Auto Insurance For Safe Drivers

Auto Insurance For Safe DriversBuying car insurance has never been this easy. To get your first auto insurance quote, you simply have to go online, search for “auto insurance quotes”, go into the first website you see and follow the instructions there. Usually, the website will require you to input just your zip code, and you’re good to go! A list of car insurance quotes will be generated based on your locality, and you simply have to take note of the insurer’s contact details to get started on your auto insurance for your car.

However, you must know that the quotes you see online are not final – your insurance agent will still need your personal details, such as your vehicle’s model and make, your age, gender, years of driving experience and your traffic history before they can give you the finalized quote. If you’ve been in a couple of accidents in recent history, don’t be too surprised when the final auto insurance quote given is so much different from what you’ve seen online. However, if you’ve been safe on the roads, and have generally stayed clear of accidents, you’ll see that your auto insurance premiums are much lower than what was quoted. Driving safely has its benefits.

What constitutes a “safe driver”?

A safe driver is a driver that has not been involved in an auto accident for more than a period of time specified by the auto insurance company. These drivers are often qualified for certain safe-driver schemes in the auto insurance packages, which will earn them discounts from their premiums, or perhaps lower deductibles.

Usually, to be considered a safe driver, you will have to be free from traffic accidents for a consecutive period of 3-5 years prior to the date of your purchase of the auto insurance package. If you have been in a serious accident, you can benefit from “accident forgiveness”, where the auto insurance company ignores the accident if you have 4 consistent years of good driving records.

What are the benefits of being a safer driver?

By being a safer driver, you get to enjoy lowered premiums and deductibles for your auto insurance package. There are states that use this incentive to encourage safe driving. In Massachusetts, there is a state insurance program known as the “Safety Driving Insurance Program” to encourage safe driving. Drivers who are under the state-run Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan will be automatically eligible for this scheme.

Under the scheme, drivers are given points – 0 points for drivers who did not have any traffic offenses, 1-45 points for drivers who have traffic offenses and 98 and 99 points for exceptional drivers who have maintained a clean driving record for a number of years.

The points are awarded when the driver is caught for a particular traffic offense, ranging from 2 points for minor offenses like speeding to 5 points for major offenses like driving under influence. In addition to the surcharges applied to a driver carrying these points, they will face disciplinary actions by the state.

Safe drivers, on the other hand, will be awarded the “Excellent Driver Discount” and the “Excellent Driver Discount Plus” reward. This reward is given to deserving drivers who have driven safely to avoid any accidents on the roads. They’re allowed up to a 7% discount from their auto insurance premiums for the Excellent Driver Discount, and up to a 17% insurance discount for the Excellent Driver Discount Plus.

In addition to state-run programs such as these, insurance companies themselves also offers these safe driver insurance schemes. They award drivers that have a clean traffic record with lowered premiums and deductibles. In addition, for drivers who previously held traffic histories littered with traffic offenses, insurers can promise drivers lower premiums and deductibles over the years if they maintain a good traffic history over the years.

What can I do to be a safer driver?

Follow these tips to become a better driver, and ultimately, decrease your insurance rates:

Slowing down

You will be a better driver by simply slowing down. At a slower speed, you have a longer period of time to react to avoid an accident. This makes you less likely to be involved in an accident, making you a safer driver.

Paying attention

Paying attention allows you to detect the signs that an accident might occur. Perhaps a car is following you too tightly, or you see a car behind you that’s zigzagging his way to you. You can then take the precautionary measures to avoid an accident with them.

Use your signals

Using your turn signals allows the other drivers to know your intention. Unpredictable drivers always cause accidents.

Now that you know what it takes to become a safe driver and you know the benefits that being a safe driver brings, you should have a sense of the importance of driving safely.  If you aren’t one already, become a safe driver now. Your road to lower insurance premiums begins today.

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