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A primary driver is the main driver of the vehicle that is being insured, and they will always be listed first on the insurance policy. There may be other drivers who qualify under the terms of the insurance contract to drive the car and receive the insurance protection but they won’t drive the vehicle as often as the named primary driver.primary driver

When you apply for an auto insurance policy in the United States, the insurance agent or insurance broker will ask you which person drives the vehicle the most often? Once this has been established that person will be considered to be the primary driver of the vehicle, the insurance company will calculate the insurance premiums based on information relating to the primary driver – so the primary driver’s age, use of the vehicle, credit record and driving history may all be factors in the premium calculation. Along of course with information about the car itself such mileage, model, make and age.

What happens if we have two vehicles and two drivers at home?

It’s simple; there will be one primary driver for each vehicle and one secondary driver – so each driver will be on one insurance policy as the named primary driver. For example; for married couples this means that you would be the primary driver on one of the policies and your spouse would be the primary drive on the other.

What about if we have only one vehicle and two drivers?

In this instance only one of you will be considered to be the primary driver, you’ll need to decide who drives the car most often and this person will appear on the policy as the primary driver.

What about the case where we have more than one car but only one driver?

In that instance that person will be the primary driver for each insurance policy, so if you’ve got a van and a car – you’d be the primary for both of them.

In most instances teenagers will be secondary drivers on a policy that insures one of their parents as a primary driver this is because insuring a teenager directly can be very expensive, but normally relatives must be listed as secondary drivers on the policy for the vehicle and if they aren’t then you may find yourself facing a repair bill you have to meet yourself.

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