What to Do If You Are Being Sued After an Accident

If you are involved in an auto accident and the other party decides to take legal action and sue you, the first thing you should do is stay calm. Being sued is a scary situation with significant implications, yes, but if you are intelligent about it, you can limit your legal liability to almost nothing. Before you panic, read our guide below to determine the smartest course of action.

A typical scenario goes something like this: I was involved in an accident a year ago, and was found to be at fault. At the time, my insurance company paid off the claim, but an additional lawsuit has recently been filed, which would be outside the limits of my policy. What should I do?

The first thing most people do in a situation like this is panic. But there are some things to keep in mind, and when the panic attack ends, you probably won’t be any worse off than you were going into the situation.

What to Do If You Are Being Sued After a Car Accident

How To Know If You Are Actually At Fault

In many instances, the fault is evident by looking at the damage and the environment in which the accident happened. In other cases, how to determine who’s at fault in an accident depends on local laws. How to determine who’s at fault in an accident is a complicated question with many facets. In some states, where No-Fault insurance is the legal requirement, your insurance company is responsible for you and your property regardless of who is at fault. In this last instance, who is at fault becomes a consideration for determining points on your driver’s license and other regulations regarding your driving privilege.

One consideration is simply whether either car was parked, or stopped. Road conditions are also a significant factor in deciding how to determine who’s at fault in an accident; heavy fog or rain, or even high winds could play a part in the fault involved. In many states, running into the rear of another vehicle is an automatic fault, because you are supposed to always have time to stop in the distance between your vehicle and the one you are following. However, if a vehicle were to back out of a blind drive into your path, there’s little you can do. How to determine who’s at fault in an accident entails comparing the factors involved and establishing a ranked list of the causes involved. Failure to yield the right-of-way to through traffic is always a fault.

If you live in a No-Fault state, your insurance will be responsible for your damages regardless of who’s at fault in an accident. In some ways, this can be beneficial to a driver, but for others, it can be a frustrating situation. The theory of No-Fault insurance is that we are all responsible for our own problems, and one driver cannot hold another liable for property or injury damage. The problem with No-Fault is that your car insurance will fluctuate, usually going slowly upwards, as claims filed by the company are reflected on the group of people they cover. No-Fault is in many ways to a cooperative insurance where all of the members participate to cover other members of their insured network.

But aside from No-Fault, you’ll probably need to know how to determine who’s at fault in an accident, before one happens. The angle of collision, speed of both vehicles, and even the time of day can be critical in making the decision. How to determine who’s at fault in an accident will sometimes provide a mixed result as well, and what at first appeared to be the fault of one driver or the other, no fault is determined when all of the facts have been investigated.

What To Do If You Are At Fault And Are Being Sued

First, contact your insurance company. If you have changed companies since the accident, contact the one who handled the original claim. (It might also be wise to mention that if you’ve jumped ship, the insurance company is likely to be willing to help you. Loyalty is a two-way street.) Unless there are mitigating circumstances that justify a new lawsuit being brought, your original coverage is still valid, and the insurance company is still responsible for providing the coverage afforded in that policy at the time of the accident. Contact the insurance company, and make sure they are on the job.

For one thing, find out what the statute of limitations is for your state. If too much time has passed, filing a new claim is a fruitless quest. Now, lawyers know about the statute of limitations, and if the suit if being filed by a reputable attorney, this is not likely to be an issue. On the other hand, if the lawsuit is being used as a way to pressure you into paying more money that you are not actually liable for, disreputable representatives are subject to try anything.

As a general rule, the limits of your policy will be the limits within a claim is settled. It is rare for additional amounts to be levied beyond the policy coverage. In fact, the idea has been put forth that this generally only happens when the circumstances indicate that the defendant is likely to have assets that can be easily liquidated. This can be a tricky area, as it involves calculated loss risks in an endeavor to make additional gains. For this, it is probably in your best interest to make sure your insurance company is providing counsel, or contract for a lawyer of your own.

In a vast majority of accidents, the policy of the person found at fault is sufficient to cover the penalties and injuries involved. In those few circumstances when this is not true, you will generally know very shortly after the accident and will be able to begin making allowances for coming up with the additional funds. For a lawsuit to be filed more than a year later, a great deal of causative effect has to be shown, and a reasonable explanation for such a long delay in bringing the suit. Your insurance company is your first line of defense, and putting a lawyer of your own on retainer is the next step. Don’t attempt to represent yourself in such a situation, as it is likely to be a skilled legal battle, and the facts of the accident will be of little regard.

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  1. I was wondering what I should do I am being sued for a accident the car I was driving wasn’t mine so there for I wasn’t on the insurance I have no contact with the driver anymore. In the accident I and the other driver merged into the same lane at the same time he hit the front left end of the car. Not sure how I go about dealing with this

    • Rose: Iam in the same situation as you were.. First did you settle the situation? What was the outcome? Did you retain an Attorney? Could you give me advise of what I will expect to happen in my situation? Finally if you could suggest an Attorney , I live in the Los Angel County,, Thank you

      • Christine Decosta

        Help! I am in the same boat and need a very good lawyer. This person is clearly trying to get anything from us that she can. I need help. I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown from this stress.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Rose, What was the outcome of your lawsuit? Based on your comment, I’m wondering a few things such as who was determined to be negligent? Were there any traffic tickets issued? Even though you weren’t on your friend’s car insurance policy, did you have a valid license and your own car insurance? If you did have your own car insurance, then I would recommend you contact the insurance carrier about the accident to see if you will be able to file a claim. You will also want to ask your own car insurance company if they would be willing to provide legal representation in this matter. Sometimes free legal help is made available to you by your insurance carrier. If the answer is no to both questions then you’ll need to retain your own legal counsel. It’s always important to find a local attorney that’s comfortable handling car accident cases. The first consultation with a law firm is normally free. Please let us know what happened in your lawsuit. Hope you are well and everything has been resolved!

  2. michael taylor

    I was not a fault the police said it could not be determined who was at fault so no tickets to either
    party was issued. My son was driving and now one year later I get papers saying i’m being sued
    possibly for more than my coverage with allstate. Allstate as a lawyer representing them and me butI have no assets, no savings, no 401k, everything I have has a loan own it, credit card debt in excess of 20,000
    and a bunch of smaller bills what do I do. I live in Louisiana

    • What ended up happening with your case?

    • Well I had same type situation. At the time I had no assets to take,so the saying goes…”You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip”. Is what it is and I wouldn’t worry about it,nothing ever came about from mine and that was 4 years ago. I was threatened left and right but explained to them go for it I got nothing for you. They just left me alone I assume cause they saw nothing was there. Now if you have assets you must be careful because they will pursue the case. I’m not a lawyer however all they can do is place a judgement. If your credit is bad already and want to fix it at some point,or remove the judgement simply file bankruptcy. That costs around 600-1000.00 depending on where you live and will wipe all debts except the following.

      1) Tax debt
      2) Student loans
      3) Mortage balances if you get to keep house.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Michael, What was the outcome of this crash case? Many times the other driver will threaten a lawsuit to see if they can get even more money above & beyond the policy limits. In cases where the other driver does file a lawsuit, most insurance companies will provide free legal representation. It sounds like that is what happened in your situation which is great. If you are sued and do not have funds available right now to take care of a crash settlement then there are other methods used. For example, your tax refunds can be frozen, your wages can be garnished, and liens can be put on your property (like a vehicle or home), etc. These actions can be taken now or in the future. I have known of drivers that were sued and ended up filing personal bankruptcy to wipe out the debt. I hope everything has been resolved and this accident is in the rearview mirror!

      • A neighbor got in accident in my car no one got a ticket my car is damaged pretty bad other party had no insurance she ran into rear door she called her insurance company the same day no damages to her vehicle now she wants to sue our insurance company how does that work neighbor didn’t ask to use car to go where accident occurred she was simply going down the street a few houses down and bring bags of close she ended up somewhere else

    • My 21 years old daughter was driving me to hospital because I was sick . We had an accident as she was changing from one lane to the other . Unfortunately she had no license . She was fined and I coukd not claim from the insurance because the police report had my daughter as driver B. The other party s car was written off . But his insurance has reinstated him and incurred all the costs. Now I am being sued even though I was not behind the wheel. Can I contest this ? Can my unemployed daughter be liable ? Will they resort to suing the owner of the car who is my husband ? Is one alliwed to benefits twice from the insurance and also sue ?

      • My brother was in an accident just under one year ago. No citations were issued to either driver. ( He was one of them) his car he just bought one week before was totaled and the engine laying on the ground. The other driver jumped back into her lincoln and drove away, he was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries. She is now filed a lawsuit against him! We are shocked. He has not been able to work in the last year and owns nothing but the clothes on his back. Can he declare bankruptcy to prevent her from getting money from him in the future if he is ever able to go back to a job? We are freaking out here and cannot belive the audacity of her to now sue him she nearly killed him!

  3. I was recentoy in a car with my fiance and our insurance coverage had expired. I’m worried about being sued for damages/medical bills.. What’s the best advise? We don’t own anything and my fiance draws disability. So what all could happen? I go to court on the 15th with understanding that I will already have a ton of fee’s and court costs, possible suspension of my D.L and a misdemeanor charge. The last thing I need is somebody wanting to sue when we can’t even afford Insurance (obviously)??? Help!!!

    • I am facing the same issue. … what was your outcome?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi April, How did everything unfold in your crash case? What happened in traffic court? Was the accident determined to be your fault? Did the other driver end up suing you? Auto insurance can be very expensive and we may go for many, many years without ever needing to file a claim. So it’s not surprising that many drivers rely on luck. However, if you are in an accident, car insurance can save you way more money than it costs in the long run. As you said, not having insurance has subjected you to even more financial penalties and complications. For anyone in this same circumstance, I would advise he/she meet with a local attorney that’s familiar with car crash cases. Remember, the first consultation is typically free. If you are sued and do not have funds available right now to take care of a crash settlement then there are other methods used. For example, your tax refunds can be frozen, your wages can be garnished, and liens can be put on your property (like a vehicle or home), etc. These actions can be taken now or in the future. I hope everything has been resolved!

  4. What to do if I was involved in an accident that seems to be my fault and my insurance coverages lasped. The other driver didn’t have insurance as well. Now the other driver is talking about sueing me.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Jackie, This accident must have been very worrisome for you! Did the other driver end up suing you? What was the outcome? Your comment said the accident “seemed” to be your fault. Was it determined that you were negligent for the crash? Did the police report site you as being in the wrong? Were you ticketed? Based on your description, it seems the other driver may have a legitimate lawsuit against you personally and, if you were determined as being negligent, then you would be responsible for damages. Keep in mind, many times the amount of money the plaintiff is requesting may be well above and beyond what is needed to make them “whole” again. The best thing to do is consult with an attorney in your area that’s familiar with car accident cases. Many times the attorneys for each party can come up with a reasonable settlement and keep you from going before a judge. I hope everything has been resolved fairly and quickly!

      • I really need some help. I got into an accident and ran into a parked car. I got sued but had insurance and thought they would help me out. They never did anything to pay for the vehicle like they were supposed to and my license got taken. I’m to broke and can’t afford an attorney. I’m in IL, who do I call to get help with the case

        • I was i a accident a year ago at the time unfortunately due to certain circumstances my insurance lapsed and got in a accident so i didnt have insurance at the time i do now. But the accident was never declared whos fault it was. I got a letter from there insurance company saying i owe them. But It was no my fault. What do i do?

  5. I allowed my nephew to drive my car with the stipulation that he keep insurance on it. He had an accident and didn’t tell me until I received a law suit informing me I was being sued. He also didn’t have insurance. I am panicking. What can I do?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Tracie, This is really unfortunate! What ended up happening with this lawsuit? Were you and your nephew both named in this lawsuit? Or were you the only individual being sued? Was your nephew the negligent party in the car accident? If your nephew did cause the accident then he is personally responsible for the damages. Depending on the state, the negligent party can be 100% responsible or may only be assigned a portion of the responsibility (such as 80/20 or 70/30). Overall these types of situations come up more often than most people realize. I know many car owners that have ended up suing the friend/roommate/family member/significant other that actually caused the crash to recoup any damages. I would say the most important thing to do under these circumstances is to retain your own attorney. A local lawyer that is very familiar with crash cases would best be able to advise you on the next steps. I hope by now this whole accident case is in your rearview mirror!

  6. I was involved in an accident in Sept 2016. No fault was determined and now the other party is trying to sue me. If you were to look at the pics you would think the other party would be at fault however, what should I do about this. The other parties Ins co determined at fault in their end. How is the done?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Confused, I hope you are doing well! Did the other driver’s insurance company pay you anything for damages? I’m trying to understand the basis of this lawsuit. In some states, negligence is not 100% one driver or the other but instead assigned in percentages such as 80/20. Since the other driver couldn’t get any money from his own insurance, perhaps he is trying to sue you to at least get back some of his damages. For example, let’s say you are found to be 20% responsible for the crash. If the other driver has a repair bill for $10,000 then he can try to recoup $2,000 from you. Of course, I don’t know which state you live in so I can’t say for sure that’s what the other driver is doing. Did you contact your insurance company? It’s always important to let your own insurance know of a lawsuit. Most insurance companies do provide free legal representation. Of course, if your insurance carrier will not provide an attorney, then it would be very important to get a lawyer of your own. It’s best to find an attorney that has handled plenty of car accident cases. Remember, the first legal consultation is normally free. Best of luck to you!

