What Documents Do You Need to Buy Car Insurance Online?

When searching for a new car insurance policy you will find that most insurance companies are going to want to get very personal with you before offering you a price for your premium. If you are searching online for your auto insurance policy there is going to be some documentation that you will need to have on hand when filling out the online application form. Here is a list of the documents that you will need in order to purchase a car insurance policy online:

Driver’s License

The insurance company will want to know your driver’s license number. Your driving license verifies that you are able to legally drive and have the authority to buy an auto insurance policy. In addition, the car insurance company can use your driver’s license to check your driving record before they offer you a policy. If you have a clean driving record you are going to be offered much better rates for your insurance premium than you would if you have a history of traffic violations or accidents. If you are planning to purchase insurance for more than one person you will need to provide the driver’s license number for every individual that will be insured by the policy.

It is a good idea to get a copy of your driving record for yourself before you start searching for car insurance. This will allow you to look over any violations that you may have in order to make sure that they are accurate so you know that the insurance companies are receiving information that is correct.

Social Security Numbers

In order to get your car insurance online, you are going to need to provide the company with your social security number (and the social security number of anyone else that will be on the policy). Social security numbers provide the insurance company with proof that you are a citizen of the United States and it also provides a way for the auto insurance company to check your credit history (if this is legal in the state that you live in).  Insurers do this to make sure you are willing and able to pay your premium on time.  Clients with better credit scores have been known to have lower insurance rates.

Vehicle Information

When purchasing insurance online you are going to need to provide the company with information about the vehicle that you drive. You will need to provide the VIN (vehicle identification number) for all of the vehicles that will be insured by the policy. Typically this number will be found on a sticker located on the inside of the driver’s side door or on the windshield. If you are having difficulty finding the VIN, your car dealership should be able to help you identify it.

Insurance premiums are affected by the type of car that you drive. Car safety ratings have been known to have a huge effect on your insurance rates. If you drive a newer vehicle with more safety features your rates will likely be lower than if you are driving an older vehicle that does not have airbags or other safety features that have become the standard.

Bank Documents

The car insurance company might need to be provided with information about your checking account or your credit cards. Most insurance companies will run a credit check on each individual before they offer you an auto insurance policy. The main reason that insurance companies run credit checks is that studies have shown that people who tend to make late payments are often more likely to file more claims. This will cost the insurance company more money, which is one reason that your insurance premiums may be higher if you have a lot of missed or late payments on your credit history. As mentioned above, those who have a solid credit history are rewarded with lower premiums on their insurance policies.

Do Your Research

Once you have gathered the information above, it is time to start your search for a car insurance policy. When you are searching for a new insurance policy it is important to do some research about the companies that you are considering for your vehicle’s insurance. You can check your state’s department of insurance to learn more about each insurance company that you are considering. You will be able to find out about consumer complaints about the company on the state site.

It is also important to make sure that the company that is insuring your vehicle is financially stable. You want to make sure that if you have to file a claim with the company that they are going to be able to pay it. The best way to check this information is to check the Standard and Poor’s ratings. You should only consider a company that has a rating of BBB or better.

It is also a good idea to look over the satisfaction ratings of the companies you are considering. Many researchers often rate insurance companies and post their findings online. Always consider insuring with the companies that receive the highest marks, after all, you would never want to run into trouble when filing a claim!

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