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Arizona state flagArizona, a state known mainly for its landmarks and nationally renowned state parks, is one of the largest states in the nation, ranking sixth behind New Mexico. The state boasts one of the most internationally recognized land formations – the Grand Canyon. Also known as “The Grand Canyon State,” with 6,392,017 residents, Arizona’s roads and highways are packed with drivers. For new drivers in Arizona, this means you’re going to need to know quite a bit about car insurance before starting your life as a licensed driver.

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Arizona Insurance Requirements

In Arizona, the state liability coverage minimums are:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage – $15,000 per person
  • Bodily Injury Coverage – $30,000 per accident
  • Property Damage Coverage – $10,000 per accident

Optional coverage options in Arizona:

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage
  • Full Glass Coverage

With a fairly high population and 8 metropolitan cities, auto insurance policies in Arizona are extraordinarily important. Like all states, Arizona requires several auto insurance minimums, specifically for bodily injuries, for accidents, and for property damages. The state requirement for coverage of bodily injuries is $15,000 per person. This is not quite as much compared to other states, but that does not leave any excuse to pay only the minimum. Bodily Injuries are a serious matter and as a driver you need to do further research to see how much certain injuries would cost in order to prevent having too little coverage. Medical bills are expensive, so in some situations it may be more profitable to pay more on insurance to make sure that you have enough for all possible injuries. Paying the bills should not be something you’re worried about if you ever find yourself in the hospital.

Another area that the state of Arizona requires a minimum amount of coverage for is for the liability of property damages. Property damage covers damages to peripheral objects as well as your own motor vehicle. The state only requires $10,000, but it’s wise to choose the amount of coverage needed according to the car you drive. If you feel that your motor vehicle would need more than $10,000 in repairs if you ever get into an accident, you may want to invest more in coverage for property damages. A final requirement is the amount of coverage per accident. This varies greatly from state to state, but for Arizona, the Department of Insurance requires a minimum of $30,000 in coverage.

Cost Of Insurance In Arizona

Often times you may hear complaints about the price of insurance, but in most cases you are paying for what you need. Insurance is exactly what it is: Insurance. By paying a certain premium now, you can insure that you will have enough to cover all expenses if anything ever happens. Some people can drive their whole lives without ever having an accident, but it’s never a good idea to gamble on an imperative thing such as your well-being. In Arizona, the average price for car insurance is about $1,057.63, which is almost $400 less than the national average. However, in the major cities of Arizona, such as Phoenix, prices for the same coverage can range from $1,500 to $1,700.

Arizona Accident And Theft Statistics

The most dangerous thing when it comes to driving is automotive accidents. In 2009, Arizona had 106,767 accidents, of which 709 were fatal. More than a third of these fatal accidents were alcohol related. Luckily, only a small fraction of the many accidents were deadly, but that is still an unfortunate amount of people in one year. The breakdown of accidents themselves puts about 80% in urban areas compared to rural areas (84,941 out of 106,767). Interestingly enough, more of the fatal accidents occurred in the rural areas.

With this many drivers on the road, there are also many auto thefts. Fortunately, the number of stolen vehicles has decreased to 37,218 incidents since 2002 – more than a 30% drop. Of the 37,218 stolen vehicles, 61.7% of them were safely returned to their owners. The other 39.3% most likely ended up being shipped oversea, stripped down for parts, or smuggled across borders. The efficiency of driving is a miraculous thing, but it is plagued with many dangers such as accidents and theft, which makes it important to be covered in case anything happens.

Buying auto insurance isn’t just something you do overnight, it takes a lot of thought and consideration to get the personal policy that fits you best. At we’re very aware of the tedious process it is to get the perfect insurance plan. That’s why we are always available to help you without the extra hassle that other companies often give. To find the best insurance policies without providing your credit score or other personal information, simply go back to the top of the page and enter your zip code to begin.

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