for a specific number of years before qualifying for a discount.

Some companies may also restrict you based on the number of hours you work each week – especially if you’re a volunteer firefighter.

Ultimately, if you legitimately work as a firefighter in some significant capacity, you should qualify for a firefighter’s car insurance discount. However, specific rules vary among insurance companies.

What’s the Best Car Insurance Company for Firefighters?

Certain car insurance companies may be better for firefighters than others. The following companies all offer discounts specifically for firefighters:

When searching for car insurance quotes online, you might also stumble upon insurance companies that call themselves “Fireman’s Auto Insurance” or something similar. Typically, these insurance companies are subsidiaries of larger companies: plans are underwritten by a larger company, and they’re just using this subsidiary to market plans to firefighters.

Ask Your Union or Professional Association About a Car Insurance Discount

You don’t necessarily have to work with the insurance companies above to qualify for a car insurance discount. In some cases, you can contact your employment association or union to inquire about a car insurance discount.

Some groups or unions have partnered with specific insurance companies. Through this group, you can access discounted rates on car insurance.

Firefighters Are in a No-Fault Category for Car Accidents

Firefighters, like police officers, have certain no-fault benefits. If a firefighter is involved in an accident while on a call, that firefighter is typically considered not at-fault for the accident.

There are exceptions to this rule. The driver may have been negligent, for example. Or, certain states have different laws.

Generally, however, firefighters who follow safe diving procedures and follow emergency protocol when responding to calls should not have to worry about being accused of negligence on the job.

How Big is the Car Insurance Discount for Firefighters?

Discounts vary widely between insurance companies. Typically, car insurance companies charge discounts of anywhere from 3% to 15% for being a firefighter.

This discount is similar (often identical) to the discount received by doctors, nurses, military personnel, and other professionals. It’s rare for an insurance company to give a cop a discount of, say, 15% while only giving a 5% discount to a firefighter.

Of course, like any auto insurance policyholder, firefighters may be eligible for additional discounts, including bundling discounts, multi-policy discountsclaims-free discounts, and more.

Final Word: Compare Quotes Today to Get the Best Firefighter Car Insurance

Firefighters are often entitled to special discount rates on car insurance. Certain companies give firefighters a discount of 3% to 15% on car insurance – similar to the discount provided to doctors, first responders, teachers, and those in other professions.

Compare car insurance quotes online today to ensure you get the best possible deal on car insurance as a firefighter.

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