  7. I am being sued in civil court for a car accident. I pleaded guilty to lower charges and exempt from a civil lawsuit by the plaintiff suing me. I had auto insurance, is this legal?

    • This sounds like what my brother is going through, what ended up happening?


    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Fernando, Are you still dealing with this matter? I hope by now everything has been resolved. The short answer to your original question: yes, in most states a negligent driver can be named in a civil lawsuit as a result of a car accident. When you were first notified of the civil case, did you contact your auto insurance company regarding the pending litigation? It’s always important to let your claims adjuster know what is happening in regard to a crash. Most insurance companies do provide free legal representation. Of course, if your insurance carrier will not provide an attorney, then it would be very important to get a lawyer of your own. It’s best to find an attorney that has handled plenty of car accident cases. Remember, the first legal consultation is usually free. Hopefully this whole situation is behind you!

      • Help! I was merging in to a lane on the freeway when another car started to merge on the same lane. Forcing me out of my lane causing a chain reaction. The person that caused left the scene. So me and the other car stopped my car was damaged on the on the rear panel of my car, the other car had damage on her side front bumper. The insurance did Not found me at fault for the accident and refused to pay for the other cars damages. So now that person is mad and has threatened me with a lawsuit. She said she recorded our conversation when we got off the car. She acknowledged it was not our fault it was the first car that left the scene. She’s been harassing me, what do I do? Help!

      • I was in an accident 2015. Moved out of state for financial reasons and was sued. Because the balance was low I settled. I’m 2017 of February State Farm filed another lawsuit against me this time for uninsured bodily injury for the same accident. It is 2019 and I am still trying to resolve this matter. I put in a claim vacate judgment and was granted. They recently stricken my answer with prejudice failure to answer questions from the plaintiff that I never received. I filed another claim to vacate and was denied.

  8. Barbara Richards

    I made a medical claim through a chiropractor who told me that I would have to pay up front or could talk to a lawyer for a letter where they would wait until the suit was done. Another driver hit my friend and I, he ran but soon stopped. An accident report was filed showing him at fault. I found out, shockingly, that the lawyer filed the claim against my best friend and her insurance company. The chiropractor had a form that I filled out and they faxed to the law agency. I did sign it and I did sign another form for settlement. Then I found out all this other stuff. What can I do to protect my friend as I would never have agreed to suing her.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Barbara, Were you able to straighten this all out? It sounds almost like there was simply a mix-up by the chiropractor as to who should receive the bill. Did you consult with the lawyer and express your concerns? How did the insurance companies resolve this matter? If the other driver was found to be at fault then it’s hard for him to get around paying for damages. Even in states that assign a percentage to the negligence, it seems the other driver would mostly be responsible for paying your medical claims related to the crash. Please let us know the outcome. Hope you and your friend are doing well!

  9. Had an accident rear ended a car driver got out and ran to another car I was taken to hospital hurt knee and have numerous medical Issues one of which probably was reason I fell asleep at wheel I was covered fir up to 300.ooo for other driver now they want to sue I have nothing and no job I rent and I own nothing have no money for lawyer what should I do

    • Mystuga Paluba

      Stay calm. You are doing okay right. What you need to do is everything you possibly can in this situation. Whether it be doing things to help or performing assistive steps to aid you in your situation. You want to be doing anything and everything that comes to mind that will only benefit you of course. And when it comes to the less important things, consider reinforcement of your efforts through collaboration with others who can help be your “backing” or so to speak. Good luck and I hope this helps, keep me updated.

      • that was of zero help. do everything you can…jee thanks

      • Your only advice to this person was
        “Stay Calm”. Really????

        • I hired an attorney on a contingency basis. You pay nothing up front. They will not be paid if they do not win. However when the claim is paid out they get 1 third of the payment from X auto insurance company. This payment depends on the other drivers policy limit and if they had no insurance then if you have Uninsured motorist coverage, you’d get coverage by your own company for medical bills.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Carol, I hope you are feeling much better! To clarify, is your policy limit $300,000? That’s an excellent policy limit and, frankly, much higher than most people carry. Many times the other driver will threaten a lawsuit to see if they can get even more money from the insurance company. In cases where the other driver does file a lawsuit, most insurance companies will provide free legal representation. If your insurance carrier is not going to provide a free attorney, then you should still contact a lawyer in your area. It’s important to meet with an attorney that’s familiar with car crash cases. Remember, the first consultation is typically free. If you are sued and do not have funds available right now to take care of a crash settlement then there are other methods used. For example, your tax refunds can be frozen, your wages can be garnished, and liens can be put on your property (like a vehicle or home), etc. These actions can be taken now or in the future. I hope everything has been resolved and this accident is in the rearview mirror!

  10. I don’t know what to do. I am being sued for a accident that I wasn’t even in. I got a letter in the mail from the police department saying I was involved in a hit & run accident and I need to bring my vehicle and who ever was driving if it wasn’t me driving to the police department. Long story short now in getting letters in the mail from some firm in Texas stating I owe $2900.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Jeff, Did you ever sort this out? My first reaction is “this sounds like a scam”. Is it remotely possible that someone did take your car and get into an accident? If not, I would check the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website to see if this is a typical scam going on across the country. BBB has a tool on their site that allows you to be on the look-out for cons. Are there any details in the letter such as the specific location of the accident? If there is a specific location then I would contact the policy department in that community to find out more about this alleged accident. Finally, you can also phone your insurance agent or insurance company to find out if they can offer any additional resources. I hope everything has been resolved by now. Take care!

  11. I was in a accident in December 27 it was my faul because I didn’t have enough time or space to stop so I hit the car in front of me and their car is a total lost so I get a call from my insurance telling me that my insurance coverage is only 5000 and it doesn’t cover the other car and if they don’t settle with that and sign their papers they may sue me and i dont know what todo I’m so worry that I have to pay for the rest when I can nearly support myself

    • I am in the same situation? How did you deal? What happen?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Rosa, I’m glad you weren’t hurt in this accident! It sounds like the crash was pretty intense. The information your claims adjuster provided is correct. If your policy limits are not high enough to cover the damages, then you will be responsible for the difference. That’s why it’s always best to go with policies offering the highest limits you can possibly afford. Truth be told, most people pick their policy based on the monthly premium cost – the lower the better. So long as there are no accidents then that philosophy works great. It’s when crashes such as yours happen that drivers start to regret not paying a bit more monthly to get higher policy limits. If you are sued and do not have funds available right now to take care of a crash settlement then there are other methods used. For example, your tax refunds can be frozen, your wages can be garnished, and liens can be put on your property (like a vehicle or home), etc. These actions can be taken now or in the future. I hope you weren’t sued and this accident is in the rearview mirror!

      • Tanesha Wills

        Was in an accident you hit the car in front of you that car hits the car in front of them every one pulls over everybody is ok they sau they are fine their cars is ok and everybody drive away can someone sue later on

  12. I’m on the cusp of being sued to the tune of 81,789$. I rear ended the other person because of veiling glare at sunset, wasn’t going very fast. Now hes suing me for whiplash related tinnitus, lost wages, and pain and suffering. I left the insurance company i had during the accident because it became too expensive but theyre still representing me. I have no assets, no money, and no job. What do i do?

    • What happened with your case sane situation don’t have money to pay the law sue

    • Whatever became of this I was in similar with heavy rain

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Kasandra, I’m sure this matter has been quite stressful. Did your insurance company pay anything to the other driver? Is the other driver just seeking more money beyond your policy limits? Even though you’re being sued for quite a large amount, please keep in mind that the judge will determine what amount is truly fair. So perhaps the judge will decide $81,000 is too much and will instead grant a much lower figure. I’m pleased to hear your prior insurance carrier is providing legal representation. Believe me, they don’t want you to lose this case either! It doesn’t matter if you are no longer one of their customers. Insurance companies don’t like when any case goes to trial. Litigation contributes to regular increases in all of our premiums. If you do not have funds available right now to take care of a crash settlement then there are other methods used. For example, your tax refunds can be frozen, your wages can be garnished, and liens can be put on your property (like a vehicle or home), etc. These actions can be taken now or in the future. I hope everything has already been resolved quickly and fairly.

  13. Involved in a front bumper to rear accident from the side. (Passenger left) No kids or others just one female involved. But no injuries just car damages. And my lady was driving for me because I was falling asleep on the wheel. But I have premium full coverage and the car also has the gap insurance. The only bad thing is she doesn’t have a DL but has had made an appointment and was given until March. Can you please tell me the cons and minor pros? Thank you.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Daniel, It’s wonderful that you have such great car insurance, including the gap coverage! Who was found at fault in this accident? Settling any accident claim really comes down to who was negligent for the crash. If the other driver was at fault then you would receive payment from his/her insurance company for your car repairs. You would not be responsible for anything in regard to the damages. If your lady friend was at fault then you have a whole different issue. Was your lady friend covered on your policy (I’m assuming she wasn’t since she doesn’t have a license)? Was your lady friend considered at fault? What was the outcome of this situation? Hope everything is taken care of by now.

  14. The liability for my cat accident was put at 70/30 my fault and now the other driver is trying to arrange payments from me to pay for the depreciation of his car and the cost of a rental. What do I do?

    • Can you describe the incident leading up to this moment in more detail please?
      -Mystuga Chuba

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Ashlee, How did you end up handling this matter? First of all, I’m wondering what role each driver’s insurance companies are playing in this story. Did the other driver file a claim with your insurance company? If not, why not? It’s best to let your insurance company handle this matter on your behalf. If necessary, you can always contact an attorney in your area to review the other driver’s proposal and provide personalized advice. Be sure the lawyer is experienced in handling car accident settlements. Remember, the initial legal consultation is normally free. Please let us know how things worked out for you. Hope all is well!

  15. I got t-boned by a car that ran over a stop sign
    His insurance found Him at fault at the time I was and uninsured motorists the car belong to my mother in law
    I was going to sale it to one of my coworkers
    But the collision happen…now am in the step to take the car to get Valuated in shop…at the same time the person is suing me, I don’t understand? Can someone
    Please make me understand if am going to fight in court for something that there in insurance all ready determine that he was at 100% at fault…

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Nelson, I agree that this is quite confusing! Did the other driver’s insurance company pay for the damages to your mother-in-law’s vehicle? All things considered, I suggest you immediately contact an attorney experienced in handling car accident lawsuits. You will need someone that is very comfortable dealing with this type of case. Remember, initial consultations are usually free. Plus, retaining a lawyer may save you lots of money and hassle in the long run. Do you know the grounds for the lawsuit? What is the other driving seeking (what amount and for what damages)? I hope everything has been resolved by now and this accident is in your rearview mirror!

  16. I rear ended another vehicle that was stopped waiting to turn. My insurance lapsed and ended the day before my accident. Tge other girls car is totalled and mine is undriveable due to the damages are way more expensive then I can pay for. I have no job and own nothing except my car and I have a court date for the wreck and driving with no isurance. I’m positive I will get a ticket fir the no isurance but I’m scared to death the other driver will try and sue me. What all will happen to me since I have no assests and no job therefore no paychecks?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Kekasmom5, I’m sure this matter has caused a lot of stress for you. What was the outcome of your initial court date? Based on what you describe here, it sounds like you will be financially responsible for the other driver’s vehicle and any medical bills she has as a result of this accident. This means the other driver may move forward with a lawsuit so a judge can determine what is fair. If you do not have funds available right now to take care of a crash settlement then there are other methods used. For example, your tax refunds can be frozen, your wages can be garnished, and liens can be put on your property (like a vehicle or home), etc. These actions can be taken now or in the future. I have worked with customers in a similar situation that decided to file personal bankruptcy. How did everything work out for you?

  17. I was rear ended in February of 2015, I’ve suffered from injuries and am currently working with a lawyer. This past week I was involved in another accident where I was cited. Does this affect my lawsuit? I haven’t ever been at fault for an accident before. I’d really appreciate any guidance.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi KC, Sorry to hear you were in another car accident! Honestly, this sounds like a question best answered by your lawyer. I can only speculate that this second accident will not influence the first crash case. In the majority of states, establishing which driver is negligent in an auto accident is what influences the outcome of that specific case. In the first car accident, it sounds like the other driver was at fault. Is that correct? If the other driver was at fault then they are responsible for making you “whole” again. To make you whole, you will need payment for repair of your vehicle and money to pay medical bills from injuries. Did everything work out well in your crash lawsuit? Hope so!

  18. I’m suing someone…. I know my attorney, and this old lady hit my car, and kept going!!! Her insurance denied the claim, and to be honest it was like 2000 in damages. My back is somewhat sore.. So i’m not taking any chances i decided to sue her. Her insurance put me through hell… I mean claimed i was at fault when the police report said she was! I don’t have time for games.

