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You wouldn’t buy a new TV without reading some reviews first, and you certainly would overlook the research phase when shopping for a new home or car. The same should go for auto insurance companies.  Don’t be afraid of shopping around and finding the best prices from the best insurance companies!

Most consumers are afraid of change.  They are afraid of leaving their local insurance company that they have been using for years.  Little do they know, cheaper car insurance rates from better providers are out there – and are easy to find!

Buying automobile insurance requires a certain level of commitment (unless of course you want to pay extra for a month-to-month policy). If you don’t want to get stuck with an auto insurance company that provides terrible service and care, you better do your research. Don’t be one of those drivers who overlook this critical step.

The easiest way to determine if an car insurance provider is worth your time is to read what real customers have to say about the company. You won’t find a better way to get honest auto insurance company reviews than you will with reading customer testimonials.  The internet makes this easy.  Sites like Facebook, Yelp, and My3cents all have thousands of insurance company reviews.

What to look for in Auto Insurance Reviews

Many customers take the time to leave in depth reviews of their auto insurance providers, but what exactly should you be looking for? A good car insurance company worthy of your business will receive positive comments in these three important areas: Costumer Service, Convenience and Price.

Customer Service

This is the most important factor for many drivers, and we tend to agree. In fact, many people are willing to sacrifice convenience and price in exchange for a company that provides excellent customer service. When looking at customer service reviews, you should look for:

  • Friendly claims agents

  • Brief hold times on phone

  • Eagerness to help and solve problems

    Insurance company customer support

    Customer service is extremely important when looking at auto insurance companies.


You’re paying a lot to have your car insured, so when you call on the aid of your auto insurance company, they should make it easy for you to work quickly with them towards a solution. It should also be convenient to get the features you need to feel safe. You should definitely look for:

  • Ability to file claims online and via phone

  • Internet tools to print out important documents and to update your policy

  • Special features like roadside assistance, 24/7 service, etc.


The cost of adequate automobile insurance coverage can make or break an insurance purchase. You want to make sure you’re paying a fair rate, but be weary of insurance companies that charge significantly less than their competition. Price is very important. Make sure your insurance company has:

  • No hidden fees or premium increases

  • Numerous low-risk driver discounts

  • Rates are on par with similar policies from similar companies.

Find the Best Prices

You’ll find that most insurance company reviews will be consistent in terms of customer service and convenience, but due to the many factors that are used to formulate your auto insurance quote, you’ll notice that rates vary greatly from person to person.

Our auto insurance quotes comparison tool is the best way to get an idea of how much you’ll be paying. After entering your zip code at the top of this page, you’ll be presented with a short questionnaire that will be used to put together a policy that matches your specific needs.

Get reviews of insurance providers

Now that you know what to look for in auto insurance reviews, it’s time for you to read some insurance company reviews from around the web.  To get started, why not check out’s list of the best auto insurance companies? For other reviews, check out the following sites:

  • JD Power And Associates – The industry’s most trusted consumer reporting website.
  • My3Cents – Auto insurance company reviews from consumers like you!

You are now on your way to finding a convenient, helpful, and affordable automobile insurance policy. After reading honest, unbiased reviews, you can rest easy knowing you’ll make a smart decision.

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