Can Same Sex Couples Buy Car Insurance Together?

For years, same sex couples in the United States had fewer rights than heterosexual couples. In 2015, however, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide, officially allowing gay couples to enjoy many financial advantages once reserved for straight couples.

One of those financial advantages is the ability to save money on car insurance. Yes, same sex couples can buy car insurance together to save money. For all intents and purposes, the process is the same as it is for a straight couple.

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Married People Pay Lower Car Insurance Rates than Single People

Statistics show that married people are less risky to insure than single people. A married driver is less likely to make a claim than a single driver, all things being equal.

If you are married to your same sex partner, then these savings apply to you as well. You are less risky than a single person.

Savings vary by company and state. They also vary based on your gender, age, and driving record. Young same sex couples can save the most money, for example, because statistics show that a young married driver is significantly less risky to insure than an older married driver. It’s less common to get married, say, in your early 20s, so you can save a lot more compared to other people your age.

Don’t expect insurance premiums to get cut in half once married: the average American will pay 3% to 12% lower car insurance premiums after marriage.

Same Sex Couples in Domestic Partnerships Can Save Money Too

If you’re married, combining car insurance to save money is easy. But what if you’re in a same sex domestic partnership? Do you qualify for discount rates on car insurance?

In many cases, same sex couples (or straight couples) qualify for the same car insurance discounts as a married couple.

Laws on domestic partnerships vary between states. The state insurance departments in Florida and North Carolina, for example, do not allow drivers in domestic partnerships (straight or gay) to access married insurance discounts. In these states and others, insurance companies are forbidden by law to extend married benefits to those in a domestic partnership.

In other states, however, you will qualify for married insurance premiums even if you’re in a domestic partnership, civil union, or other relationship.

Talk to your insurance company to explore how you may qualify for various discounts. In many states, you will easily qualify for married-level insurance discounts in a domestic partnership.

How to Save More Money

As a gay married couple, you can save 3% to 12% on car insurance premiums. You will definitely qualify for married car insurance discounts when you’re married. And you may qualify for those same discounts if you’re in a domestic partnership (although laws vary from state to state).

These aren’t the only ways to save money as a same sex couple looking for car insurance discounts.

Bundling multiple car insurance policies together, for example, can substantially reduce insurance premiums. If you insure multiple vehicles on the same plan, then you can save 20% to 30% on car insurance premiums.

Many insurance companies also give discounts for bundling home insurance or life insurance policies. Consider bringing you and your partner’s insurance products all under one roof to maximize your cost savings.

Buying Car Insurance Together Isn’t Always a Good Deal

There’s one final thing to note about buying car insurance as a same sex couple: you’re not guaranteed to save money by bundling your car insurance policies together.

In some cases, one partner has a bad driving record. They have multiple at-fault claims and DUIs on their record. By bundling their car insurance with their partner’s car insurance, the two are going to pay more for car insurance overall.

In other cases, one partner may have a clean driving record – but they have poor credit. If your partner has a low credit score, then you may want to keep policies separated.

The same can be said if one partner has a high-end vehicle – like a Ferrari. In this case, you may be better off with separate policies.

Make sure you check quotes for a combined policy before you make the switch. You’re not guaranteed to save money.

Final Word

For all intents and purposes, same sex couples have the same rights as straight couples. In certain states, unmarried same sex couples in domestic partnerships qualify for married car insurance discounts, but not in others (the same rules apply to straight couples in domestic partnerships).

Car insurance companies started extending benefits to same sex couples in 2011. Once one company started doing it, the entire industry followed suit.

Since 2015, when the Supreme Court declared gay marriage legal nationwide, it’s been easier than ever for same sex couples to access the same benefits as married couples. Car insurance companies are legally required to extend the same rights to same sex couples as they do to straight couples.

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