If You Have A Heart Attack While Driving, Does Insurance Cover It?

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Some of our readers have been wondering – If you have a heart attack while driving, Does insurance pay for it?

This scenario seems a bit far-fetched, but insurers always have to think about the unforeseen – if you are driving down the street and suffer a heart attack which causes a car accident, does the insurance company have to pay for it?

heart attack while driving

If you have a heart attack when driving your car, will your insurance pay for it?

This is actually an event that occurred not so long ago. A man insured under an automobile insurance liability policy was driving down the street one day and had a heart attack. The result of the heart attack was that he collided with another vehicle, thus resulting in an accident. He was then transported to the local hospital, but unfortunately was pronounced dead later that day.

The man’s personal auto insurance provider denied coverage for any of the damages resulting from the accident because they claimed that the accident itself did not cause the heart attack (it was the other way around). The insurance company claimed that their medical payments coverage plan is supposed to pay for injuries and whatnot that are sustained during the accident (not the other way around).

The car insurance agent working this case felt that the ambulance cost and the emergency room visit should have been covered by the insurance company, since he felt that it was likely the man would have required medical attention from the accident anyways (apart from the heart attack).

In order to prove that medical attention was required from the accident itself and not only from the heart attack, the insurance agent should interview the medical staff working at the hospital that day to determine the severity of the bodily injury sustained in the car accident. After all, it is completely possibly that the driver who was in the car accident had injuries apart from the heart attack.

If there are in fact injuries sustained in the car accident, the driver’s personal injury protection coverage should cover the expenses that resulted from the accident. If the injuries in the accident required ambulance service, then the heart attack that initially caused the accident should not relieve the insurance company of their obligation to pay for the medical services of the victim.

So, to recap, the car insurance company does not have any obligation to pay for medical services resulting from a heart attack. If the resulting car accident leaves the person injured, then yes, the insurance company will have to pay for THOSE medical costs, but if there was no injury from the car accident, the insurance provider would not be obligated to pay for the medical costs associated with the heart attack.

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