Auto Insurance for Unlicensed Drivers [Updated + Insurance Requirements]

In some states, you can get auto insurance coverage for unlicensed drivers with a state issued ID card. However, not having a license is considered high-risk by some companies.

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UPDATED: May 7, 2020

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So you don’t have a driver’s license but you need auto insurance. Can you get auto insurance for unlicensed drivers? Or will the insurance company block your request?

Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about getting the right state auto insurance requirements without a driver’s license. You can also get a quote using our free tool above and get the best auto insurance for you.

Reasons to Buy Auto Insurance for Unlicensed Drivers

Buying auto insurance without a driver’s license may seem like a strange concept. However, there are plenty of reasonable instances where someone may need to buy no-license auto insurance even if they don’t have a valid license:

  • You own a vehicle, want to protect that vehicle when others are driving, but don’t plan to drive it yourself
  • You don’t drive but other people drive you around to weekly appointments
  • Friends or family regularly borrow your vehicle and you want to protect that vehicle
  • You own a vintage or classic vehicle that you don’t drive but still want to protect
  • Your license was suspended after multiple DUIs, at-fault accidents, or similar incidents
  • You are driving with an expired license and you didn’t renew it
  • You never went through driver training or received a driver’s license
  • You are a student driver or hold a provisional license or learner’s permit
  • You plan to drive illegally (without a valid license) but still want auto insurance coverage

For all of these reasons, it’s feasible that somebody without a driver’s license may want to insure a vehicle. But be careful with letting someone else drive your vehicle. For instance, let’s say you’re an unlicensed driver in San Antonio, Texas, and you allow your friend to drive your car to the San Antonio River Walk, windows down and music blaring. If you find out afterward that your friend is also an unlicensed driver who crashed your car, they won’t be covered under your policy.

If the vehicle will be driven at all, your state requires you to have at least a minimum level of liability insurance. Search for your state below to see what the limits are for your state, as compiled by the Insurance Information Institute.

Liability Auto Insurance Requirements by State
StateAuto Insurance RequiredMinimum Liability Coverage Limits
ALBI & PD Liab25/50/25
AKBI & PD Liab50/100/25
AZBI & PD Liab15/30/10
ARBI & PD Liab, PIP25/50/25
CABI & PD Liab15/30/5
COBI & PD Liab25/50/15
CTBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/20
DEBI & PD Liab, PIP25/50/10
DCBI & PD Liab, UM25/50/10
FLPD Liab, PIP10/20/10
GABI & PD Liab25/50/25
HIBI & PD Liab, PIP20/40/10
IDBI & PD Liab25/50/15
ILBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/20
INBI & PD Liab25/50/25
IABI & PD Liab20/40/15
KSBI & PD Liab, PIP25/50/25
KYBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/25
LABI & PD Liab15/30/25
MEBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM, Medpay50/100/25
MDBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM30/60/15
MABI & PD Liab, PIP20/40/5
MIBI & PD Liab, PIP20/40/10
MNBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM30/60/10
MSBI & PD Liab25/50/25
MOBI & PD Liab, UM25/50/25
MTBI & PD Liab25/50/20
NEBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
NVBI & PD Liab25/50/20
NHFR only25/50/25
NJBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM15/30/5
NMBI & PD Liab25/50/10
NYBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/10
NCBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM30/60/25
NDBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/25
OHBI & PD Liab25/50/25
OKBI & PD Liab25/50/25
ORBI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM25/50/20
PABI & PD Liab, PIP15/30/5
RIBI & PD Liab25/50/25
SCBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
SDBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
TNBI & PD Liab25/50/15
TXBI & PD Liab, PIP30/60/25
UTBI & PD Liab, PIP25/65/15
VTBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/10
VABI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/20
WABI & PD Liab25/50/10
WVBI & PD Liab, UM, UIM25/50/25
WIBI & PD Liab, UM, Medpay25/50/10
WYBI & PD Liab25/50/20
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Auto Insurance Applications May Request your Driver’s License Number

If you don’t have either a license nor insurance and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Do you need insurance to get a driver’s license? No, as it’s easy to go get your license first. The DMV doesn’t require proof of insurance to get your driver’s license. But, if you’re unlicensed for another reason, let’s look at some of your options.

Let’s say you want to buy auto insurance even if you don’t have a valid driver’s license.

When you start applying for auto insurance quotes, you might run into an issue: many auto insurance applications ask for your driver’s license number.

Even if the application doesn’t ask for your driver’s license number, the insurer will still check your driving record. The insurer will request a copy of your driving history from your local DMV.

This video from Liberty Mutual explains why insurers look at your driving record.

If your insurance company cannot find a driving record, or if you cannot provide a driver’s license number, then your application may quickly run into issues. The insurer may refuse to process your application, for example, or your request for auto insurance may be denied.