    • I was in a similar accident. Get an attorney on a contingency basis. Dont have to pay a penny up front and they handle all of that. Idk of its a little late to begin treatment for your back but its worth a try. The medical bills for treatment and pain and suffering will be paid by her insurance company. Then the attorney usually gets a third of that. If they don’t resolve your case you pay nothing. Cant beat that. Im in love with this attorney so far. Theyre giving me results! I hope the best for your case.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi ShakenJoe, How did everything turn out with your case? Based on your comment, I can understand your frustration over the insurance company denying your claim. If the other driver was clearly identified as the negligent party then it’s difficult for her (or her insurance) to deny any responsibility for payment. What was the specific reason the insurance company denied the claim? Was your claim amount above her policy limits? Was she driving someone else’s vehicle and not covered by the insurance policy? I’m sure retaining an attorney has made the process a lot less stressful. Hopefully by now you have a satisfactory resolution!

  19. I was in an accident where a driver ran a red light and hit me. The accident totaled both vehicles, they put me at fault for the accident. Now I am being sued by the insurance company I had at the time for the $4,000 some odd dollars that I still owed on the car payment. I have no funds or money to pay for anything. I live in the state of PA, is there any advice (or possible outcome of the situation) I can get?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Vince, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. It’s unusual for an insurance company to sue for the money owed the auto finance company. As you may know, insurance companies reimburse their customers for the Actual Cash Value (ACV) or “market value” when a vehicle is totaled. This means they will pay you according to what you could sell the car for today, not the value when you purchased the vehicle new and began financing the loan amount. The discrepancy between those two amounts is why “gap insurance” is sold by car dealerships and insurance companies. This type of coverage is meant to cover the gap between what your standard auto policy will pay and the amount you still owe the lienholder. Until your insurance claim is settled, it’s always best to continue making automobile loan payments on a timely basis. You don’t want to default on the loan. It may seem unfair but you’re legally responsible for paying the full balance owed to the lender—even though you no longer have your car and may need to finance a new one. In these situations, it’s always best to make payment arrangements with the lienholder. Best of luck!

  20. So my mom was at a 4 way stop and she had the right of way and was already halfway past where she was going and the guy from the right stop light rammed into her, but the back part of her car where her right side tire is……Everything was fine, a cop came, said we didn’t have to take down a report and gave us his badge number, everything seemed okay. Turns out, this guy is a jerk and claimed my mom was at fault. We had the same insurance company, they sent a guy out to appraise the car, the guy told is for sure we weren’t at fault. The insurance company til this day still hasn’t claimed who’s at fault but has fixed both of our cars. Again, everything seemed fine, we didn’t car as long as my mom was fine, the car was fine. Come to find out today, the guy is suing my mom for his injuries. How do I go about it because panicking seems to be the answer at this moment?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Lucy, Wow! This is a shocking turn-of-events! Did you or your Mom contact the insurance company regarding this lawsuit? Was your claims adjuster able to provide any advice or guidance? Most insurance companies provide legal counsel for free. It does complicate things when the same insurance company represents both parties but you still should ask for free representation. Of course, you always have the option of retaining your own personal attorney. Remember to select a lawyer familiar with car crash cases. The first consultation is normally free. I’m curious as to what’s happened since your last comment here? Hope all is well for you and your Mom!

  21. I backed up in to someone in a parking lot, minor to no damage. But the guy did not fix the two small dents. H did however sell the car, so My question is, Can he still continue his claim for it ?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Chris, This is a great question! In many states there is something called a diminished value claim. This is the idea that vehicles which have been in an accident are inherently worth less because the car was damaged. Under this idea of diminished value, the damaged car is worth less even if it’s been repaired back to new. If your state and insurance carrier allows for such claims, and the other driver has sufficient proof of how this accident specifically lowered the value of the car, then the other driver may have an opportunity to collect some cash. The bad news is if the insurance company denies the diminished value claim (despite it being standard practice in your state) then the other driver can pursue a legal case against you personally. Keep in mind, any vehicle assessed at less than $10,000 typically would not be worth pursing such a claim. Also, the other driver must have sufficient proof such as a written trade-in offer from a legitimate car dealership or a professional evaluation from a diminished value appraiser. Hope this entire situation is now in your rearview mirror!

  22. I’m being sued for 5000 I had full coverage at the time of the accident but my insurance company did not accept the other parties claim how am I responsible for this if I had insurance? Why am I being sued and not the insurance company? My insurance company is providing a lawyer what should I do?

    • That’s MY question. I wasn’t even in the car and I’m being sued just by being on the insurance!
      Hoping both our issues get resolved.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Carpenter77, Glad to hear your insurance company provided free legal counsel! Were they able to resolve this matter? I’m curious as to the reason the insurance company rejected the other party’s claim. Do you know the reason? Were you the at fault driver? If you had full coverage in place and you were the at fault driver, I’m not sure why the insurance carrier would deny the claim. Obviously your insurance company felt they had a solid reason for denying the initial claim and will use that same reasoning to support you in court. It is very unnerving when you receive a lawsuit despite doing everything right. Unfortunately, lawsuits in crash cases are very common. Based on the details you provided, it seems your insurance company is doing everything they can for you and this will be resolved quickly. Best of luck to you!

  23. Am being sued for a car accident my daughter was in, she was at fault. To my understanding they had uncovered motorist coverage and received a check from their insurance company. My insurance did not cover it cause she was excluded. Now they are sueing my for the cost of the damages and storage. My question is can I call their insurance company to determine if they received a check? Trying to collect as much evidence before going to court.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Tessa, You must have been shocked to receive this summons! Has the lawsuit been settled yet? I’m going to venture a guess that the other driver’s insurance company is not going to want to disclose if they issued a check. You can always contact your insurance company for guidance in dealing with this case. In fact, most insurance companies will provide legal counsel for free. I hope you were able to get such assistance from your auto carrier. Based on your comment, it doesn’t seem the other driver has much of a case against you personally since you did not cause the accident. In all honesty, it would make more sense if the other driver filed a lawsuit against your daughter since she admittedly was at fault. However, if the other driver filed a claim under their own uninsured motorist coverage, there is no need to sue anyone for any additional money. The uninsured motorist coverage is in place to cover damages from an at fault driver with no insurance. Hope everything has been resolved by now!

  24. Ivonne Rodriguez

    I had an accident a year ago . We were in stop waiting foe the light change and when cars start moving he did not move. Unfortunately I hit the car so simple a small scratch and nothing to my car. I called the police wuen they came they did not make any police report since it was minor and both of the drivers were talking outside the car standing and nothing relevant happened to our cars. I have ALLSTATE and now I received a notification that the other driver were out of limits of my policy and they are going to sue me. What is the est thing to do.how this can happened without a police report, and My Allstate insurance keeps telling me it is not a big deal. We all know the other driver is trying to take advantage of the whole situation, should I hire another lawyer?..I don’t want this situation continue escalate at the level I cant protect my little assets since I am a single mother providing for my family and I dont think my insurance is doing a good job protecting me. Please advise

    • How did your situation turn out? I am having the exact same thing happen to me, minor accident. Car didnt move and i bumped her, got served today for summons to court.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Ivonne, This situation must have been very stressful. Was Allstate able to provide you with free legal representation for this lawsuit? Or did Allstate negotiate a settlement with the other driver to avoid court? It’s unfortunate the police came to the scene but did not complete an accident report. The crash report is so important in establishing negligence which then helps determine how best to resolve matters like this one. What do you mean when you write the “other driver were out of limits of my policy”? Do you mean the other driver’s damages are higher than your policy limits? If so, this may be why the other driver decided to take you to court for the remainder of their alleged damages. It’s always best to purchase the highest limits you can reasonably afford or to purchase an umbrella policy to cover your personal assets, in case of a situation like this one. Medical costs and vehicle repairs only go up each year and you want to be sure the coverage you have will always be sufficient. I hope Allstate was able to take care of this for you.

  25. My grandma was in an accident a couple months ago where she was not at fault but she was given the ticket. The cop claimed to be going by what a witness had said but damages clearly show the opposite. While my grandma was being written the ticket for no reason, the cop quickly lost focus as he got a radio call apparently notifying him the guy driving in the other car had a warrant for his arrest…mind you he had no liscense or proof of insurance to begin with. The cop quickly just handed her the ticket and left after the man as he was being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. My grandma called my mother and we arrived on the scene to take her to the hospital to have her head checked out and patch up some minor scratches. Fast forward till about yesterday my grandma is notified that her insurance is being sued for $100,000 by the guy. How. Is. This. Possible. Damages clearly show who’s fault it was but cop was very irresponsible and did not have a care in the world, sense of an racial issue but that’s another story. I just want to know how can a guy with an arrest warrant and no insurance and no liscense be sueing my grandmas insurance for 100,000$….someone explain this to me.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Jasmin, Hope this lawsuit has already been resolved! Did your grandmother ever have the opportunity to fight the ticket in traffic court? If so, what was the outcome? Obviously the main focus of a crash case is really making the negligent party pay for the damages & restore the other driver to being “whole”. So if you grandmother was found negligent in causing the accident then she would be responsible. The other driver’s legal issues typically will not change that fact. It sounds very odd to me that the other driver filed a lawsuit without first filing a claim with the insurance company. Do you know if the other driver did file a claim with your grandmother’s insurance? This driver may have gone directly to a lawsuit once they learned the limits on your grandmother’s auto insurance policy. By threatening a lawsuit, the other driver may be hoping the insurance company will pick up the phone and negotiate a settlement (for an amount higher than the policy limits). I hope by now this matter is settled.

  26. I recently got into an accident where someone t-boned my car. Apparently they are trying to switch it onto me for it to be my fault and saying “I cut out in front of them” and now I am being sued for injury exspenses, however the girl did not go to the hospital and I have evidence that she danced in a dance competition 4 days after the accident. Will the case in any way be able to be dismissed?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Isabella, What is the latest update on this lawsuit? Based on what you describe here, I would recommend obtaining a copy of the police report. The accident report usually goes a long way in determining negligence. I also would recommend working with your insurance company regarding this situation. The majority of insurance carriers will provide legal counsel free of charge. By the way, you stated the lawsuit was for the other driver’s personal injuries. How was the damage to the cars remedied? Did your insurance company pay for the other driver’s vehicle repairs? I hope all is well and this case is already in your rearview mirror!

  27. I had a question if anyone could possibly help answer. My mother was involved in a minor accident a month ago, where both cars were backing out of parking spaces at the same time and hit eachother’s bumpers. The other guy did not want to call the police to file an accident report, so they exchanged information and left. My mother’s insurance company determined that it was a word vs. word scenario, and that it would be a No Fault claim, where each party goes through their own insurance to cover the minor damages to each ones bumper. We thought that was the end of it, until she recently got a visit from the other guy involved in the accident, and he said that he was going to sue her through small claims court, because her insurance determined that it was No Fault word vs. word and they were not going to be responsible for his damage on his bumper. Does he have an actual case for the small claims court.? Or is this something that she should not worry about too much, because she went through all the proper steps regarding contacting her insurance and letting them make the determination.? I guess my main question is,. Could he still legally sue her for the damage to his bumper, even after her insurance company made the final decision that each party would be responsible for their own vehicle damage.? Thank you.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Bryan, I hope your Mom shared the other driver’s threat with her insurance company. This is something they will want to know. Also, if it hasn’t happened already, Mom should also give her claims adjuster the other driver’s insurance information. The claims adjuster will want to follow up with the other driver’s insurance to further discuss this matter. Unfortunately, it is possible the other driver will simply go to an attorney to file a lawsuit. On a positive note, Mom’s insurance will most likely provide her free legal representation. I hope this matter is resolved quickly. Best of luck to you and your Mom!

  28. Was in a car accident and was sure I only hit my friend in front of me. But a third party is sueing and not sure what to do. The police then said that third party car has my paint and my friends paint on their car, but they haven’t contacted my friend, only me. What do I do now?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Ky, This must have been quite a surprise! I’m wondering how the police would even know your paint is on the other driver’s car? Were the police called to the scene? If so, what does the official accident report state? If this situation continues to escalate, it may then be time to contact your own insurance agent (or go directly to the insurance company) to make them aware of what is happening. Your insurance company will be able to find out more for you and, if necessary, work with the other driver’s insurance company. I hope everything is resolved fairly and quickly. Good luck!

  29. I was in a car accident last November. The next day I found out I was excluded from my dad’s policy.I was at fault and got a ticket for failed to yield.I decided to fight the ticket and it ended up being dismissed due to lack of evidence. But the person that was driving the other car had no license and got arrested after the accident. But now I guess the owner of the car is trying to sue me for damages.Are they able to sue even though the person driving their car didn’t have a license and probably wasn’t covered on their policy?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Confused, The simple answer is yes. The other car’s owner has a right to be compensated for the damages caused by another driver’s negligence. Although your ticket was waived in traffic court, when it comes to a car accident case, you are still on record as being the at fault driver. The initial citation that was issued at the scene, the police report on record, the nature of your state’s highway laws are all factors that contribute to determining negligence. Even though the friend absolutely should not have been driving without a license and proper insurance, the other car’s owner is basically saying the friend’s actions that particular day did not cause this specific accident. I’m sure you’ve retained legal counsel by now to represent you in this case. Depending on the laws in your state, maybe your attorney will be able to minimize the damages. It’s a very unfortunate situation and I hope it is resolved fairly.

