Auto Insurance For Bad Drivers

Are you a bad driver? Well, maybe you don’t consider yourself to be a “bad driver”, but not everyone in this world is fortunate enough to have a perfect driving record. Sometimes luck isn’t always on your side. Perhaps you had a fender bender or three… or a few speeding tickets. Whatever the case may be, it should come as no surprise to you that as those traffic violations and accidents add up, so do your insurance rates.Auto Insurance for Bad Drivers

The fact is – the more points you have on your license, the higher your car insurance is going to cost you. If you get too many points, you might not even be able to afford insurance. But what are you supposed to do if you made a few mistakes in your youth but still need to be able to drive to work? Auto insurance is compulsory in most states, meaning, if you don’t have insurance, you can’t drive. If you can’t even afford car insurance, what are you supposed to do if you get in an accident without insurance? It will bankrupt you.

Gone are the days when auto insurance companies would insure everyone under the sun. We now live in a society with big court settlements, where everybody sues each other. For this reason, insurance companies only like to insure people who pose the least amount of risk to them. The losers in this situation, are people like you – people with bad driving records.

Things Bad Drivers Can Do To Get Better Insurance Rates

However, those bad drivers, high risk drivers, or even “uninsurable” drivers still need a solution. Consider this list of things you can do to lower your insurance costs even if you have a spotty driving record:

  1. Consider taking the bus, subway, or other modes of public transportation to work. Not everyone has a car. Perhaps you don’t need your car as much as you think you do? You could even car pool or pay a co-worker to give you a ride to work. All of these options are much more attractive than getting into a serious accident without insurance.
  2. Improve your driving record. There are actually many ways for you to get these points on your license revoked. These include:
    a. Take a driving safety course. These courses, upon completion, can take away up to four points on your license. Call your local DMV/RMV to get more information on these courses.
    b. Try to dispute charges and violations. Often times, if they don’t have proof that you committed these traffic crimes, they will remove the points.
    c. Start driving well, starting today. Often times, if you don’t have any violations for a year, license points will be removed automatically.
    d. Take a written driving test (in some states) and pass it. This could remove up to two points from your score.
  3. Shop around for different insurance quotes. Some companies pay closer attention to driving records than others. Maybe you are viewed as a liability by your current insurance agent, or maybe he just doesn’t trust you. Fortunately for you, there are lots of companies out there that are willing to fight for your business, no matter how “uninsurable” you might be. This is where the internet can help you out. There are many sites out there, including this one, that allow you to compare insurance quotes from multiple providers so that you can find the cheapest rates.
  4. Even though you might be a bad driver, there are still probably things apart from your driving record that you can fix in order to lower your premiums. Try switching to a safer car, dropping your level of coverage, increasing your deductible, moving to a safer part of town, combining policies with your family members, etc. Read this list of things that affect your insurance costs to get some more ideas on ways you can save money.

Nobody wants to be known as the boring old-lady type of driver, but the fact remains that safer drivers cost less to insure. It pays to be a “Sunday driver”… so unless you are one of those people who is proud of their traffic violations, who wears their speeding tickets like badges of honor, you might want to think about changing your ways. It is never too late to quit your bad driving habits! Your bank account will thank you later…

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