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A pleasure use vehicle is different to your usual everyday vehicle and there are strict limits on the use of please use vehicles for insurance purposes, this is because they receive discounted premiums compared to other insurance policies for automobiles as insurers see them as a lower risk because they aren’t used as often.

What are the usual conditions for a pleasure use vehicle?

pleasure use vehicleFirstly and most importantly a pleasure use vehicle cannot be used for business purposes under any circumstances, so you can take your colleague to the office in it from his home but you can’t take him or her to a meeting in it.

A pleasure use vehicle may only be drive either to or from your place of work a maximum of 4 times in one month and may not be driven for more than 1,000 miles to or from your office or school during the period of insurance. There may also be a limit on the maximum mileage a pleasure use vehicle can cover in terms of all journeys under the conditions of your insurance contract.

You can, however, drive your children to and from school in a pleasure use vehicle without any limits imposed by the policy. But students may not use a pleasure use vehicle to drive themselves to school, college or university while on a pleasure use vehicle insurance policy.

Why would I want to reclassify my vehicle as a pleasure use vehicle?

It makes sense to save money on your insurance premiums (as long as it doesn’t affect the level of coverage you need) and if you have a second vehicle attached to your household that isn’t used for regular school and office runs then it makes sense to have that vehicle reclassified as for pleasure use, so that you can get a discount on your insurance premiums without losing any of the coverage benefits that you want.

How do I go about changing my insurance policy so that one of my vehicles is classified as a pleasure use vehicle?

As each insurance company’s policies on pleasure use vehicles are likely to be slightly different the best way to change your car’s policy over so that it is covered as a pleasure use vehicle is to contact your insurance agent or your insurance broker and ask them how to do so.

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