  30. I want to know if I was hit in the back by another driver he asked if we could just exchange insurance info and not get a police report because he didn’t have license but he gave a different version of events to his insurance company so they ruled the case a one word against another!! Now his insurance company is saying I’m at fault! Can this be if the were no witnesses and no police report and they didn’t want to pay for my damages so they said the story’s didn’t match! Can I be liable just because I didn’t have insurance even though he ran in the back of me in the state of Florida

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Lekita, It sounds like the issue isn’t that you are actually liable because you had no insurance. The issue is that the other driver knew there was no police report or witnesses to say what really happened. Unfortunately, you have nothing to present that will counter the other driver’s story. So now what? If you have not already done so, please contact an attorney to review the case. You will want to be sure you have someone on your side to navigate this situation. Be sure the lawyer is experienced in dealing with car accident cases. Best of luck to you!

  31. here it was happened, my friend “A” rented a car to come to falls from cincinnati. He was with his friends & cincinnati being a long drive from falls while they entered in NY near buffalo downtown, he let one of his friend B drive the car (unauthorized driver as per rental) .

    In one of exit’, this new driver “B” thought to go thru the exit & then changed his mind came back to lane. the car behind him “C” has to go thru a sudden brake & he “C” touched the curb & his car got damaged.

    The car rented by my friend “A” has no issues as there was no collision, they stopped called the cops to help the guy.

    Now there was no claims from my friend “A” as there was no accident or damage on there end, they informed about this incident to rental company too.

    Currently rental company denied the claim for the other “C” party, for us we just wanna make sure we are ok.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Sudhanshu, It’s best to find out more about this matter. Do you know if there’s a police report on file for this incident? If so, did you obtain a copy of the report to review? A police report will often indicate who, if anyone, is considered at fault for the accident. Do your friends have a copy of the rental company’s denial letter? If not, I would suggest Driver “A” contact the rental company to obtain a copy. It’s important to know what specifically the rental company advised Driver “C”. I recommend your friends do some more investigating to determine what, if anything, may happen in the future. Take care!

  32. Hi please assist 2 years ago was involved in accident. We were at robot waiting for green light and was driving in middle lane of three lanes. When light went green all cars took off. Within less than 20 seconds the car from left lane changed into my lane and closed my following distance and immediately he applied brakes. And since my driving following distance was taken by time I apply brakes was too late and I bumped him from the back of his car. Then he asked me to pay his access because he was deny he was wrong and was student not working. So paid him access money. Today the insurance sue me.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Thabi, It sounds like maybe the other driver didn’t tell his insurance company about the money he already received. How did you and the other driver arrive at an amount to be paid? Did you retain proof of the payment you made to the other driver? Does your own insurance company know about this crash and the pending lawsuit? If not, please contact your insurance company to fill them in on what’s happening. Your insurance carrier may contact the other insurance company to work everything out over the phone. If the lawsuit moves forward then your insurance company may be able to provide a lawyer for free. In the worst case scenario, you will need to find your own attorney to represent your best interests.Hope this matter is resolved quickly!

  33. On march i was at a stop light n there was a car infront of me n my foot slipped from the brake so i accedently hit the car infront of me so i pulled over to talk to the lady i didnt have insurance at the time to expensive but i didnt hit her car that hard now i owe the insurance comlany 927 dollars i believe i have health problems i cant pay it what can they do

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Leslie, I’ve heard very similar stories from so many people. You are not alone! Nowadays it doesn’t take much to have a costly repair on a vehicle even if the damage seems minor. Overall vehicle costs keep going up and so do repair charges. This is the reason liability insurance is necessary. It covers the “other drivers” damages and helps the at fault driver from paying a big bill at the time of an accident. In your case, I would suggest you take the insurance company’s letter to your attorney for review. If you don’t have a lawyer then look for one in your area that is familiar with car accident cases. The first consultation should be free. An attorney will be able to go over your rights and responsibilities. Please don’t ignore the bill because it will eventually come back to haunt you. For example, you could be sent to collections, have your wages garnished, liens put on your property, tax refunds frozen, etc. To avoid that nightmare, reach out to an attorney in your community that will be able to point you in the right direction. Best of luck to you!

  34. I was in a car accident dec 2015. I was the last car in a fraudulent swoop and squat. The first car was a temp plate. The second car, was a brand new sports car. The third car in front of me, was a car that was not hers and had no ins with 2 kids. Her and the car in front both lied about the order of the cars hitting and the ins co. Did nothing about it. I’m in Texas with a lot of bs politics going on. People using connections and so forth to make lives miserable. I kind of believe that the ins co i had may be in on the scam. a few months after the accident, I received a letter saying the settlement from them may not cover the amount of what they’re asking for and i may want to get a lawyer. I called the ins co, they never answered the line once i was put on hold and I never heard anything again. Lately, all my abounds are getting messed with. I paid $400/mo for car ins for 1 1/2yrs and finally cancelled because the were illegally overcharging me. (Discrimination) Now they are trying to send a bill to collections for $342 When they didn’t cancel my policy out of their own fault. Then my new ins co starts screwing with me, trying to get my policy to cancel in order to increase my rates. It’s just total harassment. I can barely live. I still have had no indication in the correct manner that this is from the accident but i can’t get an answer out of anyone as to what it is.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Deanna, It sounds like you have a few different challenges happening. First, do you have an insurance agent that signed you up for these different policies? If so, call your insurance agent to go over everything that’s happened with the accident and your concerns with the insurance companies. Your insurance agent is responsible for so much more than simply selling you the policy. Insurance agents are your resource in all insurance matters and may be contacted at any time for help. Second, I hope you have been keeping notes on when you called the insurance companies, who you spoke with there, what you were advised, etc. If you could not get through to anyone then you should note that as well. Try reaching the insurance companies via email, fax, and regular mail too. Document, document, document. If there is still no resolution, the next step is to contact your Department of Insurance. Every state has a Department of Insurance which includes a consumer division for complaints such as yours. The Texas Department of Insurance can be found online at https://www.tdi.texas.gov/consumer/index.html. Hope everything works out for the best!

  35. i was in a car accident and the other driver almost t-boned me – hit my front right bumper & tire. i was smart enough – due to past experience – and grab a witness at the sense and asked him to call the police for me and i also got him wrote his phone number and he was so nice and even wrote down the other driver took the red. i just received the police report. Policeman who handled the accident called my witness and included the witness statement in the report saying that the other driver went into intersection when she had the red light. now she is trying to sue me. is it possible? does she even have a right to sue me when she run the red light and almost t-boned me? thanks and any feedback will be much appreciated.

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Jeanne, Good job identifying a witness at the scene of the crash! Were there tickets issued? Did you both have to appear in traffic court? In any case, I suggest you contact your auto insurance carrier right away. You will want to let the insurance company know you are being sued by the other driver. The insurance company will tell you if they can provide free legal counsel. This is a very common practice. If the insurance carrier will not set you up with an attorney, please obtain a lawyer on your own behalf. You must protect your best interests. It’s very possible a few phone calls from your attorney to the other driver’s legal counsel will help this whole situation go away. Yes, it can be aggravating to pay for legal fees but it may save you a lot more money and time in the long run. Best of luck!

  36. Hello 2 years ago I let a friend of mine borrow my car. She ended up backing into someone that night but I was not involved or even anywhere near where she was. Now I am getting contacted about me paying for the damage to the vehicle because she will not answer the collection agencies phone calls and myself and her no longer speak. Is there anything that I can do to avoid paying for her mess up??

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Lukas, It’s very sad when things like this happen with friends. I am wondering a few things about the situation. Did the other driver file a claim with your insurance company? Was the claim paid by your insurance carrier? Or did the other driver file a lawsuit against you, your insurance, and/or your friend? Who is asking you to now pay for the crash? In any case, it seems the other driver’s attorney may be trying to shake you up so that you’ll push your friend to begin repaying the damages. Of course, there are always remedies for the other driver such as having a lien put on your friend’s property, garnishing wages, zapping tax refunds, etc. If you weren’t initially held responsible for the damages, I would not be too worried. However, it is always best to reach out to an attorney for advice and assistance, if needed. Hope everything works out well!

  37. Same situation I am in. In 2011 I was involved in an accident and I was guilty one. It was on a Friday and traffic officers told me and the lady to fetch the accident report on monday and we agreed to talk about the costs on monday… sje didn’t show up.

    Few later, her insurance call me about the repairs and told me about R16 000 for bumper, lights, number plate, radio.
    I called the lady to find out why didn’t she consult and she told me she decided to take the car in to insurance and was expecting it in few days.
    Months later I got served R19 000 summons which I find that the towbar was included in the qoute and they seem to have chosen the most expensive panelbeater in town.

    Now I don’t know what to do as I have to appear on court with my income and expenditure.

    How do I get through with this?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Papi Mahlatsi, I believe your comment says the car accident happened in 2011 and you are still appearing in court over this same accident. Is my understanding correct? Why is this case still in litigation 7 years after the crash? In reading your comment, I would have advised you back in 2011 to contact the car insurance company you had at the time regarding the situation. I still recommend you contact your insurance company (from the time of the accident) to find out if they will provide free legal counsel. If not, you should immediately talk with an attorney in your area regarding the circumstances of this accident. It sounds like you certainly need legal advice to protect your own interests. Be sure the lawyer you retain has plenty of experience in car accident lawsuits. Hope everything works out for the best!

  38. About a month ago i got into a wreck the cops said it was my fault. However i went to court for the ticket and they “waved” the ticket. I just received papers about the other party is trying to sue me. If the judge already threw out the ticket can they sue me?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Cason, Yes, they can sue you since you were at fault. I understand the judge waived your ticket but you still are considered the party responsible for the accident. It’s odd that the other driver went straight to a lawsuit. Do you know if the other driver ever contacted your insurance company regarding the accident? If so, what happened with the claim? I would recommend contacting the insurance company you had at the time of the accident. You will want to let the insurance carrier know about the lawsuit. In many cases, your insurance company will provide legal representation for free. If all else fails, then you will need to obtain your own attorney. A lawyer that’s familiar with car accident cases will be able to review your specific accident details and provide more advice as to what to expect next. Best of luck to you!

  39. My daughter was at fault in an accident almost 2 yrs ago. Allstate has offered a settlement to the other driver 7 months ago but they have yet to reply. The amount they originally asked for was outragous. Statute of Limitations are up in 3 weeks.. I’m terrified they won’t settle and will she us. Daughter was 16 at the time if accident, now is currently in college. Curious what these people are up to. The adjuster says he’s been trying to contact their Atty. I’m praying the next 3 weeks goes fast because I won’t be sleeping! Ugh

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Jacki, The good news here is that your daughter is covered by a really solid insurance company. Sometimes attorneys use this stall tactic to get the claims adjuster to maximize the payout amount. The attorney figures the claims adjuster is anxious to close the case and if enough time passes then the claims adjuster will offer a higher amount… simply to have the claim file off their desk. Of course, I understand your concern. If the attorney isn’t getting what they feel is a satisfactory settlement amount then they may decide to move towards litigation. In those circumstances, the attorney feels their client can get more money by avoiding the settlement and taking the matter to court. What was the final outcome of your daughter’s settlement? I hope everything worked out well!

  40. My daughter was involved in an accident in 2017 (Florida) which she was at fault. She was 21 at the time and everything including the insurance (100k policy) is in her name. The guy sued her insurance and they did not pay him what he asked for. He says he is disabled but I have found a ton of evidence he is go carting, riding atvs, and working as a mechanic. He has now filed a civil suit against her. How should she proceed? Will the insurance company represent her?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Rachel, This should be an easy fix. Simply have your daughter notify the insurance company she had at the time of the accident about the pending civil suit. Yes, the majority of insurance companies will provide legal representation. I wouldn’t worry too much about this suit. Based on what you advised here, this lawsuit may go away very quickly….especially if the insurance company gets involved. If, for some reason, the insurance company declines to represent your daughter in the civil case then she’ll need to obtain her own attorney. Of course, I’m sure the insurance company will be a very helpful & strong “witness” on your daughter’s behalf. Good luck!

  41. Kyle Mantle- Noxell

    I was hurt in a car accident I’m my mom’s car it was other persons fault this person also drove off when his vecheil wasn’t drivable my mom’s insurance wants to give me money to sue the persons insurance company is this possible or is is a tatict for them to get me to settle

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Kyle, Sorry to hear you were hurt in an accident! How extensive are your injuries? Is the medical care and cost you require in excess of the policy limits? If the answer is “yes” then it seems the insurance company is actually looking out for you. The insurance company may want to be sure all your medical expenses are covered even beyond what your Mom’s policy provides. Also, if the other person is at fault, he really should be paying for your injuries and not your Mom’s insurance company. Yes, your Mom has the policy in case of an accident but, in reality, we each carry insurance mostly for the “other” driver and the “other” vehicle. Drivers such as the one that hit you should be responsible for the damages they cause. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  42. I was involved in a car accident a year and half ago,I was in stop sign ,when I proceed to go ,the other car was speeding and hit all my front ..my car was total, I was pregnant by the time ,now he trying to sue me .supposely is at my fault Bc I had the stop sign .but he was the one speeding and he was 17 …what should I do now ..?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Diana, I hope everything went well with your pregnancy. This must have been very scary! Were any tickets issued at the time of the accident? Did you have insurance at the time of the accident? If so, please contact your insurance company and provide them with information about this lawsuit. In most cases, the insurance company will provide legal counsel to represent you. If you are not able to get assistance from the insurance company then you will need to obtain an attorney. A lawyer that’s familiar with car accident cases will be able to review your specific accident details and provide more advice as to what to expect next. Best of luck to you!

