Is Insurance Higher on Red Cars?

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Leslie Kasperowicz
14 Years in the Insurance Industry (CSR & Writer)

UPDATED: Mar 13, 2020

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There are many urban legends and myths surrounding car insurance. One of these ongoing rumors is that red cars cost more money to insure than cars of other colors. The theory behind this idea suggests that people who want to drive red cars are people who drive fast and live dangerously (think Tom Cruise in “Days of Thunder”). They say that all of the “cool” or fast cars red, and because of this, are more likely to get into high-speed accidents.

So is this true? Do insurance companies automatically jack up prices on your insurance when they hear your car is red? Or are red cars just getting a bad rap?

Does the color of your car affect insurance rates?

The answer to this question is NO. Insurance is not higher on red cars. There is no conspiracy against red cars and their drivers.

Red Cars

Red cars look nice, but are they more expensive to insure?

The fact is, insurance companies don’t know your car color. They don’t discriminate based on the color of your car’s skin. So, when you go to the new car lot and start checking out automobiles to buy, don’t be turned off by red cars. White cars, black cars, and even pink cars are all shown the same respect that red cars are shown.

Insurance companies are completely colorblind. Their systems are completely unaware of what color your car is, nor will it be used in determining your insurance rates. Even if you have lightning bolts painted on the sides of your car with a license plate reading “SPEEDEMON”, you will still be given the same rates as the grandpa down the road driving the same car in an off-white beige-ish color.

Although the color of the car is not taken into consideration when determining car insurance rates, the vehicle model is. The make and year of the car are huge factors used in deciding how much your premiums will be. In other words, the red Lamborghini Diablo you just bought might be very expensive to insure, but it has nothing to do with it being red. The fact that it can reach speeds of 200mph and it has a price tag of $250,000, on the other hand, do have something to do with it.

Repair costs are also something that insurance companies look at. For example, it is much more expensive to repair a BMW 7 series than it is to repair a Ford Taurus. Because of this, a red BMW will be more expensive to insure than a gray Ford, and it’s not because of the color.

Other Factors At Play

Although insurance rates might be the same, red car owners might not get the same treatment from everyone else. Specialists in color theory argue that because red cars are easier to spot on the road, police are more likely to give red car drivers tickets. The same can be said, however, about neon green, yellow, pink, orange and other “flashy” colors. If you don’t want to stick out in a crowd, if you just want to blend in so you can speed whenever you want (just kidding), try picking out a more bland color. (Note – Speeding tickets and other traffic violations DO affect your premiums.)

While red cars do not cost more to insure just because they are red, one could argue that there is a correlation. The target market for red sports cars is usually young male drivers. We all know that young male drivers are in one of the highest risk auto insurance brackets (because they statistically get in more accidents and more traffic violations). This combination of young man plus red car equals high insurance rates (but again, it’s NOT because of the color red).

In conclusion, you shouldn’t worry about the color of your car when purchasing auto insurance. There are more important factors to worry about. If you are in the market for auto insurance, please shop around the internet and compare quotes. It’s the best way to save on your premiums. Happy driving!

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