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Choosing an auto insurance company is a huge financial decision that we all have to make. If you’re fortunate enough to sign on with a reputable, reliable company, then you’re in luck. Selecting a good auto insurance company gives you the peace of mind to know that if you get into an accident, you’ll be in good hands. You want to know that if you make a claim, you won’t have to worry that it will be denied.

Sadly, far too many people find out too late that their car insurance company isn’t trustworthy. They go to make a claim and then experience a rude awakening. The only way to avoid making this mistake is to do your research before you purchase your insurance policy. The best auto insurance companies not only are highly rated by consumer rating institutions, but they also have strong financial health and the ability to pay even the most expensive claims. Continue reading below to learn more about the characteristics of a good auto insurance company and to see our list of the ten best auto insurance companies.

best auto insurance companies

Consumer Reports Auto Insurance Company Survey

So, what makes for the best auto insurance company? There is no single right answer to this, and in reality, an insurer that is great for one driver may not be so great for another. A recent survey by Consumer Reports was distributed to 28,241 auto insurance customers and ranked twenty-two insurers according to two criteria:

  1. How quickly claims were paid
  2. If there were any problems with the claims process

These auto insurance company ratings were scored on a scale of 1 to 100. The results of the survey brought some interesting things to light. First, all of the companies surveyed scored over 80. Secondly, the best auto insurance companies, according to consumers who returned the survey, are smaller ones that you may not have heard of.

Another interesting – and disturbing – fact was that even among these top-rated insurers, 10%–26% of all respondents reported having problems receiving payments on claims. In some cases, these insurance customers wound up waiting over two weeks before receiving a claims check.

Who Came in First

The Consumer Reports survey was distributed to auto insurance customers who had filed claims during a recent 18-month period. It found that 86% of respondents were “highly satisfied” with the way their claims were handled. The highest-rated auto insurance companies – those that scored in the top 8% – were New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance, Arbella, and Auto-Owners Insurance.

Keep in mind that these companies may not offer policies in all states or may have strict eligibility rules that prevent some people from buying policies from them. So if you haven’t heard of them, don’t worry. Most people haven’t.

Watch out for Suspiciously Low Prices

As 19th-century philosopher John Ruskin reportedly said, “There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man’s lawful prey.”

Because of this, Consumer Reports issued the following warning with its findings:

“Saving on car insurance is not only a matter of finding the lowest premium. An insurer can charge less in premiums but cost you more overall by low-balling loss estimates, hassling the repair shop to cut corners, and forcing you to pay extra for the manufacturer’s replacement parts if you choose them over cheaper knockoffs. It can also unfairly jack up your premiums after an accident.”

What this means is that the least expensive auto insurance policy is not necessarily the best. You should do your research to find a reputable insurer with high ratings from not only Consumer Reports but from J.D. Power and AM Best as well.

What to Look for in an Insurance Company

Unfortunately, working with some auto insurance companies can turn out to be a real-life nightmare. They might disappear or become unresponsive after you get into an accident. They might make it a hassle to file a claim. Their customer service might be downright terrible.

When you pay a lot of money for insurance coverage, you deserve an insurance company that’s dependable and trustworthy. Insurers like this, however, can sometimes be hard to find. To avoid the pitfalls of an unreliable auto insurance provider, make sure to find a company with strong customer satisfaction ratings, good customer service, extensive coverage options, strong financial ratings, and most importantly, affordable coverage.

Get Insurance Quotes from a Reputable Source

The Internet has made it easy to get dozens of auto insurance quotes in just a few minutes. Not all companies, however, let you compare rates from only the top-rated insurance providers. is different. We don’t just recommend any auto insurance company to you; we recommend the best auto insurance companies in the industry. By using our quote comparison tool, you will be given insurance rates from the highest-rated, most reputable insurance companies, including those listed in our top ten list below.

Our Top Ten Best Car Insurance Companies List

The following ten auto insurance companies have been chosen for several reasons, and they have a few things in common. Their customer service is top-notch, their rates are low, and they have insanely high customer satisfaction rates. While it may be slightly different than the Consumer Reports list mentioned above, the factors and values we considered when ranking these companies are very much the same.

  1. GEICO

    GEICO’s customer service is second to none, and their large customer base makes it possible for them to charge low premiums. If you’re looking for an affordable car insurance policy with excellent coverage options, GEICO might be right for you. (Read more about GEICO here.)

  2. Allstate

    As their slogan says, with Allstate, “you’re in good hands,” and that is the truth. Their customers love them, so there’s a pretty good chance you will too. Allstate was one of the first to offer accident forgiveness, and they continue to add new features that change how we pay for auto insurance. (Read more about Allstate here.)

  3. State Farm

    State Farm is another auto insurance provider that is sure to please. They’ve grown to become the largest insurance provider in North America. Claims agents are always friendly, and they provide you with a lot of coverage for an affordable price. (Read more about State Farm here.)

  4. Esurance

    With 24/7 support and friendly agents, Esurance’s customer service is hard to beat. Their prices are competitive, as well. (Read more about Esurance here.)

  5. Arbella

    Arbella doesn’t waste your money on ads or flashy commercials. They let their work speak for itself. Arbella thrives on referrals and word of mouth. Policyholders love Arbella with good reason too. Arbella’s hassle-free claim processing seems to be their most popular feature. (Read more about Arbella here.)

  6. American Family Auto Insurance

    Although smaller than the other companies on our list, American Family aims to please. They pay claims promptly and get high reviews from all major publications.  Unfortunately, they are only available in 19 states. If you are lucky enough to be in a state that has American Family Insurance, you might want to give them a try. (Read more about American Family here.)