  43. Heather FergusonFergusonm

    My husband and I were backed into causing damage to his roommates car. The car was considered a total loss. The other drivers insurance paid on The claim for about half the amount of the estimate. He is now turning around and suing.my husband. Can he get paid twice?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Heather, Wow! This is a pretty shocking turn of events! The bottom line: if your husband’s roommate was dissatisfied with the outcome of his claim then he should be taking it up with the at-fault driver. Based on what you’re describing here, I can’t understand how or why a lawsuit would be filed against your husband. You’re going to need to obtain an attorney to represent your best interests. Be sure the lawyer is comfortable with handling car accident cases. In my personal opinion, it seems a few phone calls between attorneys could make this whole suit go away. Best of luck to you and your husband!

  44. I was in a car accident this past summer. I received notice that I was being sued. Accident was my fault. Reckless driving ticket thrown out and dismissed in court the to Sun being in my eyes, that is what caused me not to see the other vehicle. Car was insured in my Uncle’s name and I was a driver listed on the policy. I have since gotten a another vehicle and another insurance company of my own. What can I Do? No assets.. what do I do?

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Ronda, This is a pretty straightforward situation. You and your Uncle should contact the insurance company that was covering the vehicle at the time of the accident. You will want to notify the insurance carrier of the lawsuit. In many cases, the insurance company will provide legal counsel to you as a covered driver. If, for some reason, the insurance company does not provide legal counsel then you will need to obtain an attorney to represent your best interests. Make sure the lawyer you select is familiar with car accident lawsuits. Remember, the first legal consultation is usually free. Good luck!

  45. My son and i were in an accident 2years ago the day before 2yr. Limitatiins they filed suit against my son myself and insurance company. In the accident they cited my son i think mostly because i let him drive without license just missed getting permit by one point. They said he didnt stop at stop sign which he did he was slow moving and had not turned wheel strong enough i told him to turn wheel more and press gas cuz i seen oncoming car proceeding fast that she was gonna hit us which she did back passenger fender. I felt they only cited us because he had no permit or license yet . i also think that because i had damage to front part of car that was previous damage from accident i was in where i hit ice and was in a ditch a report was taken then no other car was involved that time.. But to me she failed to control her motor vehicle and was going to fast at time to stop. My insurance would not cover accident. But she was pd through her insurance company at any rate not sure what to do.. Was sent papers by her attorney but keep getting papers from insurances attorney dont know if they are representing me or should i get lawyer too for me and my son

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Karen, I recommend you contact your insurance company to confirm with the carrier their position on the lawsuit. You want to know for sure whether they are willing to represent you or not. To be totally honest, it sounds to me like they may not represent you since your son was not a licensed driver and was not on the insurance policy. So the next step is to retain legal counsel for you and your son. You will want to be sure the attorney is very experienced in handling car accident lawsuits. It’s very important to get someone in the game that’s on your side and representing your best interests. I would not panic because most of the time, when there are so many different parties involved, these situations can eventually be resolved outside of a courtroom. Hope everything works out well!

  46. Ok on 4-20-2017 I was going to pick my daughter up from school I did rear end a vehicle no air bags came out no seat belts locked up but did over $7,000 worth of damage to my front end I was hurt the man came to my window seen me yelled to his wife to tell a ambulance to hurry I was hurt bad they had to pry doors open to get me out the passenger of the car drove themselves to the hospital and he got 3 stitches , I had payed off my vehicle that morning I had full coverage and the paid me about $3,000 for my vehicle today 5-2-2018 I was served with papers from geico the other persons insurance for $11,000 the cost of their deductible and the rental car and the cost to fix there car . How can I be sued when I had full coverage how can they sue me ? I know it was my fault but why pay for full coverage if you still have to pay for the damage to the others car I live in Florida and don’t know what to do,I don’t work my husbands truck is paid for and in both our names can they take that? Can they go after his pay for the wreck his name was not on the vehicle I wrecked HELP!

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Misti, Receiving the papers from Geico must have been very upsetting! Please don’t panic. You should immediately contact the insurance carrier you had at the time of the accident. In fact, I would recommend directly contacting the claims adjuster you worked with on the original claim, if possible. He/she will most likely want to review the legal documents you received. It sounds to me like Geico may never have even notified your insurance carrier of the other party’s claim. Give your insurance company the opportunity to help you. In fact, many insurance companies will even obtain legal counsel for you. Now, if you run into roadblocks with your insurance carrier, then your next step is to find your own attorney specializing in car accidents. The attorney will be able to review the entire matter and look for ways to protect your interests. Remember, the first legal consultation is usually free. Best of luck to you and your family!

  47. I backed up into a car that was illegally parked behind me in the middle of the street of where I live at there was just a small dent on the rear driver side and now there suing me because my mom has me on her insurance but won’t cover anything if I ever get in an accident what can my consequences be I have no money

    • Christina@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Sorry to hear about this situation! To clarify, are you stating you are NOT on the insurance policy at all? Or is it that Mom refuses to file a claim? In any event, if you are found to be responsible for covering repairs (and have no insurance to cover the repairs) then, in most states, courts can garnish future wages, any future tax refunds, put liens on any property or possessions you do own, etc. My suggestion is to contact an attorney to review your specific circumstances and receive personalized advice. Be sure the attorney is experienced in car accident cases. Remember, the initial legal consultation is usually free. Good luck!

  48. My accident occurred on Nov. 3rd 2017. I had a green light and someone made an unprotected left turn in front of me. Both cars totaled. I was fine, not even a scratch but the other vehicle had three passengers with at least two having injuries (I know of at least two broken bones with the passenger). My insurance policy was for $100K per person. The police report sites the other driver as “inattentive” as she stated she wasn’t sure if she had a green arrow or just a green light. My insurance company said it wasn’t my fault and no deductable needed. I got my money from them while they pursued the other insurance company for payment. However, the other vehicle’s passengers got a lawyer and now he story is that she said she had the the protected green light (i.e. making it a he said/she said since there were no witnesses). Now it looks as though it is a 50/50 fault (even though I know it wasn’t). I get an update from my insurance company stating they will pay two of the three my limit of $100K each and the thrid is to be determined. What I’m concerned about now is them suing me for more. I was told some months back they were seeking more than my policy so I’m expecting a suit to follow. The most frustrating thing, I am told the police report is inadmissible in court as the police weren’t there so it doesn’t matter what they wrote. Frustrating.

    • Chris, how did it turn out for you? I was told 50/50 fault and the case was closed. But then, the case has been reopened (because of his insurance company I’m guessing?) and now, my insurance company is telling me I’m at fault. I’m unsure what to do (the other guy is claiming upwards of $100K which is ridiculous. He rammed right into my 7 year old’s door and she wasn’t hurt. Ugh!

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Chris,

      Sorry to hear this is happening to you. In this case your insurer should afford legal counsel to defend you and your rights. At this point, it doesn’t seem to me like they’re achieving that as well as they could be. Perhaps you should consider consulting with and retaining a personal attorney who may have more incentive to protect your interests. All things considered, you may even have grounds to file a counter-suit. There are circumstances where a police report can be made to be admissible in court. Were there any cameras nearby at the time of the accident which may have captured it on video?

  49. I started to read through the comments above and will continue later when I have more time (very good feedback).

    I was in an accident in 2015 in MA. Nobody hurt, no fault determined. The case was closed last summer. But now it is reopened and the other driver is suing me. Now, my insurance company says I was at fault (but I was told I wasn’t found to be at fault when this case closed last year). My insurance company told me to get a lawyer to protect my assets. I’m a little concerned that the problem is with my insurance company (they have my partner down as the driver but I was. The lawsuit is against my partner so this all seems really confused). My insurance company seems very confused and it’s possible that the other driver put in a claim a long time ago but that my insurance company missed it. They don’t seem to be investigating this accident very thoroughly, for example the other driver claims excessive injury, but he hit us–directly where my 7 year old was sitting. No injury to her. He has photos of himself all over the internet carrying giant heavy objects above his head in a machismo way. He was able to drive his car away, and I was able to drive mine away. He also has photos of a prior accident and surgery (hmm). This all seems very unbelievable to me but my insurance company is telling me entirely new (and unbelievable) information. Where do I begin in trying to sort this out?

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote


      Your insurer generally has a responsibility to defend your rights. However it would seem as if the other attorney has provided them with sufficient evidence to redetermine fault. I would definitely consider their suggestion of consulting with an attorney. When and if you consult with an attorney, I would suggest you discuss the possibility of a claim of bad faith against your insurer as well based on the circumstances. There is typically a statute of limitations for filing a claim stemming from an auto accident, this is something you would want to discuss with as well.

  50. I was recently hit by a minor, who was found at fault. His insurance is terrible, and covers 10k (20k max) per accident. I have over 400k in medical bills from him hitting me head on. His parents threatened bankruptcy, and we ended up settling for the 20k limit on insurance… Which means, I walked away with nothing and medical bills. The state of FL has horrible insurance laws, and they do not protect the victim at all.

  51. Hi! I was involved in an accident a year ago and the mother and daughter that was in the truck that hit me are suing me. The accident was ruled my fault(I pulled out in front of them) and I had the state minimum requirements with my insurance. I go in a month for my deposition. If it’s an outrageous amount, could I tell them at my deposition, that I will have to file bankruptcy because I cannot pay? Also, is ky lawyer allowed to tell me how much they are suing me for? I just really need advice because I have been worrying about this so bad! Any help I would appreciate! Thanks!!!

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hello Kayla,

      Sorry to hear about this situation. It’s possible you’ll have the option to file for bankruptcy, just know that the court will likely fully investigate your circumstances and all of your assets to be sure you can’t pay. Have you let your insurance company know that you’re being sued? You should right away if you haven’t. As part of the coverage, insurers generally have a responsibility to defend their insured’s interests in court regardless whether the accident was your fault or not. Oftentimes, insurers are able to settle within the policy limits as collecting from an individual can be a tedious process.

  52. I was involved in an accident on the freeway in February of this year. The car in front of me stopped abruptly and I rear ended the vehicle, who in turn, rear ended the car in front of him. The claim appeared to be settled with only the middle car having claimed damages through my insurance. However, I just got served by the first car who did not even give a statement to police at the time. They had a passenger in the vehicle who is also suing. (I was served twice this week) My insurance has offered little to no comfort regarding the situation. I am unsure of what consequences I am looking at or if I have anything to worry about. Any advice? I am in California, by the way. Thanks!

    • Armando@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Sarah,

      I understand how stressful this type of situation can be. Hang in there! Vehicle pile-up insurance claims are typically processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Since both of these claims stem from the same accident, your insurer will apply the same limits for both. Meaning that your insurer will process the claim and if they determine they should pay out, they will only do so up to the policy limit. You should speak with your insurer about the lawsuit and discuss with them about having a defense counsel assigned (at their expense). If the case is settled above your policy limits, you may be responsible for the difference.

      Good luck.

  53. BrokeandDesperate

    I was in an accident just a week ago. I was driving on a highway access road trying to get to the interstate with 2 passengers. It was a three lane highway with an exit lane on the right. I was in the 3rd lane when a vehicle in the exit ramp forgot where it was going and jumped into my lane. I didn’t have the recommended stopping distance because they cut in front of me. I attempted to slow down, but I knew I would not slow down fast enough. I checked the lane to my left and there was NO vehicle! I put on my blinker and began to change lanes. The next thing I knew a van is digging into the rear driver wheel and continued to accelerate dragging the rubber on it’s tire across the driver side passenger door. I attempted to detach from the van and return to my original lane as the car that originaly cut me off starting the whole thing had accelerated off. I lost control of the car and my vehicle spiraled into the guardrail and bounced back into the exit ramp lane before finally coming to a stop. The van stopped 1000 ft away with minor damage to The passenger side front and by the wheel. I reported the car that cut me off to the cops and they said that the accident could not be proven to be started by a phantom car. Even though I had a witness to my story from another car. Now I have whiplash and other neck injuries as well as my passengers. The car was my boyfriend’s and it’s totaled. I just found out that the driver of.the van is sueing me for loss and damages due to injuries…..and I found out my insurance didn’t have bodily injury anymore when I transferred to my boyfriend’s insurance… they are suing him too because it was his car. I just declared bankruptcy last year. I have no assets. His only asset is our other car to get to work. And to top it off I found out two days ago that the end of the month I am out of a job because my dept closed at the office I worked. Not to mention i have over 40,000 in student debt and no retirement savings…can you really be sued for money you don’t have? And does a 10+ year clean driving history really mean nothing?! I’m full of mixed emotions and worried I’ll be out on the street because of this….was already barely making it from paycheck to paycheck….

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      You are definitely in an unfortunate situation, but there isn’t much else you can do. A clean driving history really only affects your insurance rates in a positive way, but you were on your boyfriend’s insurance instead of your own. You should speak with an attorney to find out what you should do exactly, because you already filed bankruptcy. It definitely is a mess, but you’re going to have to find a way to make it work. Your first step should be to speak with an attorney, and from there you can see what your options are.