However, there may still be ways to get auto insurance for an unlicensed driver.

How to Get Auto Insurance for Unlicensed Drivers

Can you get auto insurance with no driver’s license required? There are a few different ways of potentially getting auto insurance without a driver’s license, including:

Should you buy a policy with someone else listed as the primary driver?

One of the easiest ways to buy auto insurance without a license is to buy auto insurance with someone else listed as the primary driver.

You might own the auto but have no license, for example. You still want to insure the vehicle when your spouse, child, or friend drives the vehicle, but you don’t intend to be the primary driver yourself. When using this method, your vehicle is protected from risk, and you may be able to legitimately purchase auto insurance without having a valid driver’s license.

If listing someone else as the primary driver, you need to make sure the address is accurate. List the address where the car is garaged most of the time. If you report an incorrect address, your auto insurance claim could be denied.

Should you list yourself as an excluded driver?

If your license is invalid (or non-existent), then your insurance company might refuse your application.

However, you may be able to get around this refusal by listing yourself as an excluded driver on your policy. You can buy auto insurance and list someone else as a primary driver, then exclude yourself from driving the vehicle.

Under this system, you are not allowed to drive the vehicle at all. You are an excluded driver. If you drive the vehicle, then you will not be covered. Unlicensed drivers are not covered by insurance, which means you’re liable for any damages and could face severe penalties if pulled over.

Compare SR-22 Insurance Quotes

SR-22 insurance is a high-risk type of auto insurance certificate. Some drivers may require SR-22 insurance. If your license was suspended after multiple DUIs, for example, then you may be required to get SR-22 insurance. Without SR-22 insurance, your license is invalid.

This video from Freeway Insurance explains a little more about SR-22’s.

SR-22’s are sometimes referred to as FR-44’s in some states, but the requirements are a little different. It’s best to check with your state’s DMV if you have questions about the specifics related to SR-22’s for you.

The Texas Department of Public Safety notes that you must have an SR-22 as a high-risk driver to verify that you have insurance on your vehicle. This can be issued by most insurers and shows proof that you have the minimum required amount of liability coverage on your car. Insurers will automatically notify the state department when the status of an SR-22 changes, such as a cancellation.

Compare SR-22 insurance quotes in your region. This type of insurance can be very expensive, and some providers may turn you down if you’re unable to prove you have a license.

Other insurers, however, will be happy to accept a suspended license as long as you can provide the original driver’s license number.

Buying a Car Without a Driver’s License

If you’re shopping for auto insurance without a driver’s license, then you might also be shopping for cars. So can you really buy a car without a driver’s license?

You might be able to buy a car without a valid driver’s license, but you could run into significant issues. And what about financing a car with no driver’s license? Some car dealerships will refuse to sell you a car without a valid driver’s license, for example.

Many car dealerships require proof of insurance. If you were able to buy auto insurance without a driver’s license, then you may be able to buy a vehicle without ever showing your driver’s license.

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) notes that, if you financed your vehicle, lenders reserve the right to put force-placed insurance on your vehicle if you didn’t buy the appropriate amount of auto insurance coverage on your own.

Generally, reputable dealers will make it difficult to buy a car without a driver’s license. However, you should be able to find plenty of used car dealerships and similar companies in your area that may be more flexible with license requirements.

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All Drivers Need Auto Insurance

First, let’s make one thing clear. If you are planning to drive a vehicle, then you need to have insurance on that vehicle. Insurance is legally required in every U.S. state except for New Hampshire and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Typically, you buy car insurance for a vehicle you own. You are a licensed driver and you intend to drive your vehicle legally, so you buy car insurance for that vehicle.

In fact, it’s unlawful to drive a car without a current license. Nolo notes that, for a first-time offense to an unlicensed driver, it’s normally a minor violation. But, the penalties get more severe if it keeps recurring.

Some licensed drivers buy auto insurance even if the title is not in their name. If you frequently drive a friend’s vehicle or let friends drive your car and want extra protection, for example, then you definitely want to have auto insurance. Insurance companies also like to see continuous coverage on your vehicle, which is why some drivers maintain insurance coverage even when between vehicles.

For all of these reasons, a licensed driver generally needs auto insurance. but what about an unlicensed driver?

Final Word on Auto Insurance Without a Driver’s License

There are plenty of situations where an unlicensed driver might want to buy auto insurance. Some people don’t drive their own vehicles, for example, but still want to protect those vehicles.

Complete auto insurance applications today. By listing someone else as the primary driver, or by listing yourself as an excluded driver, you should be able to buy auto insurance without a valid driver’s license.

Where can you get auto insurance without a license? You can start by using our free tool below to get multiple quotes and find the best option for you.

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