Ameriprise – An Overview

Ameriprise Financial offers an extensive range of insurance products through its affiliate company RiverSource. These include life insurance, home & auto insurance, disability income insurance and long term car insurance. Ameriprise is considered to be the 18th biggest life insurance company and has consistently earned positive ratings for the quality of its service in the last decade.

Ameriprise – It’s History

Ameriprise began as an Investors Syndicate founded by John Tappan in 1894. In four decades the company’s assets grew to reach $100 million. The growth of the company led to the introduction of the company’s first mutual fund in 1940 aptly named The Investors Mutual Fund. By 1960, the mutual fund had grown to become the largest balanced fund on the globe. In 1958, the Investors Syndicate founded the Investors Syndicate Life Insurance Company. It would later go on be named the RiverSource Life Insurance Company. The company opened its headquarters in downtown Minneapolis at the end of the seventies. By 1994, after a century of operations, the company had gained a $100 billion in assets. In 2005, the company was renamed Ameriprise Financial following its transition to an independent company. Ameriprise Finanical made its debut on the Fortune 500 list at #297.

Ameriprise – Differentiating Factors

Alongside its robust insurance products, Ameriprise offers a service format that is built around each individual’s needs. The company gives its customers the opportunity to discuss their financial plans with qualified and experienced advisors. Customers are not just given free financial advice, they are also given the opportunity to choose their own advisor from a pool of over 10,000 trained experts. Advisors can be contacted over the phone and even met on one-on-one meetings. It is believed that more people visit Amerirpise for Financial advice and support than any other financial institution in the country.

Ameriprise – Let’s Hear what their Customers Say…

The insurance company has received mixed reviews varying from great to poor. Some customers are impressed with the affordable monthly premiums offered by the company and the ease with which coverage could be bought. Others commend the company’s friendly workers and 24 hour availability schedule. However, some other customers have questioned the claims policy of the company, with concerns over the company’s willingness to ignore claims based on minor technicalities. The company is scored between 3 and 3.5 stars out of 5 on customer review websites such as and Based partly on the complaint volume received about the company, Ameriprise has a BBB rating of A+.


Ameriprise is a suitable option for people who require financial advice and insight into their short term and long term insurance plans. The rates offered by the company are fair—compared to other companies. Ameriprise friendly customer policy also makes it easy for people to approach and purchase coverage plans.

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