  54. John Alexander

    I was at fault in a car accident. At first, just car damage on both cars. Later, a passenger in the other car complains that she had to be treated for whiplash due to de airbag deployment.
    They got a lawyer and my insurance company received an offer for settlement if they payed the full liability amount that I have on my policy. They refused to agree to it, and now I am being sued.
    Being that the settlement offer was made, and my insurer didn’t take it, could I still be responsible if by any chance the suit goes above the maximum liability I carry ?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi John Alexander,
      Yes, you would still be responsible if the final dollar amount goes beyond your policy limits. Insurance companies always try to settle, so if your company denied the other party’s settlement offer, then they must think it was too high and can get away with paying less. At this point, your insurance company will handle the rest of the case. They have no obligation to keep you informed of what’s happening with this and what they are doing. But they are likely trying to bring the settlement offer down so they don’t have to pay the full liability amount.

  55. Not a comment, more of a question as well.
    looking for information, maybe someone can direct me to the correct place.
    I have a daughter who caused a DUI, she was completely at fault, plead guilty, received 7 years in prison. now a year later she is being sued after the case was completed, after restitution was set. apparently there is a time limit to keep adding restitution to a case. does anyone now the first step I can take to resolve this?
    insurance is paid for a reason, yes she is at fault, doing time.
    any HELPFUL comments or suggestions are appreciated.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Tamra,
      The first step is to speak with an attorney. Your daughter is already paying a steep price for her accident, so now the best thing for her to do is try to get her life back on track once she is out of prison. It sounds like the other person is suing for pain and suffering, since it’s already been a year. There isn’t much else you can do other than hire an attorney to help her case. Insurance would have helped up to her policy limits, but wouldn’t have paid beyond that.

  56. good day, i was involved in a car crush, i have no insurance, no body was hurt, i did not report the matter t the police and now the other driver is suing me. please advice on what should i do? thanks

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Arthur,
      It’s difficult for you now, since you didn’t have insurance. Also, without a police report, it will be difficult to prove that the accident wasn’t your fault. At this point, you will need to seek out the legal advice of an attorney. The other driver has every right to sue you for their damages, so the best thing you can hope for is they don’t ask for much money. If you can’t afford to pay, then you will likely be ordered by a court to give up future wages to pay off the debt.

  57. Hello,

    I recently got into a car accident that involved a biker. I was turning left on a blinking yellow and was focused on the cars that were merging into the same road but the were coming from the opposite direction. I didn’t realize I hit the biker until I heard a noise and the glass of the passenger side broke. The biker also hit another car during the accident. The police officer and I have claimed that I was at fault. I will be pleading guilty during my court trial but was wondering what would happen to me. Will I be sued by both people who were involved in the accident?

    I work a part time job that pays minimum wage and I’m also a full time student but I don’t have that much money in my bank account. If I were to be sued by both people, how much time do I have to work for enough money to pay them? And if I can’t pay them on time, would I go to jail?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Peyton,
      If you had insurance at the time, then your insurance should be able to reach a settlement with the other two parties, although they will only pay up to your policy limits. Ideally, you have enough limits to cover their injuries and the case will be closed. Your insurance company will handle the whole case. If you didn’t have insurance at the time, then you will owe both parties for their damages. You won’t go to jail if you can’t pay, but you will either need to garnish future wages or file for bankruptcy. In this case, it would be best to speak with an attorney about your options.

  58. The guy/friend was doing some repairs on my bike , he took it out on highway to test it and had accident. I had full coverage . They paid out and I had to pay some but now almost 2 years later , they contacted my insurance wanting more money for bodily injury , medical bills and they contacted an attorney. I’m on complete disability and have no money or assets . I got rid of bike. I’m scared and don’t know what to do.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Lorraine,
      Your insurance company will still handle this. They only paid out the physical damage part, which is what you had full coverage for, but they haven’t paid out from your liability coverage, which is what covers bodily injury. They will act as your attorney and handle this case for you, but they likely won’t notify you on what is happening with it. You should still be okay as long as the final amount paid to the other person falls within your liability limits.

  59. I recently was in a car accident. I side swiped a car that was parked on the street and over corrected which flipped my vehicle. I had just left a bar for a friends birthday and was arrested for DWI. My case is still pending as I have not been convicted yet and a whole completely different issue. My insurance company quickly got the lady who’s truck I hit a rental vehicle and had her truck fixed in a about a week or two. She is refusing to settle with my insurance company and it is very possible she is going to try to sue me. But if her vehicle has been fixed and my insurance company took care of it fast what is it she can sue for? No one was in the vehicle at the time of the accident. I’m just confused on what else there is.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Taylor,
      People will sue anybody for everything for all the money they can get. She could potentially claim something like mental anguish or pain and suffering, things like that. If you think you were under the legal limit, then you should definitely try to fight your DWI, because that will have massive consequences on your insurance and driving record, and potentially your ability to drive. Putting that aside though, if she does sue you then your insurance company will still be your legal representation until you don’t your policy limits are maxed out. It’s possible she will eventually take the offer that the insurance company gives her after she has time to settle down.

  60. My brother was in an accident which he was at fault. One of the passengers thats was in his car with him is filing a lawsuit against my brothers insurance company. How would that affect my brother

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Shanon,
      It’s difficult to say exactly without knowing the details of the accident. But the short term answer is, it won’t affect your brother because he had insurance. Your brother’s insurance company will handle this lawsuit, investigate the accident, try to negotiate with the passenger who is bringing the lawsuit, and ultimately attempt to settle with that person. Your brother won’t be involved in this process. He will only be involved if his insurance company maxes out his policy limits and he still owes the other person money. The only other affect would be that his insurance rates go up due to this accident.

  61. I am hoping for some advice I was in a car accident this past Thursday at a controlled intersection I was traveling from the south bound side making a left hand turn the north bound lights were turning flashing yellow and straight lane green lights. There were no cars in the straight lane on the south bound and 3 cars in the left turning lane starting to move. I was the only car on my side so I went ahead and went. about half way into the turn a car from the west bound lane coming straight across slammed into my driver door. the west bound side also had a few cars in the turning lane but they were at a stop. I didn’t see there traffic light due to where my car was but I could see mine and it was flashing yellow with green straight lights. Now the question is since the north bound traffic light was flashing yellow (turn) and straight lanes green.Should the east bound straight lights been green also and have flashing yellow lights? There was no camera and I have been on the phone with my city more than 1 time and noone will give me a straight answer about how the straight lane lights work cause to me it would seen either the north and south straight lights are green at the same time or the west and east bound not a mixed pair of lights. I am going to open an request for the timers on the traffic control lights as soon as I get someone on the phone or if I have to go down there in person. Now as far as the officer goes I am at fault but the insurance company hasnt determined who is at fault yet. The other party did get a laywer so I need to know what do I do next? every lawyer ive called said they dont take that type of case so im feeling extremely lost. I was the only one in the car and the other driver was to we both went to the hosptial and were only 6 rooms apart. she was discharged less than 2 hours later and I was there almost 10 hours since im pregnant. help

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Brittany,
      You mentioned an insurance company and the other party get their own lawyer, so this would imply that you had insurance, but they didn’t? If you had insurance, then there isn’t anything you need to do. Part of having insurance is the company will 100% handle everything on your behalf. They will do any investigating, determine who is at-fault, and negotiate with the other party and pay anything that needs to be owed, up to your policy limits. The only danger is if the other party’s damages cost more than your policy limits on your insurance policy. Then you would either need to hire a lawyer to fight that or pay it out of pocket, but in the meantime your insurance company will do everything.

  62. Hi how are you I’m in need to advice this is the first time this happens to me . I got in a car accident it was at a stop sign . It was raining we were all waiting on the stop sign to cross . The car in front of me move a little so I move a little too . I hit the car it was a zero speed . The was no damage to the car he called the police the police were no going to do a police report because there was no damage to the car . But the guy insisted he wanted one so they gave him one on the police report it states that there was no damage but now the person is suing me i got pictures and witnesses that saw the incident I don’t know what to do please I need help. Also none of us got a ticket

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Krystal,
      If you had insurance at the time, then your insurance company will handle this. They will handle everything, including trying to fight the other person and not pay out anything. You would just need to provide your insurance company with the police report, pictures, and names of witnesses, and they would handle the rest. If you didn’t have insurance, you’ll want to hire an attorney to fight this. It should be a relatively easy case to win, so the money spent will be worth it to close the case.

  63. I was in a car accident at fault I didn’t stop in time wen the guy turned right into a shopping center and I hit him I had time to move to the side I scratched his car and bent his exhaust his total damage was 3,000 something my Insurance’s covered it and now I got a letter saying he wants a settlement of 37,600 dollars no police came because no one was hurt and we both had insurance. He was perfectly fine and now he says he has soft tissue problems on his back and neck. Why he is asking for so much wen the hit wasn’t so bad and he didn’t break bones or had any surgery. My friend got Into an accident and flew out of his motorcycle and got broken bones months of no work and only got 30,000 and this guy I hit didn’t even brake a bone or lost many days of work and his car the damage was so small it was only 3,000 to fix even my insurance said it was not a major fix. Please help what should I do fight it ? Or what I’m waiting to see what I need to pay out of pocket.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Asaed,
      Yes, you are mainly just waiting and this point because your insurance company will handle this for you. The good thing is they handle it completely, from trying to have the other person prove their injuries to reaching a settlement or going to court. They do it all, and will pay the other person (if they have to) up to your policy limits. The bad thing is they don’t have to notify you or keep you updated on what’s going on. Contractually, it is in their hands. So even though it does have to do with you because you were involved, it is their case and they won’t keep you updated on what’s going on.

  64. Can an attorney representing a insurance company request that the DMV suspends license and registration for a both at fault accident?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Yvette,
      They can certainly try, but ultimately, they won’t have much influence. Each state’s DMV has a strict set of rules and regulations that they adhere to, so they will follow those instead of listening to an insurance company’s attorney. The DMV will look at the driver’s driving history and the circumstances and severity of the accident and then make a decision based on those things. They will look at the accident report and filed by the police, which will carry more weight than the lawyer’s recommendations.

  65. I have a question. I was stopped at a red light. Traffic starting moving and accidentally took my foot of the break and bumped the driver ahead of me. We pulled into a shopping center. There was no damage to both cars. Police came out but did not take a statement or wrote a ticket up. She said she was fine. Few days later she claimed she had whiplash and a concussion. Now she is suing me. The insurance doesnt what to pay her. They now have hired lawyers to handle the lawsuit. I am.married with two children. We dont have any assets. Own our home but we are upside down and living pay check to pay check. She is also suing her own in insurance company. She trying for 100k which there is no way she should even get. She seems she is a ambulance chaser. What can happen?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Casey,
      Did you have insurance? If you had insurance at the time, then your insurance company would pay for her damages, up to your policy limits. If you didn’t have insurance, then there is a chance you will have to pay her. You should probably talk with an attorney to discuss your legal options and to see if you have a good chance of fighting this lawsuit. If you challenge the lawsuit, then the other person will need to have documentation to prove that she had $100k worth in damages, so either speak with your insurance company or you’ll need to hire a lawyer.

  66. I got into an accident 6 months ago. Neither of us were cited, but my insurance company decided I was at fault. I wasn’t hurt, the other party claims she was. My insurance company wasn’t not able to negotiate her injuries or damage claims. I have full coverage! Now I’m being sued and I’m freaking out!! What is going on here!?!?!?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Angie,
      It’s not real clear what is going on in your situation, but if you had insurance then your insurance company would pay for the other person’s injuries and damages, up to your policy limit. And if you had full coverage on your own car, then they would also pay to fix your vehicle. It’s not clear on if they are trying to deny the claim for some reason, but it sounds like they should definitely pay your claim. You should talk with someone at your insurance company to find out what is happening, and then perhaps speak with an attorney who can handle an insurance claim wrongfully being denied.

  67. I was in an accident back in 2008. As I was making a U-turn a car turning from opposite side hit me. At the time I did not have insurance and she was not on her parents insurance which whose car she was driving. No police were called. We exchanged information and that was it. Today I received a call from a collection agency stating they have been trying to get in contact with me because the girl winded up suing me. And I guess she won received payment and now I am being called by a 3rd party stating if I need to pay the amount or they will start garnishing my wages. I asked about a payment plan which they can’t do. The percentage they want would put my financial stability for my family in a big hole. This was over 8 years ago I told them after all these years they barley want to contact me now? They said they sent letter to my address at the time but I was not living there so never received them. Need some advice please

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Jack,
      You should probably contact an attorney to see what your legal options are. Obviously this is why having insurance is so important, because the insurance company would have paid this on your behalf. At this point, it sounds like your only options are to either to fight this in the courts, which could be costly, or try to lower the payment amount or at least compromise on a payment plan. A lawyer should be able to help you do these things, even though that is an additional expense as well. Having proper legal advice and representation in these situations is well worth the cost.

