Car Safety Ratings and Auto Insurance

Are car insurance rates based on the safety ratings? Do insurance companies use IIHS, NHTSA or other safety ratings to determine your insurance costs?  Continue reading to find out these answers and more.

The truth is, many factors play into determining your auto insurance rates: age, driving record, income, gender, and vehicle safety. It’s common sense – the safer your automobile is, the less you will be paying for auto insurance. But how do you know which cars receive the highest safety ratings? And how do you know which safety features to look for when buying a new car?

Many organizations and companies now perform vehicle safety ratings.  These safety ratings mainly look at two things: prevention – how well the vehicle is able to avoid accidents – and crash performance – how well the vehicle performs/maintains itself in a crash.

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Do safety ratings affect car insurance rates? Read below to find out!

Perhaps the most respected and reliable safety tests are performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The IIHS performs side impact and rollover crash tests and rates vehicles as poor, marginal, acceptable, or good based on their performances in these tests. The IIHS also gives out annual awards to the top performing vehicles.  To view their safety ratings and to see which vehicles are the award winners, please visit their vehicle ratings webpage.

Another well known organization dealing in vehicle safety ratings is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Like the IIHS, the NHTSA also provides safety information based on results from crash tests. To view results from the NHTSA, please visit their website.

Alternatively, you can also view combined results from the IIHS and the NHTSA crash tests. Informed for Life, a non-profit organization that combines the IIHS and NHSTA results with other factors such as vehicle weight, creates safety scores for each vehicle.  To view your vehicle’s safety score, visit their website.  Alternatively, you can check out some of the many other car safety ratings websites:

Chances are, your vehicle is qualified already for many safety related discounts.  You simply have to ask your insurance provider to see the ones for which you are eligible.  Give your insurance provider a call today to see how your safety features can save on your car insurance costs.

To see which safety deductions you are qualified for online, please fill out our quote form at the top of this page. Our agents will get in touch with you to discuss insurance rates for your vehicle.


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  1. I have a 2017 Lincoln MKZ. My insurance rates went up from a 2008 Ford Focus. Is the MKZ not much safer #1. My driving record is perfect and I am 56 years old.
    Mike McFarlane

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