A car hit me in a cross walk. Shouldn’t his insurance pay for it???

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So I was walking on day in a cross walk and a car hit me.  It was pretty serious as I hit my head on his windshield and I was taken to a hospital in an ambulance.  The problem is.. these bills are HIGH. I need them paid for now…

BUT – His insurance has not contacted me yet!

I dont wanna be stuck with all these bills.. the ambulance costs a lot, I need physcial therapy, and on top of that I missed a lot of work. WHat do I do???   I called a couple lawyers but they havent called me back yet.

Our Answer

We’re glad to hear you’re okay! Medical treatment after a car accident can certainly be expensive. It’s not just the ambulance bill and medical expenses – it’s also the physical therapy, lost time at work, and other costs.

Fortunately for you, the at-fault driver is liable for all of these expenses. If the other driver has insurance, then the insurance company is required to pay for all of these damages. If the other driver does not have insurance or has too little insurance, then you may wish to file a lawsuit against the other driver.

hit by car in cross walkYou were injured by the other driver as a result of his actions. According to the law, the other driver is required to pay any damages required to make you ‘whole’ again after the accident – including medical bills, ambulance bills, pain and suffering, lost income, physical therapy, ongoing rehabilitation costs, and other possible expenses.

You said the other insurance company has not yet contacted you. That may be nothing to worry about: insurance companies may not be proactive about tracking down a claim, especially if it’s a claim where they are required to pay a lot of money.

However, in this situation, your injuries sound serious enough to warrant a consultation with a lawyer – especially if the other driver or insurance company are dragging their feet.

Most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations. You can contact a lawyer, setup a free consultation, and talk about the best way to proceed with your case.

In this situation, your case sounds pretty cut and dry: it sounds obvious that the other driver will be required to pay for your damages and expenses. You were crossing at a crosswalk and the other driver hit you hard enough for you to require significant medical treatment. You also missed work and require ongoing physical therapy.

With the help of a good lawyer, you may be able to get all of these expenses covered in a personal injury lawsuit.

At the very least, hiring a lawyer shows the other insurance company you’re serious: you’re not just going to accept a low settlement or disappear. You want maximum compensation for all of the damages you incurred.

How Personal Injury Lawyers Help

Today, a number of personal injury lawyers specialize in car accident claims. They have worked with pedestrians, drivers, and others involved in car accidents before. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you maximize compensation from your collision, ensuring you receive every penny owed to you for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, physical therapy, and more.

Typically, your personal injury lawyer will be negotiating with a lawyer from the other driver’s car insurance company. Based on these negotiations, the insurance company might agree to cover certain damages owed to you after the accident.

Alternatively, your lawyer might go directly after the other driver in a personal injury suit. This might be the case if, say, the other driver does not have insurance or has too little insurance.

Let’s say the other driver has $15,000 of personal injury liability coverage and your medical damages, lost income, physical therapy, and more all exceed $45,000. In this situation, the other driver’s car insurance company will pay the $15,000 they are required to pay. Then, the other driver may be personally liable for the remaining $30,000 of expenses you incurred.

We understand all of this can be confusing – so contact a lawyer ASAP.

You mentioned that you have contacted “a couple” lawyers already, but they have not called you back. Keep calling! Personal injury lawyers love cases like this. It should be a cut and dry case. Most personal injury lawyers will offer a free consultation and will not charge until your case has been won, at which point they’ll take a cut of your final settlement.

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Answer 1

Insurance companies won’t pay you unless you make them.

It’s sad but it’s true… think about it – why would they want to pay money unless they had to? They are trying to run a business.

My advice to you is to get a lawyer.. do not try and talk to the insurance companies over the phone by yourself.  If everything is as you say it is, it sounds like you are entitled to atleast the medical bill money. (ATLEAST)

Good luck!


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  1. Pamela Williamson

    The uninsured or under-insured part of the liability insurance of your own car insurance should cover those charges if you happened to have car insurance. if not then yes a lawsuit is in order.

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