  68. 1 year and 2 months ago I was driving a friends car and I fell asleep and hit someone from behind, and I just got papers saying she suing me and she wants 100 thousand to 200 thousand dollars what can I do please help me Asap I’m 25 and it’s my first accident and I have a license but I don’t talk to the owner of the car I was driving. I’m so scared I don’t know what to do I have no assets whatsoever

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Saph,
      Did you have insurance at the time? If so, then your insurance company would pay up to your policy limits and try to close the case on your behalf. If you didn’t have insurance, then you are in a much more difficult situation. You might need to file bankruptcy if you can’t afford to pay her what she is suing you for. Your best course of action would be to talk to an attorney to see what your legal options are. But without insurance, unfortunately you don’t have many options at this point.

  69. I’m inquiring since I was just summoned to court for a state jury style court. Come to find out my oldest daughter at 27 yo was in an accident 2 years ago. She was not living at my house at the time. She was living out of state with her mom, who is deceased since then. My daughter had told me about the accident, at that time. She also mentioned paying the woman $1000 to settle damages.. whatever the case, I wasn’t involved. Last nite in my new residence for last 2 years since that accident. My girfiends daughter answered the door to a court ordered subpoena from this Plantiff woman trying to sue me, and both my children fo $40000 pain and suffering. You can’t win in like fe!! Uggh! You get up every day go to work. And life hits you with challenges every day!! Could someone with some educated law person please give me some feedback if I should have to seriously be worried.. Thank you anybody out there!! Frank K!!!

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Frank,
      It’s difficult to say without knowing all of the details of the accident. It sounds like your daughter didn’t have insurance at the time, which is why she paid $1,000 to the other woman to try to settle the case. Without insurance, then your situation becomes much more difficult, because these are the types of situations that insurance covers you for and handles on your behalf. If she had insurance at the time, then the insurance company will handle this and pay the $40,000. If there was no insurance, then you will either have to pay the money yourself, reach a settlement with the woman, or hire an attorney to fight on your behalf.

  70. I was in an accident in January this year. I was not at fault. I reported the case but the other party did not go to the police station with me. My insurance fixed my car after 11 months the other party is suing me for damages. First thing I did was to contact my insurance and I forwarded the document to them. What do I have to do on my side. What is worse the other party is not telling the truth as their car was not damaged. How can I prove that?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Asa,
      If you didn’t take pictures of the accident, there isn’t much else you can do other than file the policy report with your insurance company, which you probably already did. Your insurance company will handle this for you and will probably try to fight this and not pay out anything, since it doesn’t sound like there is much evidence in favor of the other party. But no, there isn’t anything for you to do at this point, just let the insurance company handle this. Don’t expect much or any communication on this though, as they do not have to keep you updated on what is happening with the case.

  71. My son was involved in an accident over 7 months ago in my vehicle with my insurance. My insurance company decided that both drivers were at fault and denied the other drivers claim. They paid for our vehicle. Today my son was served a summons from court saying the other driver is suing us for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Will my insurance company go to court on this or do I need to get a lawyer. This is very disturbing since we thought this was already settled.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Yes, your insurance company will cover you and take over this lawsuit. This would fall under your bodily injury coverage that is a part of your liability coverage. They will try to reach a settlement with the other person, but will also defend you in court up to your policy limits. The only part that was settled was the damage to your car, but now he is trying to recoup money for bodily injuries. You won’t need to get a lawyer in this case unless the damages are higher than your policy limits, but your company will handle it until that point and try to close the case.

  72. Hi guys. In need of help.

    I got into a small accident in mid september. What happened was, I bumped into a car infront of me at less than 20km/h, so the bump was not damaged but just a visible scratch. So the driver of the other car took pictures and everything. But he asked for an amount of money at same moment, which i didnt have. And we went to the police station and made an accident report without any traffic tickets.

    Now 2 months later after her forgets me, now he says I lied to him, he wants to sue. What do i do?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Luthando,
      If you have insurance, then your insurance company will handle this for you. They will try to reach a settlement and would defend you in court, up to your policy limits. But if you bumped his car from behind, then you are at-fault and your insurance will have to pay for his damages. If you don’t have insurance, then you will likely need to pay him out of pocket. Even though the damages were minor, since you were at-fault, then you are responsible for paying for his damages, but your insurance will cover this.

  73. My sister took my car to school and she was not licensed or insured. I was and have been ever since. She got into an accident and was declared guilty and she was sued by the other person (2015). She had no saving or assets; she asked if she could pay of the debt in loans but she was told no. Since the plaintiff didn’t get anything from her; they are now suing her and me. What can happen? I have only my car (asset), which I am still paying off, and no savings. I am in college and pay for my tuition out of pocket. How could this affect me in the future (i.e. graduate school). Can I go to jail? Will they garnish my pay, because it is already a small amount and I barely make it as it is. Thank you so much for your time and help.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Jennifer,
      You can’t go to jail for this, although there definitely can be fines and payments you’ll need to make. It shouldn’t affect any of your chances to go to graduate school or land a job, unless you’re applying for a job that requires you to drive and the company needs to run your motor vehicle report. But financially, if she didn’t even have her license then it is difficult, although if you did have insurance at the time then you could try to fight your own insurance company, since your car was a covered vehicle and your sister had permission to drive the car. Otherwise, you will need to come to some type of arrangement to pay off the money in the future.

  74. I’m being sued by an insurance company for an accident involving a car I had full coverage on but my insurance company refuse to pay off of mine and the person who hit the car. The car rolled into the road and my son jumped in to try and stop it but he couldn’t no brakes and a truck hit it. My son was not on my policy and that’s why insurance company refuse to pay off and the other person insurance company wants me to pay 8000.00 if I had that I wouldn’t in the water that I’m in

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Pam,
      It sounds like you need to fight your own insurance company on this one. They can’t deny a claim just because your son hopped in the car and tried to save it. If what you said happened really did happen, then he doesn’t need to be a driver on the policy. On any insurance policy, it states that any driver is covered under your policy as long as you give them permission, or implied permission (not a theft). Insurance companies sometimes try to exclude drivers that live in the household and have regular access to the vehicle, but it seems like this wasn’t necessarily the case. You might need to fight your own company on this one.

  75. My boyfriend was in an accident in a moving truck. It was the other person’s fault and we had multiple witnesses even though the police couldn’t take our witnesses (friends/family) the police report claimed he could not determine who’s fault but the other person has denied their fault and their insurance company has been trying to collect money from us for years. He just got served and they want to sue (other person car insurance wants to sue) we do have car Insurance but did not purchase insurance on the moving truck. There wasn’t much damage other than a cracked mirror on moving truck so we paid for that ourselves so he never reported it through moving company but did through our insurance. We are worried bc we now live in Reno, the accident was in Las Vegas & we are broke! They want like $8,500 and more for other crap they are trying to claim my boyfriend was at fault when he was not & the police report even states he couldn’t prove who’s fault. Can we lose everything? We don’t have the money for an attorney, or to go to Vegas to court since we no longer live there, we are barely getting by, the most frustrating thing is it truly was the other person’s fault. Even the police report kind of shows it in my opinion. My boyfriends trying to respond and doesn’t even have the filing fee to respond it’s a nightmare I’m so scared these people are going to take his funds from work, or his car! I don’t know how this can happen there’s so much lack of evidence but we didn’t have insurance on the moving truck so I feel that’s going to hurt us. I would love to stay calm and relax and get a lawyer but those are not options. Trying to represent yourself is SO difficult when you can’t understand the papers very well. And you have a huge insurance company with fancy lawyers coming at us like theirs. Can a case be dropped due to lack of evidence?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Amanda,
      It will be difficult to find a solution without either going to court yourself or hiring an attorney. If you don’t have money for an attorney, try looking for attorneys that offer free services or counseling. Otherwise, you will need to go to court yourself. Even though you don’t understand the papers, you do know what happened and you do have the police report, so you will just have to present what you have and tell your side of the story. It’s difficult for the case to be dropped if you don’t have any legal representation, so it might have to be dropped in court, but you will need to make an appearance.

  76. I have a situation. I was on the belt parkway in Brooklyn NY. Stop and go traffic. I came up behind a car, I stopped, then got rear ended by a sizable flatbed truck(hes not supposed to be on the belt parkway). The hit pushed me into the car in front of me. Now the driver of the car in front of me is sueing both me and the flat bed truck driver. I was fully stopped. How am I liable? The tow truck driver hit me at about 35-40mph. He blamed it on sunglare. Any suggestions?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Jay,
      Unfortunately, the driver has every right to sue both you and the tow truck driver. While you are correct, technically you had nothing to do with it, in the strict eyes of the accident report, your car did cause damage to his car from behind, so it’s not surprising that he is suing. People in these situations tend to sue anyone they can for as much as they can. Your insurance company should be dealing with this on your behalf, so you wouldn’t need to get involved. If you don’t have insurance, then you will likely need to pay out of pocket.

  77. “HELP” I was in a car accident Sept 2016 and in Sept 2018 I lost of course but thought everything over well,, Can I be sued by the SAME car insurance company again, But with a whole different Law firm? Even after the first Law firm won and than the judge said my court case was over but due to lack of finances in my household this can follow me for 10 to 20 years…I excepted it was all my fault and not having my own insurance,( in state N.H. you dont need car ins)….I was brought to court and I was at fault but due to me on Disability there is a LAW that the Ins company may not be collecting on that accident….So today January 2019 i recieved a letter trying to get in contact with me and the amount of monies went up a bit too, a WHOLE NEW Law firm is this possible. Can i be sued once one judge already ruled???? PLEASE reply A.S.A.P
    We greatly appreciate it

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Beth,
      Yes it is possible to be sued more than once, although in your situation it seems like you have a good chance of winning again. If there is a law saying they can’t collect for whatever reason in your situation, then you should send the new law firm a copy of that paperwork. However these things can also get complicated, so it would be a good idea to contact an attorney to get the proper legal counsel for your exact situation.

  78. Hi, I have a weird situation here.

    I was driving on rt 78 in PA, traffic came to a stop. I was hit from behind at about 45 mph.

    I provided troopers my insurance card and went home. Hours later everything went downhill, neck pain, back pain, vertigo.

    Weeks later after 3 MRI’s, I have a herniated disk in my neck, a herniated disk in lower back, 2 pinched nerves in back, tear in left shoulder, and concussion.

    I come to find out from my insurance provider, my insurance policy was canceled days before the accident because I never updated payment with a replacement card. So they told me I cannot use PIP coverage.

    Now here’s the issue. NJ is a pay no play state. Meaning if you don’t have a valid insurance policy, you cannot bring a lawsuit forth. 39:6A-4.5 Loss of right to sue for failure to insure, for DWI, for intentional acts.

    Now here may be a loophole. Pennsylvania is not a pay no play state, and the accident occurred in PA. I am wondering if I have a case here or not?

    Now the other person who hit me is an upstate NY resident, I’m an NJ resident and accident occurred in PA.
    I am wondering if I can pursue a valid car accident lawsuit in the State of Pennsylvania where the accident occurred.

    Note: because I provided a valid insurance card, it says on the police report Insurance is valid.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Dara,
      It sounds like you’ll probably run into problems at some point. The simple answer is yes, you can try to bring a lawsuit in PA since that is where the accident occurred. But the issue might be with having no insurance. Just because the police report says you had valid insurance, that is not a substitute for proof of insurance and having a policy in place. It’s worth a shot, but I wouldn’t necessarily have your hopes high that you will be successful in this.

  79. I was at fault in a fender bender when i was 17. Almost a year later, I’ve been served with 2 summons from the driver and passenger of the vehicle I hit, each suing me for a total of half a million dollars. At the time of this current lawsuit, I am a full time college student who is barely making by. What are my odds?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Scarlett,
      You will need some type of legal defense. If you were insured at the time of the accident, then you should contact your insurance company and talk to them. They will likely attempt to reach a settlement with the other parties to close the case. If they can’t and end up maximizes the amount of money you had on your insurance policy, and the other people still want more, then you will need to contact an attorney to help with the rest of the amount, to see if they can either drop the case or reach another settlement.

  80. I am being sued and got served court papers for a accident a couple of years back she is suing for physical damages my insurance paid off her vehicle damages but is suing me personally but wn the accident happened she was fine ambulance checked her out & she even drove off on her on how do you think this will play out in court

    • hello, i have a similar situation, have you gotten any answers or any leads yet?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Walter,
      It’s difficult to say how it will play out in court. This does happen with some frequency when the not-at-fault person appears to be fine but then later claims physical injuries. You should contact the insurance company you had at the time of the accident and see what they say and if you have any limits left in your policy. If that route doesn’t help, then you could contact an attorney to see what your legal options are.

  81. Hi,
    I was at fault of a car accident last May. Now, I received a voicemail from my car insurance that the other party might sue me due to bodily injuries and cost.
    At the moment of accident, the person was feeling fine and did not have any car insurance.
    Can you explain what I can do? and if I should get a lawyer if so how much would it cost.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Stephany,
      Unfortunately, this is quite normal that a person in an accident seems fine but then sues later for bodily injury. It’s impossible to know exactly how many of these are legitimate, although many probably are true. Others will simply try to maximize the amount of money they can get because they know they are in a strong position (as a victim).
      You don’t have to get a lawyer because your insurance company will handle this. They will try to settle an amount with the person and payout any damages up to your policy limit, and you don’t have to do anything at all.

