Does My Auto Insurance Cover Friends Driving My Car?

If your friend or family member ever asked to borrow your car, you might quickly agree and think nothing of it. While helping others should be a simple deed, when auto insurance gets involved, the situation might get a bit more complicated. Before you blindly allow to let anyone get behind the wheel of your car, you need to think of some issues, most notably: does my car insurance cover any driver? Will my car insurance cover accidents with my vehicle even if I’m not there at the scene? To know the answers to these questions, you have to have a good understanding of the fine print of your auto insurance policy.

does auto insurance cover friends driving my car

Does my auto Insurance policy cover friends when they are driving my car? Discover the answer to this question by reading this article.

In the United States, all car owners are legally required to carry at least the minimum required auto insurance coverage. This minimum required auto insurance, however, does not necessarily cover your friends when they get behind the wheel of your car. Continue reading this article to discover what your auto insurance covers and what it does not. It is not always a guarantee that your friends will be covered when driving your vehicle.

Does My Auto Insurance Cover My Friends When They Drive My Car?

This question is commonly asked and for good reason – auto insurance is confusing and getting into an accident without proper coverage can literally bankrupt you. To better understand this question, you first need to know about the auto insurance types and policies. Some insurance policies cover the driver, while other insurance policies cover the car. Therefore, there is simply no “yes” or “no” answer to this question. It all depends on the person’s unique auto insurance policy.

Generally speaking, your auto insurance policy will cover the vehicle and not the driver. Like every time you are “generally speaking”, however, there will be some exceptions. If the driver you are lending your vehicle to is a licensed driver in good standing, chances are he will be covered under your (or his/her) auto insurance policy. Like just stated however, there are exceptions to rules. Let’s read more about the technical side of it below to get a better understanding.

If you have liability insurance, you, yourself, will be covered if you are driving behind the wheel. This coverage will follow you to other vehicles as well (including your friends’). So, if you have liability coverage and get behind the wheel of your friend’s car, you will be covered. The opposite is also true – if you friends get behind the wheel of your car they will be covered (given they have liability coverage).

If you have comprehensive and collision coverage, your car will be covered no matter who is driving. These coverage types are linked to the vehicle and not the driver (although some insurance companies ask for drivers to be listed on the policies). If other drivers are driving your car and get into an accident, damage to your car will be covered as long as these coverage types are in place.

Coverage For Other Drivers Depends On Your Policy

Some insurance companies are more lenient than others when it comes to who they allow you to lend your vehicle to. Some say that you can let your family members drive and occasionally let your friends drive and still always be covered. Other insurance companies, might be more strict with their policies and only allow YOURSELF to get behind the wheel of YOUR vehicle. It all depends on your unique company and policy.

One of the main things that you need to watch out for in your auto insurance policy if you plan to lend your car to friends on a regular basis, is that your policy does not have an exclusion for other drivers. Some policies (although not common), have specific lines in their contracts prohibiting other drivers from driving your vehicle. Your policy most likely does not have this extra clause listed, however, if it does, you might find yourself in trouble if your friend gets into an accident while driving your car.

If you are unsure of whether or not your friends will be covered when driving your vehicle, it is best to call up your insurance agent to talk about who is covered and who is not. Like stated above, there is no “yes” or “no” answer to this question and it varies from policy to policy.

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