  7. Liberty Mutual

    As an old, conservative insurance company, Liberty Mutual prides itself on reputation. They are personal, competitively priced, and have short wait times when it comes to claims. (Read more about Liberty Mutual here.)

  8. Progressive

    Progressive is another company you might recognize from TV. Getting started with them is simple, easy, and inexpensive too. Dealing with Progressive is incredibly stress-free. With Progressive, you will never have a problem with a claim. (Read more about Progressive here.)

  9. AAA

    “Triple-A” is more than just roadside assistance and travel accommodations. Their auto insurance coverage is of the highest quality. If you get into an accident, they will be by your side every step of the way. (Read more about AAA here.)

  10. Farmers

    Farmers is known for its great auto and home insurance coverage options. If you’re thinking about combining policies, give Farmers a shot. They have many highly customizable insurance options. (Read more about Farmers here.)

Things To Remember

The lowest-priced car insurance policy is not always the best. When shopping around, carefully look at auto insurance companies, and do your research. Remember that information on how insurers handle claims and how they set rates are public record and are generally not difficult to find.

People who have particular auto insurance needs may be better served by going to an independent car insurance agency rather than a single company. Independent agents represent several insurers and can usually help you find good coverage for your unique situation.

Although the list above represents our favorite choices, there are other companies not listed that are also deserving of recognition. By entering your zip code above and comparing quotes, you’ll be presented with insurance quotes not only from companies in our top ten list but also from other highly rated auto insurance companies in the United States.


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  1. Geico is an American company. It has a gecco with a cockny accent spearheading its marketing campaign. Geico is otherwise known as Government Employees Insurance Company. They deal mainly with Auto Insurance.

  2. Which of those insurance companies would you recommend for me to consider? I want to know more about it in full detail. I hope you can email me with the said information. Thanks and best regards!

    • what state do you live in I may be able to help you!

      • Manuel ochoa lopez

        I have been using AAA for over 27 years and I have never been in an accident. I’m ready to change every year it seems to be the same price and car get older and older. I replace the car every 7 years. But insurance is too high every time.

  3. Yes, choosing the best auto insurance company is definitely a huge financial decision that every car owner has to make, and I think the info offered in this post will certainly help all those who are in hunt for the best auto insurance firm.

  4. Ralph Sampson

    Where do you rate AMICA insurance?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Ralph,
      Amica is generally a good insurance company, as are most companies. They all have some negative reviews online, with either customer service or claims. However, it’s a solid company with many happy customers. You could get a quote from Amica and a few other companies to see how they compare, and if they are competitive then you could try them out. What makes a company competitive in their rates depends on many factors, such as your age, location, driving history, credit score, type of vehicle, etc. So it’s best to get quotes from a few different companies and then make a decision.

  5. I am located on L.I. and work for a company that has about 20 company cars. What company would be best for me?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Mel,
      If you work for a company that uses 20 company cars, it would seem that your car should join its fleet. It’s hard to know what the exact situation is, but if your car is joining their fleet, then they would just add your vehicle to their insurance policy. If everyone has their own insurance policy but it’s commercial use, then you will need to get a commercial policy. Most insurance companies won’t write a monoline commercial auto policy, so you might need to go through a company like Progressive.

  6. We deal with all these insurance companies as we provide Roadside Assistance in San Antonio, Texas. They are all nice to deal with. They all call us for flat tire assistance, jumpstarts, towing, and unlocking car doors. Great information about some big name insurance companies.

  7. I will definitely go for State Farm (The Best Insurance Company) because my Uncle also suggested me “State Farm”. My uncle has a good experience with this company, I will recommend it for the people who are looking for “The Best”.

    • Funny how USAA was not included on this list. I like their ads,and I have never had any problems with them. Rates are reasonable too. Much better than annoying Flo for Progressive,and Geico with their annoying ads. Then there is Nationwide. I dealt with them a few years ago after their client hit me and totaled my car,they were extremely difficult to deal with,and I had to get my insurance company involved(USAA). At least USAA was helpful,unlike Nationwide. Sure,all these places offer discounts for safe driving,but do they offer year end car insurance dividends like USAA does? Ya,didn’t think so. They are by far better than any of the ones on this list.

      • USAA is way better than the top 10 you have. It’s low-cost auto insurance, helpful in your claims, prompt in payments, courteous and helpful employees. I recommend USAA.

  8. I used to have Hartford Ins. Co. for 20 years. I used to have 2 cars paying $3,000 . I went to 1 car & went to $3,300 I called AARP & they told me to find another Co. where they supposed to help Senior citizens.
    They increased my home owners Ins. to.
    I am now using USAA and saving $2,000.

  9. State Farm is the best for me. thanks for sharing.

  10. Never use Geico. Everyone I have known and from personal experience, Geico customer service was the worst. I am actually taking time out my day to help others today to write reviews. Please consider Geico as your last option. They may cost less in some cases but trust me they are definitely not worth it.

  11. Progressive is the WORST. As a faultless victim of one of their insured, they took over a week to even contact me. They have jerked me around for another week and they won’t even put me in the position I was in before their insured totalled my car. Worst company ever. I wouldn’t recommend them ever!

  12. I went with Progressive and got a decent rate and had the choice of using their Snapshot device. After connecting it and receiving messages that their device wasn’t working properly, they sent me another device, then upped my rate by over $45 per month!! I know the devices are not accurate because it beeped at me at the same stop sign on a steep hill thinking that I was hard braking. I live in a city with steep hills everywhere… so beware of you’re thinking of using them!!

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