  82. Im looking for some answers. I was the passenger in a car accident that was involving me,my boyfriend (the driver), and close friend in the backseat. We were traveling on the freeway, and a car braked very sudden and the car in front of us slammed into the back of that car, and us traveling behind that car locked up our brakes trying to brake as fast as possible but sadly still ended up rear ending that car that rear ended the first car (i hope that made sense). This accident happened at the end of 2017, and now it is 2019 and my boyfriend got papers delivered to his front door saying that he was being sued from the car that was in the very front, so not the car that we hit, the car that intentionally braked sudden in the first place. That first car is suing the car in front of us and us for the same amount. Insurance has paid for damages already (which was only damage to the rear bumper of the first car) and the car that we hit. Were very confused in this situation and of course worried. I appreciate any answers that will help. Thank you!

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Brooke,
      It’s difficult to know exactly what’s happening without knowing the details of the paperwork you received. However, it sounds like they are claiming further bodily injury against you and the other car. The first thing you should do is talk to the insurance company that you had at the time of the accident. They need to know about this as well because they would take over the case if you have any policy limits left from that accident. If you don’t, then it’s possible you might need to speak with an attorney, if you suspect they are falsely claiming injuries.

  83. My son was in a low speed accident. He was making a left turn onto a street that had a stop sign. He misjudged the area to clear the other vehicle and made contact with the front of the car that was stopped. The speed was low, under 10 mph, but he was driving my 3/4 ton truck. The damage to the other car was the front grill, headlight, quarter panel and hood. Also the airbag did not deploy. I figured the damage would likely be above $5 k. However, now there is a bill for over $14 k and it is above the limit and they are now expecting close to $6 k in damages. The person of the other car was not injured, I know because I was there to witness her. I feel they are trying to scam us over the damage of their car. Is there anything I can do or am I on the hook to pay?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Steve,
      Unfortunately, it’s normal for the not-at-fault person to sue for as much as they can in these situations. If the total bill is over your insurance policy’s limit, then yes, you would be responsible for paying the difference. Your insurance company will only pay up to the limit that you have on your policy. The only thing you could do if your policy won’t cover it and you feel wronged is to hire an attorney. However, that brings its own costs and might end up costing about the same as it would cost you to pay the other person.

  84. i’m being summoned by the court from a car accident that happened in August 2017. i rear ended a mans car. we both were at a complete stop, it was a red light. i remember i was looking down to adjust myself unknowingly my foot lifted off the brake pedal and 5 seconds later i hear a crash and i rear ended this perons bumper. i’m sure that i kept a good enough distance from the persons car. i think i’m being sued for his back injury- that’s what i read on the papers i was given. i believe i am not at fault for his back injury, we were at a complete stop and my car was going under 5 MPH when this happened. it’s common sense- my car is a acura integra, the car i rear ended was a bigger car than mine. my hood is wrecked, but my license plate and bumper is in good condition. compare a boulder and a rock, the boulder might’ve felt motion but not as MUCH due to the difference of size. the man walked out his car to the ambulance perfectly fine and walked in his car perfectly fine.’i was in a state of shock to even move to be checked by the ambulance. i’m really nervous for
    this case, i’m 19, im a part time employee, i’m not wealthy. my uncle told me the insurance company will handle this but its not enough for me to not stress about it. what should i do?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Nicole,
      Your uncle is right, your insurance company will handle this. It’s likely they will settle with the other person and nothing else will happen, because it doesn’t sound like his injuries are too severe. If they were severe, it’s important to remember that the insurance company will only pay up to your policy limits. If you have low limits, then this could be a problem.
      The other important thing to note is, even though you feel like you aren’t at fault, in the strict eyes of the law, technically you were at fault for the accident. You lifted your foot off the brake, even though it was an accident, and that caused your car to rear-end another car. So, unfortunately, you won’t have any luck fighting the at-fault part of this.

  85. I was in a collision two years back and I was proven not at-fault the case had already been settled I lost my car I lost my job I injuries to my head to my knees I still have knee pains my son had chest pains all they did was pay off what I owed for the vehicle and pay off my medical bills I was given a $2,000 check I went ahead and settled because I wanted to put it behind me little did I know is no longer behind me it still haunts me today due to the at-fault being part of the case on the paper work every time I get quote on insurance it looks as if I was at fault they pull up my name and it says I have one at fault Collision but I was not at fault can I sue the other insurance company for making it look like I was at fault they failed to yield and hit me and my son totaling my only vehicle and with out reliable transportation i lost my job which i had barely gotten the promotion and i was up for review for my 6 months on the job. I was told by that insurance company i had “nothing to worry about”

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Trista,
      Without knowing the full details of your situation, it is possible for your driver record, called your Motor Vehicle Record or MVR, to be incorrect. Usually it’s accurate, but sometimes it may show something that’s not right. This can be especially true when getting a quote from a new insurance company. Depending on the company you’re dealing with, this should be a relatively easy fix. You can just submit the paperwork that you have showing that the accident was not your fault, and the insurance company should be able to adjust this and give you a better rate. And yes, the insurance company will only pay up to the limits that you select on your policy, even if your bills are higher than that.

  86. Hello, I had an accident in 2017, was driving a car register to my mom, the refused to pay for other party due to me being excluded as a driver on the policy. Now, the other party is trying to sue for medical expenses. Approx about 20,000 dollars, what should I do? and should I contact a lawyer. Help any signs ?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Brittany,
      You can definitely contact a lawyer and you probably need to at this point, although it doesn’t sound like your chances are good of not having to pay that. Since you were an excluded driver, the insurance company doesn’t have to pay anything on your behalf. But the injured people are still allowed to sue and collect for the injuries from the accident. At the very least, you should contact an attorney to find out what your options are if you can’t afford to pay the money, or perhaps to reach a lower settlement with the other people.

  87. I was in a car accident on June 20th of this year and was found to be at fault. I was executing a left turn and the other was not paying attention to the road and t boned my car. My insurance told me they are going to cover it. This morning I woke up to a message from the other parties daughter stating she can’t get a hold of my insurance and if they drag it out too much longer she will get a lawyer to sue me. I called my insurance and they said they are going to get it settled. I told her the insurance is taking care of it. Do I have to speak to her anymore about this matter? And can she sue because the insurance is taking too long? I live in Dallas Texas.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Tiffany,
      The short answer is, people can sue for anything and everything, so yes it’s possible for her to sue you if she feels wronged. However, it sounds like nothing further will happen in your situation. And no, you don’t have to speak with her any more about the matter. Actually, you don’t have to speak to her at all and are not required to at all during this entire process. Part of the insurance contract is letting the insurance company handle these things for you. They assume responsibility on your behalf and have all communication with the other party, which means you never technically have to speak with the other people, and in many case you are required by the insurance company to not communicate with the other people.

  88. i’m being sued for a deductible amount that was never paid by my insurance. (nothing was paid) my minor son wasn’t cited in his parked car accident. The victims ins paid for everything. Its been 18 months since the accident. My insurance never paid because they dropped the car from the policy, and never put it back on after i had switched agents. I visited the new agent for this switch before the accident. My insurance has stayed far away from this and really provided no explination what so ever. I don’t know who to talk to. I hate my old agent, and the new one who didn’t do his job, (he was taking over an office at the time for an agent moving out of state) I really don’t want to talk to. I had done that once, and it didn’t go well at all. He said it wasn’t his fault that the car wasn’t included in the new policy after I strictly forbid my son from driving my other two cars. THE ONLY CAR HE WAS ALLOWED TO DRIVE WAS THE THIRD ONE! I own all three.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Aaron,
      Without knowing the full details of the situation, unfortunately, it sounds like there isn’t anything you can do at this point. No matter whose fault it was for not having the car insured, the simple fact is that if there is an accident involving a car that isn’t insured, there is no coverage. It doesn’t matter if the driver is listed on your policy and all your other vehicles are insured. If that car doesn’t have insurance, then you’re stuck paying for any damages. You shouldn’t have a reservation in speaking with your insurance agent, because they are the ones who know the details of the situation, but it does sound like you will have to pay the deductible amount.

  89. Nikhila Alsakani


    I am in need of advice. I got into an accident two years ago which was my fault in Texas at a left turn. I was at a u-turn gap in the road waiting for the opposing traffic to lessen so I could turn left into a shopping center. I needed to cross 3 lanes in order to get into the shopping center. The opposing traffic came to a stop and the cars in the first two lanes gave me space to go but I was unable to see the third lane and went ahead and I got T-boned by another driver. The first thing I did was check on the people in the other car. The driver was fine but the passenger (his friend) had a broken arm and was taken to the hospital. The passenger’s physical injuries and expenses were able to be taken care of by insurance but the driver who had no apparent physical damage at the accident is trying to sue me for over $200,000 (my maximum insurance coverage) but less than a million and is also trying to sue my dad whose insurance I am on. He is is suing us for medical bills, lost wages, and pain, and suffering. I feel like he is trying to get the maximum amount of money out of this accident regardless of the damage. I have a lawyer representing me from Geico and an upcoming deposition. Please tell me what to expect. I am a student with student loans and have no assets and neither do my parents.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Nikhila,
      Unfortunately, you are correct, many people in these situations will sue everyone possible for as much money as they can. It’s good that GEICO is representing you in this situation, but it’s difficult to predict what will happen. Insurance companies almost always try to reach a settlement in these situations, as settlements cost them less money than a prolonged court battle. It’s likely they will seek a settlement of less than $200,000 or around there. If they’re unsuccessful, then you would likely have to either file bankruptcy, which has many consequences or hire an attorney, which could also be costly and wouldn’t guarantee a positive result for you.

  90. I was in an at fault 35 mph rear end accident last year. My insurance company had a $10,000 property damage limit and even though it only appeared to be the rear fender which was damaged the amount to payed for the (i assume) totaled car was over $14,000. My insurance payed out $10,000, and I payed the rest out of pocket to their insurance company. They made no claim to my insurance for personal injury. Now I’ve received a summons to appear in court and I’m being sued for $250,000 for pain, suffering, and inconvenience in addition to loss wages, loss of use of property, medical expenses, general damage, loss of earning capacity, and other damages. They’re suing for compensatory damages. I have no assets or property other than my car, make minimum wage and live with my mom.. Should I file for bankruptcy before or after my court date next year?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Steve,
      You should definitely seek the legal advice of an attorney. While you don’t have extra money to pay an attorney, there are many out there that provide free or low-cost legal counsel to low-income people. The other thing you need to do is talk with the insurance company that paid out the $10,000. It’s possible they would have some additional information on what you or they can do. Without knowing all the details of the situation, it sounds like you have a decent chance of winning this case if the other party didn’t initially advance any personal injury claim, but that would all come down to whether or not they have adequate documentation proving this.

  91. Hey I’m being sued by a insurance company for 20,000 from a accident that happened more then 3 years ago. I slide into the back of another vehicles rear bumper I was at fault i had insurance on the vehicle i was driving, but i did not have a license at the time of the accident I’m trying to seek out direction on what i need to do please someone help me with some advice.

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Ethan,
      The first thing you should do is contact the insurance company that you were with at the time of the accident. It’s likely they already know about this suit, but you should contact them anyway. It’s hard to know exactly what will happen because there are many details missing, such as the type of policy limits you had. However, the insurance company that you had at that time should defend you in your lawsuit up to a degree, or seek a settlement. Call them, and if they can’t help you, then you should probably talk to an attorney.

  92. I was in an accident involving my vehicle and a motorcycle. The motorcycle driver sustained a broken ankle. I have not received anything stating who was at fault or anything about the extent of the ankle injury. I did, however, today receive a letter from my insurance company asking to release my policy limits. Is this a normal part of the process? We do own a home but nothing else of real value, no stocks or bonds, no nice cars, nothing like that…. Can or are we being sued? Do I release my policy limits to the third party?

    • Andrew@4AutoInsuranceQuote

      Hi Christine,
      Yes, releasing insurance information, such as policy limits, is normal for a situation like this. Your insurance information isn’t private information but also isn’t freely available. A big part of an insurance contract is giving up your right to defend yourself in an accident. In return for your premium, the liability part of an insurance policy says that the insurance company will defend on your behalf. This means they have the right to do what they think is best, such as a settlement. Basically, this is all normal. As to whether you are being sued or not, it’s too early to tell, but your insurance company will handle that for you.

  93. Hi,
    I recently got into an accident in LA, California. The driver hit me while we both were merging. He wouldn’t provide me his insurance info, claiming he wasn’t at fault. So I called my insurance and filed a claim while still at the scene. I provided his license plate and his insurance company name so they could find him, which they did. My insurance company ended filing a claim with his. His insurance company called me and I gave an account of what happened. They decided that they’ll split the fault. Each insurance agrees to pay for their own policy holder’s car to be fixed. Now the other driver is suing me/ my insurance company for Injury. Like what? THERE WERE NO INJURIES. He was fine. When I submitted the claim with my insurance company, that’s the first thing they asked, and I said we’re both fine. He was able to drive home. He even stopped at Chickfila to get food. I saw him there cause I stopped there too. Now he’s claiming injuries. My insurance company assigned a lawyer to the case but what are the chances that this guy wins? Would that affect me in any way? I just can’t believe someone would go to that length for money.

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